The new video CITIES: SkyLines 2 sheds light on the economy and production

A new video of CITIES: SkyLines 2 was released, demonstrating the economy and production systems of the game.

The new video is part of the Feature Highlights developer’s diaries series, which also includes detailed reviews of climatic systems, the work of transport and control of energy systems of the city.

However, this video is dedicated, according to the developer of Colossal Order and Paradox publisher, "everything related to money and investment".

Since in CITIES: Skylines 2 all systems were developed from scratch, this also applies to the economy, which in the upcoming urban planner is modeled on the basis of real conditions. As you pass the game, you will receive money from taxation, tourism and other sources of income. As the well -being of citizens, you can levy taxes on private income. By increasing income, you can invest them in the city infrastructure, including public services, schools and much more.

The business economy is also quite complicated: enterprises are hired and dismissed by employees to comply with demand, as well as export the goods with their excess or import with shortage.

This can be controlled by raising or lowering taxes, which, in turn, will lead to an increase or decrease in production volumes in the relevant sectors.

Taxation can also help attract enterprises producing profitable goods to your city: you can reduce taxes in certain areas, which will prompt enterprises operating in these areas to open in your city.

Colossal Order claims that if you wish, you can manage production chains (although the developer emphasizes that this is not necessary). If you "Love puzzles", then, according to the studio, "There is practically no limit" how deep you can plunge into these systems.

CITIES: SkyLines 2 will go on sale on October 24 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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