Understanding Betting Limits at Non-GamStop Sites

My name is Patrick McGuinness, an experienced reviewer of online casinos and gambling sites. In this article, I aim to provide a comprehensive overview of betting limits imposed at gambling sites not registered with GamStop.

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Why Betting Limits Exist

Bookmakers (independentcasinos.net) and casinos have good reason to enforce betting limits. For them it is largely a financial risk management strategy. For players, limits encourage responsible gambling and prevent devastating losses. Here are some of the main motivations behind betting limits:

Protecting Profit Margins

  • Sites want to limit losses and exposure on any single event or player. Allowing unlimited betting threatens operators’ financial viability.
  • Limits allow them to offer better prices without as much risk.

Combating Fraud and Abuse

  • Limits prevent bonus abuse, arbitrage betting, match fixing/spot fixing, and other cheating behaviors.
  • They make it harder for players to launder money through gambling sites.

Encouraging Responsible Gambling

  • Reasonable limits prevent people from losing more than they can afford in the heat of the moment.
  • For problem gamblers, limits can act as an obstacle that makes them stop and think before continuing to chase losses.

Legal Compliance

  • Jurisdictions may require licensed operators to impose specific maximum limits and other responsible gambling measures.

Now that we know why betting limits exist, let’s look at what kinds of limits are typically imposed.

Common Types of Betting Limits

Gambling sites use several major types of betting limits to control risks and encourage responsible play:

1. Per Bet Limit

  • The maximum amount you can wager on a single bet or spin. Often presented as the site’s default limit.
  • May vary for different games/markets. Slots and virtual sports often have low limits, while major sports may go up to £10,000+ per bet at reputable sites.

2. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Limits

  • The maximum total amount you can deposit or wager across all games over a set period of time – usually 24 hours, 7 days, or a calendar month.
  • Often players can choose a limit, or opt out entirely. Default values typically range from £500-£5000 per day.

3. Loss Limits

  • Prevents players from losing more than a set amount per session, day, or other period.
  • Can be mandatory site-wide or a voluntary responsible gambling tool.

4. Table Limits

  • In card and table games like blackjack or roulette, table limits restrict the minimum and maximum bets allowed per box/spot.
  • Often presented as a range, e.g. £5-£100. The min and max may increase for VIP tables.

5. Deposit Limits

  • Maximum amount you can fund your account with per deposit, day, or month to prevent reckless overspending.
  • Often £10,000 or less per transaction, adjustable in account settings.

Now that you understand the common betting limits, let’s dive into non-GamStop sites’ policies and limits specifically.

Limits at Non-GamStop Sites

Gambling sites not on GamStop’s blacklist usually impose reasonable limits aligned with mainstream UKGC-licensed brands. However, policies vary significantly across sites based on factors like:

1. Operator’s Home Jurisdiction

  • Sites licensed in well-regulated jurisdictions like Malta, Gibraltar, or Curacao generally feature responsible gambling limits.
  • Betting limits may be less common on sites regulated under lenient regimes or operating without a license.

2. Target Customer Base

  • Non-GamStop sites catering to average UK punters tend to offer mainstream limits similar to GamStop-registered brands.
  • Sites targeting VIPs and high rollers often have higher table/betting limits (or no limits for top tier players).

3. Game Software Providers

  • Quality software from established suppliers usually comes equipped with configurable responsible gambling features like loss limits, time-outs, and more. These are easily integrated by operators.
  • Less reputable platforms may lack these player protection tools.

4. Corporate Policy Decisions

  • Some groups have adopted voluntary policies that go beyond regulatory requirements for responsible gambling standards across their betting sites.
  • Operators focused narrowly on revenue may resist limits that get in the way of player spending.

In general, reputable non-GamStop casinos and sportsbooks offer reasonable and configurable per bet, loss, deposit, and time-based limits. However, less well-regulated rogue sites are more likely to feature inadequate protection for players at risk of problem gambling.

Now I’ll break down betting limits across games commonly offered at licensed non-GamStop betting sites.

Limits by Gambling Product

Here is an overview of typical betting restrictions enforced across some of the most popular online games:

Online Slots

  • Allow bets as low as 1p, appealing for casual play
  • Maximum bets typically £5-£25 per spin to limit losses
  • Max payouts range from £10,000-£500,000+ per spin
  • Only allow bets using cash balances – no credit


  • Minimum inside bets may be just 1p on numbers
  • Max often between £50 and £500 for higher risk inside bets
  • Table min/max limits might range from £1 to £15,000
  • Bets above maximum disabled automatically by software


  • Limits defined per blackjack box
  • Minimums as low as 10p per box
  • Upper limit around £2,000-£5,000 per box per hand
  • VIP tables cater for players with no limit


  • Software allows minimum bets around £1-£5
  • Upper limits around £5,000-£15,000 per box

Sports Betting

  • Minimum bets £0.10 to £1 for minor markets/sports
  • Limits up to £10,000-£50,000+ for major markets like EPL soccer
  • Default bet acceptance may stop at £500-£2000 for average player

As you can see, table limits can accommodate casual players as well as VIPs willing to wager life-changing sums per bet. Software underpins enforcement, stopping players from accidentally placing above-limit wagers.

Next I provide some tips on how players can maximise their experience while playing under betting restrictions.

Tips for Managing Betting Limits

Here is my advice for getting the best experience at non-GamStop betting sites even with maximum betting restrictions in place:

  • Take Responsibility – Decide maximum loss and wager limits that suit your budget and risk appetite. Avoid chasing losses after hitting self-imposed limits.
  • Split Large Bets – For major events, consider placing your wager across multiple betting slips to work around per bet caps.
  • Try Table Games – If maximum bets are too restrictive on slots/video poker, table games like craps, baccarat and poker allow far larger wagers within upper table limits. Live dealer options with human croupiers provide the most authentic casino experience.
  • Bet Early – When confidence is high in a particular market, place bets as early as possible to secure the stakes you want before hitting daily deposit/loss limits.
  • Contact Support – Legitimate sites may occasionally make exceptions and approve limit increases for VIP players with a proven track record of responsible play. Ask politely.
  • Practice Bankroll Management – Having a gambling budget and sticking to it through disciplined limit setting is key to sustainable play. Don’t let temporary winning streaks wrongly justify reckless betting.

While frustrating at times, ultimately betting limits aim to provide players with a safe, fair and financially sustainable experience. By following my tips above and gambling within your personal limits, it is still entirely possible to enjoy an authentic gambling experience at sites not registered on GamStop.

Summarizing Key Takeaways

In summary, the key points I aimed to convey in this comprehensive guide to betting limits include:

  • Operators restrict maximum bets and losses to manage risk, combat fraud, and encourage responsible gambling.
  • Limits come in various forms – per bet, time-based, loss limits, deposit limits and table limits.
  • Non-GamStop sites generally offer reasonable mainstream limits, but policies vary across jurisdictions and types of operators.
  • By playing in moderation, it is still possible to have an authentic gambling experience despite restrictions.
  • Software prevents players from accidentally exceeding personal, table or game limits at any moment.

I hope this detailed overview has provided a useful introduction to betting limits, why operators enforce them, how they work in practice across a variety of games, and how you can still enjoy online gambling responsibly within imposed restrictions. Thanks for reading and please gamble safely regardless of where you play!

The enthusiast compared the performance of different versions of DirectX in PUBG on the new patch 25.2

The Bulletiny0urhead Content Maker conducted an experiment and found out which version of DirectX Pubg Client: Battlegrounds works best after the update 25.2. The author compared the frequency of personnel in locations with a large number of players, in a large city and in smoke and came to the following conclusions.

Pluses dx11:

Less DX loads GPU. Therefore, in scenarios where the video card limits FPS, he is the fastest. It copes well with many players nearby.

Cons dx11:

The more buildings in the frame, the weaker it is.

Conclusion on DX11:

Suitable for systems with a weak video card. It is the best option if FPS is critical with many players (for example, in competitions in the final phases of the game). For systems with the latest Intel processors, it is extremely desirable to disconnect the E-JADARA for the EH of the game in the task dispatcher in order to reveal all potential in cities.

Pros DX11E:

The best in working with many buildings. In general, if you do not take difficult conditions, slightly slower than the usual DX11 in terms of loading GPU.

Cons dx11e:

Works poorly with players in the frame, the more there are, the stronger the drawdown. In very difficult conditions for GPU, it can become noticeably slower than the usual DX11.

Conclusion on DX11E:

For powerful systems, it is the best option, especially if FPS in cities is important for you, but it can be unpleasant to surprise if there are too many players nearby. In patoche 25.2 Improved work with multi -core processors – now on Intel processors to disconnect E -Jadra no longer need to get the maximum FPS in cities. Improvements can also affect other processors with a large number of nuclei.

Pluses dx12:

Can be smooth and fast on powerful systems. The more players are near, the better he shows himself against the background of other dx.

Cons dx12:

Under the same conditions and FPS, GPU is too much loaded in comparison with other dx. Example: where DX11 loads GPU by 47-49%, and DX11E is 50-52%, DX12 will load it by 70-72%. Therefore, it is much more demanding on the power of the video card. There is such a phenomenon as data loading (shadeers?) At the beginning of the game and with the start of each new card, so you need to wait a bit before the smoothness.

Conclusion on DX12:

It may be good on powerful systems, but with a large number of reservations. Increase the cache of the shaaders in the video Diver settings (up to 1GB or more) can reduce the number of loads and increase smoothness. For systems with the latest Intel processors, it is extremely desirable to disconnect the E-JADARA for the EH of the game in the task dispatcher in order to reveal all potential in cities.

The conclusion is separate for owners of video cards from AMD:

The more objects and buildings are more in the frame, the weaker the cards from AMD work on DX11 and DX11E in comparison with video cards from HB. Therefore, DX12 is extremely recommended if there is no strict FPS restriction due to slow GPU.

And the difference in the graph is?

Only the Chinese play the same. What the news does on the English -speaking site?

Everyone plays it.the Chinese are simply more in percentage ratio.but the servaks no matter how different are different, unless someone sits with VPN and ping in a hundred.And there are cheaters among different countries.

Priests, they still play the nucleus?

It’s hard to quit what you play for a long time, even if it rolls from a year-ku year. Even if it is PPC as h..Tired..

Agree. By the way, at the moment, PUBG is the best, balanced piano compared to WZ and APEX. But competition is Fortnite. True, in Pabg, the problem with anti -Chit and with the Chiters themselves, and the game is already old, but the fact that he is the best at the moment is a fact.

I would not call it the most balanced.Each battlesel has a balance -its own pace of the game, its own modes. Probably everyone will drown for their beloved battleship.

I would call PABG the relevance.He has a stable online. Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of accounts are constantly plowing!Despite this, online remains on the same level, which says that everyone who has been banned is immediately returning.

And this is one of the minuses of Pabg.Pabu itself is beneficial to maintain a fairly high online.Freedals and Chiters of various stripes help them in this.But cheaters would hardly play PABG if they lost constantly rare and expensive skins.Therefore, most likely they are banning only the most arrogant and stubborn cheaters who do not bring money to Pabaji.

Each game is good in its own way.I did not play Varzon, but I see that all movements, movements and shootings there are much faster and more active than in Pabga.

In the window, in which I also did not play there are construction mechanics and playing positions thanks to this construction.Only CCP, which I don’t like.Yes, and I don’t like the construction.

I am a simple person. I like to run like a kwick and make piu-pi-pi-wrapps. For which in fact and in Pabga I often yell from the siduns, lynuns, snakes, rats, Pabgers.Counting more on the reaction.than for a trick on smoking from houses.Especially Umatovo watch repetitions when in Kempa to which you fill up and storm the house to take and protect around you in near -room circles.And you scoop up from the brow on the stairs to which the flash drive did not work, then you look and in these houses of six houses of the people sit like mice in five of six houses. And do not shoot.This is PABG in all its glory.Begin to shoot up only when the zone begins to expel them from the houses.

Pabga has good shooting mechanics.Although many complain about it simply because they cannot set up a sensation for themselves.PABG shooting is good.Exactly until honest people play against honest people.And this is in every game.

Pabg. Actual. It still has enough players for online. Each of the PVP of the Jokers of the Batleroili has their pros and cons of.And there are cheaters everywhere.Somewhere more, somewhere less.

The former e -sportsman criticized Valve for Bang Smurfov in Dota 2

Former professional player in Dota 2, champion The International 2018 and 2019 Anathan "ANA" FAM criticized Valve for blocking players who create additional accounts in the game. He wrote about this in X (Twitter).

"How can we play Dota 2 with friends, if we cannot find ordinary rollers on the main account and we can not sound?", – asked the double winner of The International.

ESportsman clarified that he uses an option that allows you to compete without ratings, but this does not help.

"To clarify: yes, I put the Sea/AUS in the line, and for those who do not know how to read/understand correctly, this is called non -navigation coincidences, but it seems that they made the system much stricter. Had no such experience in other games without a rating", – Placed FAM.

As previously reported, Valve blocked more than 100,000 accounts in Dota 2 in 2023. A significant amount of blocking concerned unconventional behavior, when a player who has a high game rating creates a new low -level account and, accordingly, gets to players with a low rating (most often, these are new or inexperienced players). Thanks to this advantage, the player can not only win easily, with his actions he still destroys the pleasure of playing other participants.

In the ban of all Bomzhamurfey . Friends . Smurfs have no friends . Rave . It’s like an anime watch ..

Why did I not please you all xs. In any topic there is an individual who is a bouncing anime who has not watched a single series.

Anime for children . and point . If you try to prove that there are plots, then no . To invent pictures for 20 years and 1000 episodes are nonsense and divorce in essence . It works for children =) But if you are over 12 years old, alas, you are a degree . And your tastes are stupid and you cannot have opinions))

I will explain once again the OnePiece from non -FLLLLIS CLEARE I can look without wow . Brazyatina but you can watch . (I suspect that if you are a fan, then you didn’t like it . I did not watch a single anime series. but Serik is quite 7 points)

View 1000+ episodes of the original anime is a diagnosis .

There is customary anime in the anime, there is no sense in it, I don’t know how difficult it is to understand it, this is a duma that shows the world with rosary without realities, without complications, etc.D. But in the not which an interesting plot will come up and that it turns out it was not finished so that all this is Noruto, he is a patchman and that is similar, this is a solid other *** wa!

Bratan, why did you dive such a sheet if your text is so slurred that no one will read it anyway?

how to crack on your forehead with this thing

"How can we play Dota 2 with friends, if we cannot find ordinary rollers on the main account and we can not sound?", – asked the double winner of The International.

Play against bots. )))

A significant amount of blocking concerned unconventional behavior, when a player who has a high game rating creates a new low -level account and, accordingly, gets to players with a low rating (most often, these are new or inexperienced players). Thanks to this advantage, the player can not only win easily, with his actions he still destroys the pleasure of playing other participants.

Yeah yes yes, of course, and not because they create alternative accounts to spoil everyone with their cheats, still so stupid ones do not understand this.

In Roblox, this is the most important problem of a bunch of young half -dors who create an alt accounts and play with cheats (sometimes not palpably, but experienced people immediately see) spoiling everyone who is playing with Aimbot and what it makes Roblox nothing but they need to ban not only their alta and permachi sculpted Through the IP and the iron of the computer so that they could not go into the game anymore at all.

Who prevents you from creating an alt accounts and to play honestly no one. That ananan "ANA" FAM was different because your Asian Apple could no longer create an alt account and honor the crye of the crye by all you are so sorry for you (sarcasm).

Chuvaki, I and my friends, say so for the sake of interest, collected statistics in Roblox and 93% of Smurfs of Chineak or use cheats for grinds to then give everything through other altas to the main account. So do the display, I consider a person 2 accounts for a maximum of 3 (well, there on each account to go in different ways of development, the warrior archer magician and the like) is enough with the head and the readers must ban the permaccams by IP and the gland because this is not in 2000 – 2017 It was and right now in 2024 this is a real disease that grow because all Igrodels take only half measures when it is necessary to cut in the root.

Why do the developers of players do not sue the creators of cheats and applications to cyber police have their own sites where they sell cheats, let them be Paid and judge, because they violate the gaming agreements. In China, chitodes generally take away all the property that they collected for cheats and they or plant for 50 years of life or even cut off.

The new video CITIES: SkyLines 2 sheds light on the economy and production

A new video of CITIES: SkyLines 2 was released, demonstrating the economy and production systems of the game.

The new video is part of the Feature Highlights developer’s diaries series, which also includes detailed reviews of climatic systems, the work of transport and control of energy systems of the city.

However, this video is dedicated, according to the developer of Colossal Order and Paradox publisher, "everything related to money and investment".

Since in CITIES: Skylines 2 all systems were developed from scratch, this also applies to the economy, which in the upcoming urban planner is modeled on the basis of real conditions. As you pass the game, you will receive money from taxation, tourism and other sources of income. As the well -being of citizens, you can levy taxes on private income. By increasing income, you can invest them in the city infrastructure, including public services, schools and much more.

The business economy is also quite complicated: enterprises are hired and dismissed by employees to comply with demand, as well as export the goods with their excess or import with shortage.

This can be controlled by raising or lowering taxes, which, in turn, will lead to an increase or decrease in production volumes in the relevant sectors.

Taxation can also help attract enterprises producing profitable goods to your city: you can reduce taxes in certain areas, which will prompt enterprises operating in these areas to open in your city.

Colossal Order claims that if you wish, you can manage production chains (although the developer emphasizes that this is not necessary). If you "Love puzzles", then, according to the studio, "There is practically no limit" how deep you can plunge into these systems.

CITIES: SkyLines 2 will go on sale on October 24 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Forza Motorsport received the third major update with the highway, new cars and other

As announced earlier, today, December 12, 2023, Forza Motorsport will receive update 3. This is a large update containing a new hockeyhaimring highway and other content, including cars, events and much more, as well as a wide range of corrections and various improvements.

Update 3 for Forza Motorsport is a free update as part of a long -term Turn 10 support program for a new driving game.

As we have already seen in the update at number 2, released in November, the idea of ​​the team is to regularly expand the Forza Motorsport content, and large updates are published monthly in this first period, which should continue with updating 4, already announced for January, and other future updates.

The most noticeable addition, of course, is a new route: hockeyhaimring includes 3 different layout options taken from reality, which can be played in modes "Career", "Multiplayer", "Free game" And "Competitions".

In addition to the highway, the content includes new costumes for riders, various corrections of errors and improvement of performance, online and graphics, but the update covers a wide spectrum.

As for cars, the following SPOTLIGHT CARS cars with a 30 percent discount when buying for intra-game loans:

  • 2020 Pininfarina Battista
  • 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB
  • 2021 McLaren Sabre
  • 2023 Aston Martin Valkyrie
  • 2015 Lamborghini #63 Squadra Corse Huracán LP620-2 Super Trofeo

The following new cars appeared in the update 3 through Car Pass:

  • 2018 Chevrolet #23 Ruman Racing Ta Corvette
  • 1985 Buick #6 Performance Motorsports Somerset Regal Trans-Am
  • 2021 Cadillac #31 Whelen Racing DPI-V.R
  • 2018 Lamborghini #63 Squadra Corse Huracán Super Trofeo Evo
  • 1983 Porsche #11 John Fitzpatrick Racing 956

Races and events include the new Career series with Contemporary Tour, British Marques Open Tour and a multiplayer series with new events in December and early January.

In addition to all this, Turn 10 introduced a lot of corrections, improvements and other things to Forza Motorsport, which you can familiarize yourself with in more detail here.

Sonic Superstars is developed by a studio under the guidance of the creator of the first games of the series

The new SEGA game about Sonic was developed by the Japanese studio Arzest, which is led by the original creator of Talisman Nuto Osima.

Osima, who is attributed to the design of Sonic and the decoration of the earliest franchise games, will return to Sonic SuperStars for its first game in the series in the series.

The Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka said in an interview with Summer Game Fest on Saturday that the company initially planned to cooperate again with the developer Christian Whitehead, director Sonic Mania, but the plans broke up.

Then Iizuka turned to Osima, who worked on the original Sonic the Hedgehog game and other games of the 90s, with a proposal to lead the next 2D group with his developers team, which is best known to create such games as Hey! Pikmin and Yoshi’s New Island.

The developers of Sonic Mania – Headcannon and Christian Whitehead – do not participate in the project, Iizuka confirmed.

When we did Sonic Mania and the game was finished, and Chris left, we had a conversation with Chris and the team about what the next 2D game should be, which we do. We had some concepts and ideas set out between the teams, but we could not launch the project. So Chris and the team disappeared for a while. I am friends with many of my old colleagues, and I had a conversation with Mr. Osayn that we should make a game about Sonic together, and he would not be interested. He is the original creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, and therefore we had a conversation about whether his Arzest will be interested in working on the game about Sonic. There were ideas with Chris and the team that failed. Sonic Superstars is really fully developed by Arzest, but Sonic Team in Japan is working with them on design and some other elements. Arzest and Mr. Osima are 100% game developers.

Iizuka explained that he feels that he could trust the Osima team because of his valuable experience in the original Sonic games. Osima is most famous as the creator of the design of the Sonic character, but, according to Jezuma, few people know that he also developed many levels.

Mr. Osima brought a classic experience with Sonic into the game, because he worked on Sonic 1 and Sonic CD. He has an understanding of how to make a real classic game Sonic. Many people think that Mr. Osima just came and figured out how Sonic would look, drew a character and everything. But he not only painted and created a character, but also engaged in level design in Sonic 1. So he has experience creating a game about Sonic, because he was engaged in level design for the original game.

In addition, Iizuka said that the composer Sonic 3 Juna Seyue will lead the sound support of Superstars.

When we are talking about people who are still nearby who worked on classic games about Sonic, there are not many people who actively create games remaining from that very small group. But there are three people: I, Mr. Osima and the third – Juna Sega, who at one time made music for Sonic 3. He also participates in the development of Sonic Superstars. Jun is a musical director of the game, and he is really focused that the game sounds like a classic. But it is obvious that he does not sit idle and does not create all this music himself: he works with the internal teams of the Sega on creating music in the classic style of Sonic, and also collaborates with some external teams, such as Ty Lopez, which helped in work on Sonic Mania.

In Sonic Superstars, players will be able to manage Sonic, Talez, Nakles or Amy Rose, and for the first time in the game about Sonic, support for the cooperative regime for four players will be implemented.

The game will be released in the fall of 2023 both in the digital and physical form on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

Massa Games studio published the plot teaser “Lukomorye”

The release of demo is scheduled for the end of 2023, and a full exit is expected at the end of 2025. The Title is created on the game engine Unreal Engine 5 for PC and “other platforms available in UK”. The developers promise an open world in the setting of ancient English mythology and history with a variable plot, as in the third part of The Witcher.

Earlier, Sobaka studio published a trailer for the upcoming Kiborg action with Rogue-Lite elements.

The fact that our gamer sewn up is fine. But, personally my opinion, their approach is too straightforward. They take a pure story as a turmoil, or purely folkler fabulous and also serve. Would take an example from the developments of God of War. Ancient Greek mythology, which is served well, is very not usually) like Scandinavian. For example, it would be possible to take the period when Christianity came to Rus’, pagan gods were spent, all kinds of goblin and other evil spirits began to be sent to people, and the task of the GG Christian to destroy the sanctuaries of these gods and at the end to plunge their avatars. Do this in the setting of Dark Fantasy with maximum gloom and seriousness and voila!

I am an agnostic and I will not promote any faith. Just in our realities, release the game with such realistic views on the story and your game will be closed, and your studio, and you. Moreover, we are talking about an artistic product that does not have to be true and blindly follow history. A lot of games came out where the Templars are good and fluffy.

even a scientist’s cat is not a mermaid, some kind of fake

The voice of the prayer cuts a rumor, some shaved captive Putin’s shaved zek jumps on a horse, FPS below the waist

Voice for voice acting such a text costs 2000r. Or 1000 on the exchange. 10 years ago I did not stir up for the presentation. And then they regretted. Very in vain. I sincerely wish good investors to this project.

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The authors of Doom Eternal are working on the new ID Tech 8 engine

The ID Tech engine is often recognized as one of the most optimized engines in the gaming industry. The latest version of this engine was used in games such as Doom Eternal, and ID Software also used it in the latest releases of the Wolfenstein series.

In addition to impressive visual effects, ID Tech received high grades for its ability to work effectively on a variety of hardware. For example, games, such as Doom Eternal, showed excellent performance even on budget computers.

Given these qualities, ID Tech can be compared with the best engines in the gaming industry. However, apparently, ID Software is already developing a new version, as Timur222 indicated, drawing attention to the profile of one of the developers in Linkedin.

Philip Hammer, programmer in ID Software, who has been working in the team for more than three years. In his profile, the mention of ID Tech 8 was found, which probably hints that the next project project will use the new generation of this engine.

As already noted, Doom Eternal was one of the first games in which ID Tech 7 was used. This engine was surprisingly well optimized and ensured stable performance, despite the use of intense graphic technologies, such as ray tracing.

Judging by the history of the development of the engine, in the coming years, the ID Tech 8 can become a competitor to Unreal Engine 5 as a revolutionary game engine.

ID Software has not been participating in the gaming industry for quite some time. After the release of Doom Eternal, the studio supported the game DLC content and several extensions, but doom Eternal for almost four years.

Therefore, the next release of the studio, in addition to the new version of ID Tech, may be closer than expected. Since ID Software has already provided its engine to such studios as Machinegames, Wolfenstein, Indiana Jones may be the first game in which ID Tech 8 will be presented.

Rumors and vacancies also indicate that after the release of the last game in the Wolfenstein franchise in 2019, a new. Given the history of Wolfenstein with the engine, the potential new part will most likely also use ID Tech 8.

Co -author of Medievil put up for sale his BAFTA Award statuette to “keep the roof over his head”

Jason Wilson is one of the authors of the Medievil series, but his affairs are not going very well for several years, and he announced that he put up his BAFTA Award statuette for sale "The game of the year", In order not to end life under the bridge.

Wilson made this statement on the website of X, where he explained that he made such a decision after he got to the hospital "Due to severe stress, anxiety and financial problems associated with the fact that he could not even go to work on creating a video game".

Then he decided to sell his BAFTA prize, received for MedIevil 2 in 2000, where the game Sony won the Timesplitters and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Part 2.

Starting price BAFTA, which is sold with the figure "Sir Dan Hand" And Funkopop from Medievil, amounted to 6,000 pounds. We are talking about this in the past tense, because, apparently, it has already been sold.

However, it is sad that Wilson explained the reason for the sale:

I have no idea how much such a personal thing costs, but if it helps me keep the roof over my head a little more, then it should be sold.

This is not the first time that Wilson resorts to the sale of personal items related to Medievil to survive. At the beginning of the year, he sold his entire collection of drawings and sketches related to the series, hoping during this time to find work in the video game industry. Apparently, the case did not go: "I know that I have something to offer and what to give, but I found only closed doors and are very worried".

Wilson – Veteran of the World video game. His career began in the 1980s with several very successful conversions for Amiga: Pac-Mania, Ninja Gaiden and Space Harrier 2. In 1996, he came to SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe), where he held various positions. The most famous work is the game Medievil. In 2012. He left Sony to devote himself to writing books and comics. Obviously, this did not benefit him.

The seventh season of the Marathon of online tournaments “Moscow Eyports” united 15 thousand people

The seventh season of the marathon of free online tournaments “Moskovsky Eyports” ended. From February to early June, the Moscow Computer Sports Federation with the support of the Moscow Sports Department held 85 tournaments, in which 15 thousand took part. Human.

In the seventh season of “Moscow e-sports”, the participants competed in 14 popular types of program: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Standoff 2, Escape From Tarkov, Garena Free Fire, Dota 2, League OF LEGENDS, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Brawl Stars, Mobile Legends : Bang Bang, Hearthstone: Battlegrounds, Clash Royale and Teamfight Tactics.

In various disciplines, participants played qualifications, and then superfinals with a prize fund up to 150 thousand. rubles depending on the game. The total prize fund amounted to more than 1.1 million rubles.

Within the framework of the seventh season of the Moscow Eyber Sports, the spring stage of the fifth season in Cyperbola, which was held by the Football Foundation Igor Akinfeev, was held. Its prize fund amounted to 250 thousand. rubles.

“The seventh season of” Moscow e -sports “was a rich, interesting and diverse, – noted the President of the Federation of Computer Sports of the city of Moscow Maxim Fleur. – Our team did a great work on analyzing the most interesting audiences of the types of programs and formats, so the games really beloved by our participants were selected, and some from domestic developers. I thank everyone who supported and helped to spend the seventh season of Moscow e -sports, as well as all participants and organizers. See you in the new season!”

All online tournaments are held on the Cybermos platform.RU, which was created specifically for the Moscow Eyportsport project, is constantly being improved, gradually turning into a full -fledged ecosystem for players, tournament operators, computer clubs, sponsors and other participants in the capital’s e -sports life.

The first six seasons of the Moscow Eviaports were held from May 2020 to November 2022, more than a thousand tournaments have passed within their framework, in which more than 90 thousand were filed for participation. Applications.

Winners and prize -winners of the seventh season of “Moscow e -sports”