The developer Braid Anniversary Edition spoke about the features and showed a comparison with the original

Today, Day of the Devs was aired-an event dedicated to the most interesting indie projects in development. Braid Anniversary Edition also appeared during the show.

In the Braid Anniversary Edition trailer, the developer Jonathan Blow presented the main features of the gameplay, and then showed a comparison of the old version and the future.

As for the gameplay, we will have to control the time to be able to overcome various sections. Some elements will move with us, while others will not be affected. This new edition offers many new functions, such as improved graphics, developers’ comments (only 15 hours), a rethought sound component and new puzzles.

Braid Anniversary Edition will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and mobile devices. Exit date – April 30, 2024.

Good game. This year once again asked her. I will probably play the new edition too.

I noticed only sharpness and smoothing.

The news was late for more than a month, in addition, in another, no less authoritative source, the PC version of the reprint is also mentioned.

By the way, yes, another source also mentions Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Completely newsletters on PG relaxed. Not only is the news, it is not at all news for the whole world, but on PG it has just appeared, they will not copy the full information.

Damn, 2008, and this game for me laid the foundation for the genre of high levels of a high level, although then puzzles or arcades were simply called then.

How side is the pungent?

In general, people are bred into grandmas, these turkeys. It would be better if they made a new game, not the old one remade. But they buy suckers, then business is the real motivation for these developments. Well, what was shown really, five seconds of the video? Where is at least one new gross? This is puffo pure, took the game 10 years ago and a bit to take a picture. In short, the divorce is in full, I will not lead!

They have been making a new huge game for many years and show it stably on straps. Remaster is an additional project. The whole schedule in the game was redrawn (the original game is very outdated, 2008, the year of exit is like nothing), improved the old levels, expanded the soundtrack, added a whole world with new puzzles (and this is at least 5-6 levels, if we proceed from those worlds already in the game ). They also made a very cool mode with the comments of the developers (as in the Valv games, only better), they recorded a bunch of interviews with a variety of experts and so on (15+ hours of records eventually came out, they will squeeze at ~ 5 hours). It will be very useful for beginner developments. For the owners of the original in Steam, there will also be a large discount. The BLOU is generally known as a tough perfectionist who, to the last delayed the release, if only the quality of the product was at a height (he made the previous game with the team for 7 years and climbed into large debts at the end). And in general, during his career, he released only 2 games. Everyone who knows at least a little blu obviously that he is clearly not doing this all for money.

You could of course ask a question before pouring such nonsense in the comments and looking very stupid, but why, though, though? 🙂

Well, of course, you will wave your friends-developers, what else to expect from a fan! Yes Yes, "They have been making a new game for 7 years", And it’s simple "Additional project", of course of course.

And what about discounts for owners of the original, new levels and other crap? Yes, all these are only words, there is no evidence! And if they were, it is just a way to pump out even more money! I will not buy your propaganda, fanbochik)

In short, Remaster is a remaster anyway, whether it be the third or fifteenth. So the goal is – again, money from suckers shake with simple methods. So I will continue to be careful about the like "novelties", even from "Hard perfectionist" )))

Realism, destruction and anti -Chech will become the key features of Delta Force: Hawk Ops

The authors of the Rebirth of the Delta Force series shared new shoots of the shooter, which promises to give players the largest shootings on PCs, consoles and mobile platforms. Representatives of the Developers team from Timi Studios studio held a small session of answers to user questions, thereby opening the veil of secrets over the Delta Force game process: Hawk OPS. The new game will be devoted to realistic gameplay and large -scale destruction, which will make the shooter as exciting as possible on all devices.

As Delta Force developers note: Hawk OPS, the team pays special attention to realism in the shooter. The game will have operatives with unique skills, but it will not be conditional "the abilities of the heroes" From other games. Characters’ skills will be closely related to their tactical equipment and capabilities in the conditions of the real battlefield. The team is working closely with Hollywood studios and militant directors to create an authentic image of the military in the game, which is emphasized by advanced technologies.

As for the destruction system in the shooter, it will be large -scale, but not comprehensive. There will be many destroyed elements on the map, but we are striving to maintain the basic integrity and structure of these zones, so the destruction will be moderate and detailed. According to the authors of the new Delta Force, the shooter will offer a large -scale, dangerous and unpredictable world, divided into seven large cards. Each area will contain various single operations and network modes where from 20 to 64 players can participate. At the same time, the mode is not planned for the game "Royal Battle".

Timi Studios pays special attention to the fight against dishonest players. Delta Force: Hawk OPS built several anti-test systems that will have to fight hackers. In addition, the studio has formed a separate team of developers, which will improve antiterias.

Other details Delta Force:

  • A solid solitary campaign.
  • Night missions.
  • Private lobbies and editing missions will be available in the future.
  • The game will be free, but paid DLC may be released in the future.
  • The crossplay will be between all platforms, including mobile phones and PC

DELTA Force: HAWK OPS is planned to be released in 2024, and until this point, conduct several open beta tests.

For Lust Theory 2, a large -scale update was released 2.0

Numerous fans and just lovers of adult games, and especially fans of the game Lust Theory rejoice! Many hours of work, a bunch of spent nerves, groans and emotions have come to an end. Inceton Games made all their players and fans the long -awaited New Year’s gift, releasing everyone the expected, full -fledged voice acting of all the characters of the game Lust Theory 2.

But this is just part of a large -scale update. In addition to voice acting, the developers of the game released a small plot DLC, which is called "Young, wild and free". According to the authors, this is one of the most funny ones that they have ever created. In addition, this patch brings many different updates and additions that you can familiarize yourself below:

  • Full voice acting all the characters that you all have been waiting for so long
  • New free addition: "Young, wild and free" (Activate it by talking with Carol)
  • More than 250 new animations are mostly plot
  • More than 1000 new images
  • Dictor’s voice behind the scenes
  • New modern main menu
  • New SFX
  • New background music
  • New sounds of the environment
  • Other minor errors corrections

You can download a global update on Patreon (for subscribers), or free on Steam (if you have a game itself). By the way, now a New Year’s 50% discount is valid for the game and it can be purchased 2 times cheaper than the original cost. The game is available only in English, the English language unfortunately did not appear.

Everything wanted to do. T.e. Play..

I should download it somehow..

Oddly enough, the short stories are delayed like TV shows)

I will play all the holidays .

You are careful, otherwise you will.

It’s just chopped garbage. Not because it is really bad, but because the developers swung a lot and soar the brains. At first they made this game, then they dispersed and decided to transfer it completely to a new engine, then they understood how much it was worth it and decided to saw such games in the world, those who understand what they are talking about, know that the actual excellent games is this "Be wild" " Pale cloves" "University of problems" And by the level of the picture, just candy " Midnight paradise" You can list for a long time, but this theory of lust is not a good game.

The plot is too dreary, you will read longer than hold a member in your hand. Animation is not at the level that developers declare. They are not bad, but not good. More show -offs were caught up. And the scenes of sex, on their own, are not such a wide variety of those 250 animations that they added, these are such animations as when communicating with someone. Well, like a picture is not quite worth it, but somewhere an abminated, somewhere the transition was made on the scenes of sex there if at least a third part falls, it will already be a miracle.

And yes, here we can say " Why in a porn game plot?" Then, my little, inexperienced friend that when you get over, and get tired of missing everything except the scenes of sex, you want to read (may you want) what the heroes are talking about there and here you are disappointed

If someone is not familiar with a similar genre of video games or wants to somehow diversify it, then I recommend that you play in " Pale cloves" They are in Basurmansk " Pale Carnation " In this game, the plot is written with dignity, eat the main character as bastards or romance (from this different scenes of sex) is the variability of interaction with the girls each has its own character and the stated story.

In a nutshell (almost) GG lives with his mother and study at a medical college. At some point, He learns that his mother The one raising it is quite famous in narrow circles Porn actress. The hero A proposal is received from his rich friend of a classmate, work in one of the clubs owned by his family (guess what is the name of the club). Hero reluctantly but agrees go to meet with a friend’s uncle, after a telephone conversation. He comes to the club, where he is given the task interviewing one of the girls, Hinting that he can do what he wants. He talks to her And he finds out that she is a mother who has a difficult financial situation and this friend was offered to her with this work (in fact the recruiter). Hero Seeing the parallel between her and her mother, can just agree to accept it after a spiritual conversation (and Open certain sex scenes) Either get your sharpened and (Open other sex scenes) After everything that was, the hero agrees to work and falls into the world of sex, debauchery, dominance, and either remains with the same kind guy or fries everyone and all in full. But here you can’t take it from a screech (well, almost) you need to get the characters’ relationships, otherwise you will just lose access to the scenes and this is a really cool game!

P.S (if someone wants to play in a well -made game, then just download "Midnight paradise" There are animations and a picture even better than in carnations, because they make a cool plot in a blender, although there is no waging at all at all)

DEAD Island 2 sales exceeded two million copies

Dead Island 2 dispersed more than two million copies, announced Embracer Group in its last intermediate financial report.

The sequel Games started for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via Epic Games Store on April 21 and 1 million copies were sold in the first three days after the release.

According to the intermediate report, Dead Island 2 was the largest launch in the history of Deep Silver and the Plaion maternal company both in the number of units and in revenue.

"I am glad to report that to date, sales of the game have exceeded two million copies", – The co -founder and General Director of Embracer Group Lars Wingefors said in the report. "It’s nice to see that the decision to give [Dambuster Studios] the time for refinement of the game has paid off".

Meanwhile, the locations in the game are still scarce and small. I already began to look at Dying Light 2 differently, because there is still an open world well worked out, there is where to take a walk (as they say), and the pumping is more or less sane-of course, there will always be an opening of a spope as a skill. And Dead Island 2 just took some kind of card system, not to say that a useful innovation. The usual ordinary skill tree – an example – opened the skill, was able to beat more, opened another one – it became more health, opened the next one – he began to jump further, and so on – and it is pleasant to watch as your GG becomes quite experienced. Skills are fixed, and it is good. And the cards. T.e. cards and decks – not that. In short – I opened the skill, if you want – go with this card, you want not – it is roughly speaking and said the outfits of this system.
And after the release of even the first part of Dying Light, a very large highlight is immediately thrown, which Dead Island is deprived of even in the second part – this. In some places, it is simply necessary, even minimally climbing the ledges, it plays a huge role.
It turned out belatedly as such, I hope they will take up the development of Dead Island 3, in which they will return to some island and there will be an excellent seamless open world

Yes stupidly for one passage for a checkmark!It would be better if the new dedraise has released the Kapkomovites!

DEAD RISING was in the development, but the development was covered, on this site there was recently such a post. Well, Dead Island. After the finals in DI Riptide, I personally expected to continue with the same heroes, in the atmosphere of the quests gradually excessing the horror, which was only worth the end in prison – the vigorous action was! And here. Whatever the quest is rather a parody of Dead Island

This is sad, in the game there is nothing standing besides graphics

This is the total number of purchases, or the remainder, taking into account the return?

People, you are morons? You are fools? The game initially positioned itself as "The most bloody action". The game is fully consistent in terms of ambitions. Dismemberment? There is, and very cool. Battles? They seemed interesting to me. 4 elements+interactive objects. Sea of ​​fun as in the first part? Completely yes. The game is more imprisoned to entertain you, and not that you are other@chili on the plot and quests. In the game, it’s fun to crush the dead people especially with friends. The plot is stupid of course, but more or less well, all animations are made cool, even Yumur at the level. Xs what all got to the open world and the plot, if the game is not about it)

and plus the game created a room with a bad oppose creating games, but all the people who oppose Heooo as if it had been created a lot of miliander Kolmpaniyah, which is making a masterpiece every time

In the case of the game there are bad reviews from people, she already showed herself late in terms of ideas. In addition, it did not do it, the developers did it, so if you were developing quite reasonably, and whatever it would not – even Rockstar has the case, people are constantly perplexed by the delayed Max Payne 3, which not everyone liked it (although I liked it), constantly in perplexity from the lack of English voice acting in games, perplexed is the Red Dead RedMption 1 perplexity on a PC, perplexed why the 2000s trilogy has so lousy remasters, constantly in perplexity why the PC has no GTA Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories, and Against the background of this, say the developments of DEAD Island 2 "that’s OK. And so it will do" – No, it will not come. The game is also sharpened under the cooperative, and it is made simply miserable – thanks to small locations and optimization) Thanks to small locations and optimization, it is difficult to fight normally with zombies in the company of one comrade, not to mention more friends in the cooperative. I gave 5k rubles for this game, and I can quite heat it. Of course, it is not so squalor, but like many others I see in it the disappointment of players who have been waiting for many years, laziness of developers who did not want to make a normal open world for a single-play and coope

Why are you raging? What can be the fun of aimless unnecessary grind? If you saw the first 30 minutes of the game, then consider that you have seen all – this is normal for "entertaining game"?. The plot and quests were in 1 part? Were. Atmosphere of hopelessness? In this game, the protagonist mocks the zombies from the 15 minutes of the game and taking the very first club – after that already at the zombie "Atmosphere of hopelessness", from the spread of all like cables.

The very news of the sale shows that "The flow of the chermet conveyor" No union and protests can no longer be stopped – there was a stage of unequivocal acceptance that there is no sense to strive for quality, pure business

No plot, no characters, no dialogues, no atmosphere. A firearm and did not bring it. The game world is made on the principle of Ctrl-V, Ctrl-C. Quests are almost everything – "Bring, give, go fucking, don’t bother". A bunch of storylines break off at a glance. In the game, in general, everything is some kind of kuta, cut. It is clearly seen that the game was redone in a hurry after Avellon, but never completed

Where does Chris Abellon? He generally worked on Dying Light 2.

Here I agree with you of course
In general, it is strange to see such projects from Rockstar, all the same RDR2 and GTA became famous for their worked out, open world, and then circumcished
And it is necessary to state an unpleasant fact, yes, Miyazaki with a kojima project could not take a couple all the same, obviously without Chris Abellon the game lost its charm
Well, I hope Sony will deal with the studios that have been responsible for this project, will carry out work on mistakes and the third part will become the one that lovers of the Dead Island universe really want to see and zombies fans!

And also "A firearm and did not bring it" – The dude simply apparently mixed up Dead Island 2 with Dying Light 2) since Avellon worked on DL 2 and there was no firearm)

what kind of fuck Chris Avelon and then he worked on Dying Light 2, this is DEAD Island 2, how did you think about it before and what the fuck is the firearm did not score out"Tyigri just watched there 6 playful Persians of the gaming world, it is small and the knntrl with + in bl"I am struck by stupidity. I am now reading your comment and try not to die from Crinjamne above you even laughs

Yes, a little has been messed up. Dl2 and di2 – it is painful.

And Dying Light 2 for 3 weeks 5 Lyamas. eh.

DL2 made a company with a good ability to draw a Textland games where 4-5 games Dambaster made one game the front of the revolution and tell me what you expected from Neuo?

hmm. Weird! I will not even take from torrent. Why is it if there is a great Dying Light! At worst the second part.

Well, about Dying Light 2, I’ll say that right now it has become a better outer than the release. In it, at least the open world is quite suitable, it is cool to park along it. But I will play one fig in it in a year, maybe they will still finish and some suitable content will be lifted, even DLC plot

named Iza Disritish World in Grandfather Ayland 2 good optimization I don’t know who needs it for a fuck

Who needs it. In 2023. Most, for that matter. I once played for the first time in Dead Island, the very first part, and accidentally chose Raider White from DLC as his Persian, who turned out to be another plot company. There is no open world in it, forward, and only forward. I look at the name – Dead Island. And the feeling that I am not on the island, I just run from point A to point B. Removed to hell, did not even pass. He later installed again, began with the main campaign, and this time everything went completely – quite large Loki, where you can explore a lot of things, make you like local beauties, and in some places and just the terrain, even if it instructed a sense of horror, is still cool. The same applies to DI Riptide. And playing DI 2 I see a step back – the locations are small, and they have to return, optimization, damn it – this is laziness of developments, not optimization. Now in the topic Seamless open world.
Even as an example of the dumb, how to survive 2, in the first part of their brainchild, they made several small islands, it was justified and it was interesting, and in the second part they brought everything to absolute absurdity, translating the scene of the game into the city on the mainland (New Orleans) and introducing a bunch of locations that must be selected separately. Naturally, many did not like it

The debut trailer for the new game from the authors No Man’s Sky has become the most visible video from TGA 2023 on YouTube

Despite the fact that OD Kojima received the most articles in the press when it comes to TGA 2023 announcements, views on YouTube tell a completely different story: Light No Fire from Hello Games easily headed this specific chart.

In addition, if most developers for the announcement of their new projects have presented CGI trailers or just fragments of gameplay, then Hello Games showed as many as two minutes of real gameplay.

The small British studio, known for the game No Man’s Sky, seeks to climb just as high, and maybe even higher than ten years ago, when she announced her adventure science fiction game for survival, which takes place in an almost endless universe. In Light No Fire Hello Games, it again promises what has never been done: a planet of a real scale that can be explored without any boundaries where players can play together without restrictions on fantasy setting, where there are already dragons, anthropomorphic races and magic.

Perhaps that is why the Light No Fire trailer has already broken records on the Hello Games YouTube channel, exceeding 4.2 million views and becoming the most viewed video in the history of the channel.

If you add to this the number of views registered on other channels, such as TGA, IGN and Gamespot, then the total number of views will grow to 4.65 million, which undoubtedly proves that gamers have more than forgiven Hello Games The first mistakes of No Man’s Sky.

God of War: Sony Santa Monica Ragnarok took second place in this chart, showing the free Roguelike DLC Valhalla. As expected, the greatest indicators of the video were registered on its own PlayStation channel, where the Valhalla trailer was viewed 2.9 million times. In addition, he scored 1.1 million views on one of two IGN videos, but even if you add to this the number of views on the Gamespot and TGA channels, the total number of views will still be only 4.26 million.

Marvel’s Blade from Arkane Lyon also gained a lot of views, but most of them (3.4 million) were received from the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel, which is some deception for video games. Even if you add views from TGA, IGN, Gamespot and Bethesda channels, 3.9 million views are obtained in total.

The rest of the announcements of TGA 2023 did not even come close to these three views on YouTube. Jurassic Park Survival, a single -user adventure action, developed by Saber Interactive, also benefited from publication on the Jurassic World channel, where she gained 1.4 million views. Monster Hunter Wilds gained almost a million views on the PlayStation channel. However, none of the other trailers approached the millionth line.

The first closed beta testing of the shooter for survival in the open world The Front will begin on September 3

Samar Studio announced that The Front, a shooting shooter in an open world that will be released on a PC later this year, will enter a closed beta testing from September 3 to 8. Players can register for participation in beta testing right now on the PlayThefront or in Steam.

Front action takes place in a post-apocalyptic sandbox populated by zombie-mutant and hostile fractions. In another reality, the tyrannical empire won the world and pursued a global “civilian” policy. Using observation devices, ruthless will to kill and advanced technologies, the empire seeks to change humanity forever. Already devoid of freedom, faith, and in many cases of life, people are on the verge of loss of what they call the house. Surviving participants in the resistance of mankind turn to time travel technologies to return to the past and correct the course of history.

At the front of the front, players will fight with imperial forces, exiles and rebels in an epic battle, which will determine the fate of mankind. In their struggle for rewriting the future world, players will explore ruins and enemy territories, create weapons and equipment, build buildings and settlements, drive vehicles, fight with elements and fight menacing enemies. The players have an open world with an area of ​​36 km², consisting of many different biomes, each of which has its own resources and an ecosystem.

The danger lies in The Front everywhere, and players will have to work together to survive. The creation of a base with adequate protection is important, but reliable friends can mean the difference between death and survival in the study of the world in search of resources and hundreds of craft recipes – especially in the fight against waves of enemies. Players have access to many different construction modules and more than 100 different components for creating electrical systems, irrigation systems, automated protection, traps and much more.

Victoria Atkin, Ivi Fry’s voice in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, accused Ubisoft of theft of her voice

Victoria Atkin, a widely known voice actress Ivi Fry from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, stated that Ubisoft stole her voice with AI. Victoria is an active participant in strikes passing in Hollywood about the introduction of generative artificial intelligence technologies to replace human labor and problems with wages.

The actress wrote on Twitter, where she told her subscribers that she allegedly stole her voice. And although her tweet is not entirely clear in context, it probably says that for the new appearance Ivi Fry in the game Ubisoft intends to use AI to simulate Victoria’s voice, and not hire it to record.

Every time someone plays in the role of Ivi Fry, Ubisoft earns money. I have never received a center from game deductions in any of the games in the creation of which I took part, but at the same time video games bring more money than films. And today I am doing what Ivy Fry herself would do. I express my solidarity!

Victoria complemented her protest with a photograph in which she explains that Ubisoft did not pay her any deductions every time her voice sounded in the role of Ivi Fry, and the company earned money on this. She demanded to pay residual payments to the actors of voice actors over the years, while the game is on sale, and not a one -time payment.

At the same time, the desire of studios to use the capabilities of AI is increasingly causing concerns in those who are engaged in creative work, whether it be writers, actors of voice actors or artists. Many of them fear that without a clear legal base of AI technology will allow you to copy and reproduce their work, depriving them of the opportunity to stably receive existence.

Moreover, the tendency to use AI, which was widely used in Hollywood, led to the fact that for two months in the United States, protests did not stop. It is possible that the game industry will soon be on the threshold of the same strikes from those who are underpaid or do not pay due attention in different areas of game development.

In the past, there have already been cases when the game industry allegedly did not treat her employees working in small creative positions poorly. Not so long ago, EA received complaints for the fact that in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor the translators were not awarded separately, which caused concern for translation specialists. In addition, Genshin impact actors did not pay salaries for several months.

Screenshots from Rockstar Games Aggent appeared on the Web

Every piece of information about the AGENT game from Rockstar Games allows us to look at the curtain of what could be. In short, recall that this project was announced at the E3 2007 exhibition during the Sony conference as an exclusive for PlayStation 3. However, the name of the game became known only two years later, when the founder of Rockstar Sam Hauser said:

We always liked to create action, and with Agent we create what, in our opinion, will become the perfect action. Agent is a game that we have long wanted to make. The team in Edinburgh did an amazing job, combining the intense action, the atmosphere and the plot in the magnificent old surroundings to create something completely unique. We cannot wait for people to get acquainted with this game.

The game of the game is the end of the 1970s, the midst of the Cold War, and the game was supposed to put players in the very center of the world of counterintelligence, espionage and political murders.

However, the development remained without any announcements. Rockstar confirmed that Agent is still under development, in May 2011; Later in the same year, fans were finally able to see the couple of the first screenshots, but only in a roundabout way. Officially, the developer did not publish them; Former Rockstar North artist posted them in his online portfolio.

Over time and the release of PlayStation 4, no information was received anymore. Rockstar regularly extended the validity of the AGENT brand, but the media and fans have already lost the hope that they would ever see the game, and this hope was confirmed when in November 2018 the brand was canceled.

Last month, the situation was unexpectedly inflated when the Verm Vermay, the former technical director of Rockstar North, shared some information about the Agent received during work in the studio. According to Vermei, Agent would be more linear compared to the open world of the studio, thanks to various locations such as the French Mediterranean city, Swiss ski resort, Cairo and "Large shootout with lasers in space" in the end. At some point, the players should have encountered the chase of the chase while skiing. Unfortunately, the developer team was divided between Grand Theft Auto V and Agent, and as a result, the priority was given to a larger franchise until the last project was abandoned.

Several screenshots have leaked to the network today. The quality of the pictures is not very high. In the images you can see a certain underwater level. At the moment, it remains only to give free rein to the imagination, since it is extremely unlikely that Rockstar will decide to revive Agent instead of continuing to work on its large -scale franchises (GTA, Red Dead Redemption).

Recall that Rockstar introduced GTA VI earlier this month, announcing that the launch was scheduled for 2025.

The creator of Shenmue reflects on the creation of a prequel in the spirit of Yakuza 0

In 2019, after a long expectation, the release of the third part of the Shenmue franchise was held. Unfortunately, the game did not receive the response to which hopes were entrusted, but this does not mean that Yu Suzuki, its creator, has no plans for the future.

In a conversation with the IGN, the director said that the main task is to continue the franchise in such a way that it is interesting to new players and at the same time did not require knowledge of everything that was before.

I want Shenmue 4 to be interesting for beginners. To make it possible, the most important thing is to make the game interesting, not knowing the previous events of the plot. I don’t think the new player wants to know all 100 % of history. It will be enough to find out 20 or 30 %.

One of the options that the Suzuki is considering showing flashback scenes, as it was in Shenmue 3, to turn these scenes into the next game, letting the players participate in these important moments.

In Shenmue 3, we implemented a summary that introduces the player to the main events of previous games, but in Shenmue 4 I want to integrate this part in the main game. It would be great if the player could naturally learn about previous events, just playing. For example, instead of watching a separate video, you could make game flashbacks.

Another way to attract new players, the director considers the creation of a prequel, t.e. a new game preceding the whole franchise, just as Sega with Yakuza 0 did.

Yes, I thought about it [about creating a prequel]. Now I cannot go into details, but this is exactly what I was thinking. I think that the creation of a pringe with a modern visual nearby on a new engine will cost that. The idea to create a city even more detailed than in the original Shenmue, quite interesting, the more if it is not a remake, but a prequel with a new plot.

Unfortunately, the new Shenmue has not yet been developed, but, apparently, Suzuki is already considering many ideas to continue the franchise. In the meantime, the director claims that he is working on a new project, which he hopes to talk about in the near future.

Todd Howard explains how they managed to create so many planets in Starfield

Todd Howard explained how Bethesda Game Studios managed to create a large number of planets in his most ambitious role -playing game Starfield. In June last year, the Starfield gameplay was first represented at the Xbox summer exhibition, and Howard said that more than 100 star systems and more than 1,000 planets have to be explored in a large -scale space role -playing game.

The disclosure of this information about Starfield has left many gamers with stunned and wondering about how Bethesda Game Studios is generally going to carry out such a grandiose feat. Such information caused natural skepticism, as well as comparisons with No Man’s Sky, an indie game that had similar science fiction ambitions, but ultimately did not justify them after exit in 2016. The comparisons between these two games on the development of space were backed up by another fact: in the gameplay Starfield showed a resource collection mechanic similar to No Man’s Sky mechanics. Fans of Role Games Bethesda feared that most of the 1000 planets would exist only so that players collect certain resources.

Information about the long -awaited cosmic role -playing game has been meager since the demonstration of gameplay last summer, since Howard rarely appears in public outside the framework of his own events. However, the famous game designer nevertheless appeared in the Starfield Signal podcast to tell about the process of creating more than 1000 unique and individual planets for Starfield. In the podcast, Howard said that the studio came up with a new Starfield development method, which involves the use of large landscape fragments, many of which manually include the structures and elements created, and literally wraps them around the planet’s surface, adhesing them in the process.

When the figure of 1000 planets was named last summer, many gamers suggested that Starfield will use the procedural generation for most of their planets, and thus only a small number of manually created areas or planets will be presented. Such a fear is quite reasonable, since in games with a large number of procedural generation, mainly in survival games, there is often lack of manual work, since many areas look clearly repeated. The world -famous role -playing games Bethesda always meet high standards when it comes to a high -quality environment. Hearing a word in this podcast "make some things manually", Howard can reassure the fans who enjoyed incredible encirclement in the last role -playing games Bethesda.

Although the technique described by Howard is not like a full -fledged procedural generation, it seems that the Starfield team uses an easier generation form to create tiles and landscapes that envelop entire planets. Since Starfield Direct will follow the Xbox’s Showcase on June 11, impatient fans will be able to once again look at this unique development technique in action.