The debut trailer for the new game from the authors No Man’s Sky has become the most visible video from TGA 2023 on YouTube

Despite the fact that OD Kojima received the most articles in the press when it comes to TGA 2023 announcements, views on YouTube tell a completely different story: Light No Fire from Hello Games easily headed this specific chart.

In addition, if most developers for the announcement of their new projects have presented CGI trailers or just fragments of gameplay, then Hello Games showed as many as two minutes of real gameplay.

The small British studio, known for the game No Man’s Sky, seeks to climb just as high, and maybe even higher than ten years ago, when she announced her adventure science fiction game for survival, which takes place in an almost endless universe. In Light No Fire Hello Games, it again promises what has never been done: a planet of a real scale that can be explored without any boundaries where players can play together without restrictions on fantasy setting, where there are already dragons, anthropomorphic races and magic.

Perhaps that is why the Light No Fire trailer has already broken records on the Hello Games YouTube channel, exceeding 4.2 million views and becoming the most viewed video in the history of the channel.

If you add to this the number of views registered on other channels, such as TGA, IGN and Gamespot, then the total number of views will grow to 4.65 million, which undoubtedly proves that gamers have more than forgiven Hello Games The first mistakes of No Man’s Sky.

God of War: Sony Santa Monica Ragnarok took second place in this chart, showing the free Roguelike DLC Valhalla. As expected, the greatest indicators of the video were registered on its own PlayStation channel, where the Valhalla trailer was viewed 2.9 million times. In addition, he scored 1.1 million views on one of two IGN videos, but even if you add to this the number of views on the Gamespot and TGA channels, the total number of views will still be only 4.26 million.

Marvel’s Blade from Arkane Lyon also gained a lot of views, but most of them (3.4 million) were received from the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel, which is some deception for video games. Even if you add views from TGA, IGN, Gamespot and Bethesda channels, 3.9 million views are obtained in total.

The rest of the announcements of TGA 2023 did not even come close to these three views on YouTube. Jurassic Park Survival, a single -user adventure action, developed by Saber Interactive, also benefited from publication on the Jurassic World channel, where she gained 1.4 million views. Monster Hunter Wilds gained almost a million views on the PlayStation channel. However, none of the other trailers approached the millionth line.

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