The authors of Doom Eternal are working on the new ID Tech 8 engine

The ID Tech engine is often recognized as one of the most optimized engines in the gaming industry. The latest version of this engine was used in games such as Doom Eternal, and ID Software also used it in the latest releases of the Wolfenstein series.

In addition to impressive visual effects, ID Tech received high grades for its ability to work effectively on a variety of hardware. For example, games, such as Doom Eternal, showed excellent performance even on budget computers.

Given these qualities, ID Tech can be compared with the best engines in the gaming industry. However, apparently, ID Software is already developing a new version, as Timur222 indicated, drawing attention to the profile of one of the developers in Linkedin.

Philip Hammer, programmer in ID Software, who has been working in the team for more than three years. In his profile, the mention of ID Tech 8 was found, which probably hints that the next project project will use the new generation of this engine.

As already noted, Doom Eternal was one of the first games in which ID Tech 7 was used. This engine was surprisingly well optimized and ensured stable performance, despite the use of intense graphic technologies, such as ray tracing.

Judging by the history of the development of the engine, in the coming years, the ID Tech 8 can become a competitor to Unreal Engine 5 as a revolutionary game engine.

ID Software has not been participating in the gaming industry for quite some time. After the release of Doom Eternal, the studio supported the game DLC content and several extensions, but doom Eternal for almost four years.

Therefore, the next release of the studio, in addition to the new version of ID Tech, may be closer than expected. Since ID Software has already provided its engine to such studios as Machinegames, Wolfenstein, Indiana Jones may be the first game in which ID Tech 8 will be presented.

Rumors and vacancies also indicate that after the release of the last game in the Wolfenstein franchise in 2019, a new. Given the history of Wolfenstein with the engine, the potential new part will most likely also use ID Tech 8.

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