Co -author of Medievil put up for sale his BAFTA Award statuette to “keep the roof over his head”

Jason Wilson is one of the authors of the Medievil series, but his affairs are not going very well for several years, and he announced that he put up his BAFTA Award statuette for sale "The game of the year", In order not to end life under the bridge.

Wilson made this statement on the website of X, where he explained that he made such a decision after he got to the hospital "Due to severe stress, anxiety and financial problems associated with the fact that he could not even go to work on creating a video game".

Then he decided to sell his BAFTA prize, received for MedIevil 2 in 2000, where the game Sony won the Timesplitters and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Part 2.

Starting price BAFTA, which is sold with the figure "Sir Dan Hand" And Funkopop from Medievil, amounted to 6,000 pounds. We are talking about this in the past tense, because, apparently, it has already been sold.

However, it is sad that Wilson explained the reason for the sale:

I have no idea how much such a personal thing costs, but if it helps me keep the roof over my head a little more, then it should be sold.

This is not the first time that Wilson resorts to the sale of personal items related to Medievil to survive. At the beginning of the year, he sold his entire collection of drawings and sketches related to the series, hoping during this time to find work in the video game industry. Apparently, the case did not go: "I know that I have something to offer and what to give, but I found only closed doors and are very worried".

Wilson – Veteran of the World video game. His career began in the 1980s with several very successful conversions for Amiga: Pac-Mania, Ninja Gaiden and Space Harrier 2. In 1996, he came to SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe), where he held various positions. The most famous work is the game Medievil. In 2012. He left Sony to devote himself to writing books and comics. Obviously, this did not benefit him.

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