The enthusiast compared the performance of different versions of DirectX in PUBG on the new patch 25.2

The Bulletiny0urhead Content Maker conducted an experiment and found out which version of DirectX Pubg Client: Battlegrounds works best after the update 25.2. The author compared the frequency of personnel in locations with a large number of players, in a large city and in smoke and came to the following conclusions.

Pluses dx11:

Less DX loads GPU. Therefore, in scenarios where the video card limits FPS, he is the fastest. It copes well with many players nearby.

Cons dx11:

The more buildings in the frame, the weaker it is.

Conclusion on DX11:

Suitable for systems with a weak video card. It is the best option if FPS is critical with many players (for example, in competitions in the final phases of the game). For systems with the latest Intel processors, it is extremely desirable to disconnect the E-JADARA for the EH of the game in the task dispatcher in order to reveal all potential in cities.

Pros DX11E:

The best in working with many buildings. In general, if you do not take difficult conditions, slightly slower than the usual DX11 in terms of loading GPU.

Cons dx11e:

Works poorly with players in the frame, the more there are, the stronger the drawdown. In very difficult conditions for GPU, it can become noticeably slower than the usual DX11.

Conclusion on DX11E:

For powerful systems, it is the best option, especially if FPS in cities is important for you, but it can be unpleasant to surprise if there are too many players nearby. In patoche 25.2 Improved work with multi -core processors – now on Intel processors to disconnect E -Jadra no longer need to get the maximum FPS in cities. Improvements can also affect other processors with a large number of nuclei.

Pluses dx12:

Can be smooth and fast on powerful systems. The more players are near, the better he shows himself against the background of other dx.

Cons dx12:

Under the same conditions and FPS, GPU is too much loaded in comparison with other dx. Example: where DX11 loads GPU by 47-49%, and DX11E is 50-52%, DX12 will load it by 70-72%. Therefore, it is much more demanding on the power of the video card. There is such a phenomenon as data loading (shadeers?) At the beginning of the game and with the start of each new card, so you need to wait a bit before the smoothness.

Conclusion on DX12:

It may be good on powerful systems, but with a large number of reservations. Increase the cache of the shaaders in the video Diver settings (up to 1GB or more) can reduce the number of loads and increase smoothness. For systems with the latest Intel processors, it is extremely desirable to disconnect the E-JADARA for the EH of the game in the task dispatcher in order to reveal all potential in cities.

The conclusion is separate for owners of video cards from AMD:

The more objects and buildings are more in the frame, the weaker the cards from AMD work on DX11 and DX11E in comparison with video cards from HB. Therefore, DX12 is extremely recommended if there is no strict FPS restriction due to slow GPU.

And the difference in the graph is?

Only the Chinese play the same. What the news does on the English -speaking site?

Everyone plays it.the Chinese are simply more in percentage ratio.but the servaks no matter how different are different, unless someone sits with VPN and ping in a hundred.And there are cheaters among different countries.

Priests, they still play the nucleus?

It’s hard to quit what you play for a long time, even if it rolls from a year-ku year. Even if it is PPC as h..Tired..

Agree. By the way, at the moment, PUBG is the best, balanced piano compared to WZ and APEX. But competition is Fortnite. True, in Pabg, the problem with anti -Chit and with the Chiters themselves, and the game is already old, but the fact that he is the best at the moment is a fact.

I would not call it the most balanced.Each battlesel has a balance -its own pace of the game, its own modes. Probably everyone will drown for their beloved battleship.

I would call PABG the relevance.He has a stable online. Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of accounts are constantly plowing!Despite this, online remains on the same level, which says that everyone who has been banned is immediately returning.

And this is one of the minuses of Pabg.Pabu itself is beneficial to maintain a fairly high online.Freedals and Chiters of various stripes help them in this.But cheaters would hardly play PABG if they lost constantly rare and expensive skins.Therefore, most likely they are banning only the most arrogant and stubborn cheaters who do not bring money to Pabaji.

Each game is good in its own way.I did not play Varzon, but I see that all movements, movements and shootings there are much faster and more active than in Pabga.

In the window, in which I also did not play there are construction mechanics and playing positions thanks to this construction.Only CCP, which I don’t like.Yes, and I don’t like the construction.

I am a simple person. I like to run like a kwick and make piu-pi-pi-wrapps. For which in fact and in Pabga I often yell from the siduns, lynuns, snakes, rats, Pabgers.Counting more on the reaction.than for a trick on smoking from houses.Especially Umatovo watch repetitions when in Kempa to which you fill up and storm the house to take and protect around you in near -room circles.And you scoop up from the brow on the stairs to which the flash drive did not work, then you look and in these houses of six houses of the people sit like mice in five of six houses. And do not shoot.This is PABG in all its glory.Begin to shoot up only when the zone begins to expel them from the houses.

Pabga has good shooting mechanics.Although many complain about it simply because they cannot set up a sensation for themselves.PABG shooting is good.Exactly until honest people play against honest people.And this is in every game.

Pabg. Actual. It still has enough players for online. Each of the PVP of the Jokers of the Batleroili has their pros and cons of.And there are cheaters everywhere.Somewhere more, somewhere less.

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