Massa Games studio published the plot teaser “Lukomorye”

The release of demo is scheduled for the end of 2023, and a full exit is expected at the end of 2025. The Title is created on the game engine Unreal Engine 5 for PC and “other platforms available in UK”. The developers promise an open world in the setting of ancient English mythology and history with a variable plot, as in the third part of The Witcher.

Earlier, Sobaka studio published a trailer for the upcoming Kiborg action with Rogue-Lite elements.

The fact that our gamer sewn up is fine. But, personally my opinion, their approach is too straightforward. They take a pure story as a turmoil, or purely folkler fabulous and also serve. Would take an example from the developments of God of War. Ancient Greek mythology, which is served well, is very not usually) like Scandinavian. For example, it would be possible to take the period when Christianity came to Rus’, pagan gods were spent, all kinds of goblin and other evil spirits began to be sent to people, and the task of the GG Christian to destroy the sanctuaries of these gods and at the end to plunge their avatars. Do this in the setting of Dark Fantasy with maximum gloom and seriousness and voila!

I am an agnostic and I will not promote any faith. Just in our realities, release the game with such realistic views on the story and your game will be closed, and your studio, and you. Moreover, we are talking about an artistic product that does not have to be true and blindly follow history. A lot of games came out where the Templars are good and fluffy.

even a scientist’s cat is not a mermaid, some kind of fake

The voice of the prayer cuts a rumor, some shaved captive Putin’s shaved zek jumps on a horse, FPS below the waist

Voice for voice acting such a text costs 2000r. Or 1000 on the exchange. 10 years ago I did not stir up for the presentation. And then they regretted. Very in vain. I sincerely wish good investors to this project.

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