The head of the Bethesda Publishing House presented a fictitious certificate to smear Starfield players from work

When you are looking for an occasion to get out of work to play video games, you always try to get permission from senior management. For the same Starfield fans who want to free themselves from the shackles of capitalism, having left work, one of the leaders of Bethesda proposed "official" exit.

The head of the Bethesda Publishing Department Pit Hines published a template apologetic note for all Starfield fans, who, on the eve of the official release of the game September 6, begin to feel a little. feverishly. On his Twitter page, he posted a fake certificate from a doctor to help those who want to get acquainted with the latest Bethesda game.

In Hinnes’s note, where he also takes on the role of a doctor of medicine, LAN, PhD, ARS and chief physician Constellation Group, he explains that the one who wrote it, "Currently undergoes a course of treatment from infection obtained as a result of Ashta’s bites in a recent expedition to Tau City II", So any worker can well and must believe him for a word. And although this is clearly a joke, Pete was forced to clarify that he is not a doctor, because, it seems, many would try to use this document and his signature in order to escape from their duties.

This is not the first time that developers are trying to help you get rid of work to play their game. So, on the eve of Baldur’s Gate 3 (August 3), Larian Studios posted the form "Request for special permission" And she invited the players to convey it to their leaders so that they could devote several working days to the vast world of role -playing game. Starfield, which also promises 1000 planets and side tasks, it seems, another game that can take all your free time from you. In addition, Hines is not the first time offering gamers to take sick leave to play their game. Two days before the release of Fallout 4, he shared a much shorter and simple version of the hospital.

The note from Hines, apparently, is a more official version of the fan version of the ruin form created by the Starfield Beyond community. Although, as in the case of Larian Studios during the release of Baldur’s Gate 3, the official note from someone from the developers’ team should more likely provide you with the rampant necessary for "Healing" from "Ashty bite".

Early access to Starfield has opened today, and the official world release of the game will take place on September 6.

14 minutes of the start of Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR

IGN published a new video showing 14 minutes of the gameplay from the beginning of Assassins Creed Nexus. The beginning of this adventure on Meta Quest 3 begins with the fact that the Ezio auditor is looking for his missing sword, with the hidden effect of the blade. Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR is available for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro.

The game will put the players on the virtual bodies of the three iconic heroes of Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Auditor da Firenza, Connora Kenaei and Cassandra, transferring them to still unexplored moments in the history of each character. The action takes place in the era of the Italian Renaissance, the American Revolution and ancient Greece. She will give fans the opportunity to see familiar places and faces from a completely new point of view.

Passed the first 4 missions (1 training, 2 for Ezio and one for the cassandra). Well, what can I say – these are the VR -W. Very, very cool, there are simply no words, at least in some points. Yes, there are problems with the same parkor – "Jumping" with your hands and "Cabbage" For ledges, it works through for example-the graphics as a whole for a three-half, well, and the active fighting fu-fu, even to all sorts of Asgard’s Wrath as to the moon, but to Blade and Sorcery and even more so. In the appendage on Q3, there are also wild staters, although it seems to be on Q2 (judging by Reddit) this is not close, but, it seems, they already promise a patch. Well, as a cherry on the cake – they forcefully make you play for the gorilla, oh, t.e. Cassandra, although, ironically, at the beginning they gave them to choose the floor of the main character-hacker, but for some reason they could not or did not want.

Cards are really not so big, but quite for a portable game. There are a lot of people roam, they can be pushed during the run just as in the original-there is any kind of immersion in the world all the same compared to the empty worlds of most other VR-games. Well, the stall is just gorgeous – it is here that the game shines. To climb somewhere higher and from there to cigen on the enemy with a hidden blade.

In general, if someone thinks to play, not play-play definitely, even if you are not a fan "Ozasinov". And I went to play further and I’m already starting to wait for the second part.

Yes, even Skyrim BP is better than this craft

Bro, where did you get it? Downloaded from torrents or bought on the site of anniversary? I just don’t have a foreign card, I don’t know what to do, but I really want to play.

I have a foreign card and I am from Belarus, so I just bought it in META store. But I am more than sure that there is already a pirate, so I advise you to check in the appropriate places.

On the rutrexer pirate from yesterday hanging.

5:05 pokes a finger in the ass of a guard, this is the only funny moment in the video

I always dreamed of playing the same assassin) but I would like to have a complete immersion like in SAO

I hope smart people will soon learn to launch this business at the peak.

No of course, not a single okulus is exclusive in this Chinese crafts.

It is unlikely. Meta eczes are tightly attached to the helmet.

I remember the year in 2005 Chelik at some forum with foam at my mouth proved that PS2 games will never be launched on a PC))))

Just really tightly?

– For the okulus of exclusives on a PC, we put Oculus software (for installation in the English Federation, VPN T requires.To. It is on the META website, but in this software, Oculus helmets drivers cannot be launched by Oculus exclusives, after installing the VPN, we can not turn it off, it is not required for work)

Revive was done so that the Oculus exclusives can be launched on the Steamvr helmets. But it was made an enthusiast and was posted for free for everyone. T.To. Pico 4 SA operates through Steamvr, then Revive automatically allows all Oculus games on the Pico in the cable or wireless.

Blizzard criticized for early access to World of Warcraft: The War Within for $ 90

Some WoW players harshly criticize Blizzard for the decision to include 3 days of early access to the new World of Warcraft: The War Within in the Epic Edition worth $ 90.

Among the many announcements on the BlizzCon 2023 there was also the announcement of World of Warcraft: The War Within, the first of the three extensions that make up the SOUL of the World, which was immediately enthusiastically perceived by MMORPG players.

However, the optimism associated with the new expansion was somewhat reduced after on the Battle website.NET opened the reception of preliminary orders and it turned out that among the numerous bonuses that make up the EPIC Edition there is a three -day early access to the game. For completeness of the picture, the basic version costs $ 49.99, and the Epic Edition – 89.99 euros and includes a number of exclusive bonuses and a 30 -day subscription.

The existence of such a bonus caused the anger of the World of Warcraft community, as evidenced by numerous topics and comments on this subject on Reddit, including those who accuse this maneuver of of "disgusting" business practice.

"Ugh", – writes user Reddit Castia10. "I played all the games on the night of the launch, but this, frankly, is disappointed. The best that is in WOW is the excitement around a new expansion in the first week. Who needs to go on hell later?".

"Is not "early" Access, it’s just a game release date", – Approves itisntme2. They simply charge an additional fee with those who want to play the game on the day of its release". Do not get fooled by PR".

In a particular case, the cause of discontent may be the presence of PVP and guild competitions. Perhaps some players will prefer to purchase an Epic Edition so as not to lag behind competitors and prepare in advance for raids and other end-ends. As a result, this can lead to separation inside guilds, groups of friends and players on those who are ready to spend more, those who are not ready, and those who do this reluctantly, just not to lag behind.

Details of Lego 2K Drive about game modes, multiplayer functions and customization

Lego 2K Drive, the upcoming racing game on the LEGO theme from Visual Concepts, is released next week, and 2K published a list of all the necessary information that you may want to know before the full release of the game. This information about Lego 2K Drive includes information about the game modes, multi -user functions and customization parameters, which players will have access to the game.

Four modes

  • Plot. Play alone or in a joint mode with a divided screen on your way from a novice racer to a well -known champion, competing with a number of charismatic rivals in the hope of once win the desired trophy of Sky Cup.
  • Cup-Get Grand Prix experience in a series of cup series, including several routes in a row. You will score glasses after each race depending on your finish place, and those who gain the largest number of points will take first places on the podium.
  • Race. You can choose any route and level of license class (determining the total speed and affordable abilities).
  • Mini-games. There are unique goals in mini-games that are not based on the intersection of the finish line, and speed is not the only thing that is required for success.

Details of the cross -platform game

  • Local game/screen separation. On all platforms you can enjoy driving in the screen separation mode for two players. On Nintendo Switch, two players can also connect for a local game using two Nintendo Switch systems according to the same wireless connection.
  • Play with friends on the network – unite with the cross -platform game available on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC in Steam and Epic Games Store.
  • Play with everyone on the network. See how you compete with riders from all over the world in a multi-user online mode “Play with everyone”, including cross-fauna on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC in Steam and Epic Games Store.


  • In the garage, you will collect and modify cars in Lego 2K Drive. You have the opportunity to create your dreams of your dreams in the hangar, setting up every cube. From the very beginning, you will have hundreds of cubes for assembly, sorted by type and category, and more than 1000 unique Lego parts available along the course of adventure.
  • All vehicles in Lego 2K Drive have their own characteristics, including maximum speed, acceleration, controllability, health, strength in close combat and weight. The more bricks in your car, the harder it becomes that it affects the weight class.
  • After launch, the developers will also provide players with the opportunity to share customizations with friends and community on the Internet.

LEGO 2K Drive is released on May 19 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

According to the actor of voiceing Starfield, console Fanboy – miserable people

Elias Tuskussis, an actor known for voiced by Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Deus Ex, and currently playing the role of Sam Cow in the last game of Bethesta – Starfield, decided to express his opinion on a topic that is still very relevant in the game market : about the war of consoles.

The famous console war is distinguished by special revanchism, which is inherent in many gamers who protect the platform A or B, using such arguments as the technical capabilities that one platform offers and the other is not, or even the issue of the exclusivity of a particular game.

Starfield, the official release of which took place on September 6, is a focus of this war, because, being available only on Xbox/PC, it observed various technical errors and NCP, which were ridiculous on the Internet. It is such elements that contribute to the intensity of passions among those who are ready "fight" Due to games or companies.

As a result, the actor himself turned out to be under crossfire. At the end of last month, a few days before the early release of Starfield, the actor wrote on his account X (formerly Twitter) as follows: Console Wars Fanboy is just the best. Wait, not the best, another word. uh. hilariously miserable".

Eliasu also seemed curious that one of the users continues to respond to all his tweets "writes 30 fps". Then the actor and actor of the voice acting asked himself. Why does this guy constantly write me 30 fps? Then he decided to see the profile of this person and found that he was writing "30 fps" on everything related to Starfield. "I thought that he probably spent an hour on it!" – tells the actor. Obviously, the message that Elias received was a kind of mockery that the game works with a frequency of 30 FPS on Xbox Series S and X.

In addition to the role of Sam Cow, Tuskisis also assisted Ali Ward Azevedo in her role of the bark, the daughter of the character of the game. In addition, the actor is somewhat upset due to the fact that many people who participated in the creation of Starfield did not receive due attention at all.

According to the actor, everyone tried to do a good job, and if someone does not like it, then this is quite normal, just do not attack all those involved in its creation.

Idris Elba in the cinematic plot trailer Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

CD Projekt Red presented a spectacular plot trailer for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. This cinematic trailer is dedicated to the background of the new character in the world of cyberpunk – spy "Phantom" performed by Idris Elba.

CD Projekt Red is now at the final stage of promotion Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. For the past few weeks, the Poles talked about new elements and showed all new personnel cadres, but now the time has come for a trailer, who should introduce players with the plot of complementation of the addition. By the way, the events shown take place six years before the start of Phantom Liberty.

The release of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty will take place in just 12 days, and the extension will present a completely new area in the game, and at the same time an expanded plot.

The studio has already confirmed that the plot line of the spy thriller is the last plot addition to the game, since in the future the developers want to focus on the development of a new part.

The trailer looks very cool

Only on YouTube can you look with the Subtiters translated by the spotlights themselves. Still, they did not score to UK, unlike most other studios and a stream without a car transmission for a ru, as before.
Upgrading 2.0 September 21 cheers

Yes, the norms, they themselves said that there is no way to transfer money to UK to sponsor English voice acting, but in general I was most awaited by Ukrainian subtitles. Who knows, then the mb will be brought to the voice of the voice, this is already a matter of time

Yes, yes, they didn’t score, there is no voice acting. If desired, they could have done

Make the opportunity to travel by train?)

You yourself saw that the landing is only hard)

For what? so that a couple of people of this functions use and then continue to jump on the map with a quick crossing? To do it, you need to do a lot of effort and time. Priorities no matter how you put. I think in the next part will be. All the same, this is their first new game. In the Witcher 1, too, was not everything at once.

You are not correctly represented by the metro in the kyber. He wanted him not like Fast-Trevell, but as part of the world of the game. such scenes as with Elbo in the game could be made 10. went down in the subway, ran into the gang. or you sit on the train and discuss the plan with Takemura. You are looking for some kind of homeless person by order. situations can be invented by a bunch where the metro looked organically and lively with the directing of the game

But it was possible to add the opportunity to rob someone in trains, maybe small shootings and would go there often)

Cool trailer
Only I hope it does not turn out to be a banality of the Elba survivor and now avenges and he is Glavlzlodov DLC

Well, the villages have already shown the chapters. White Bald, you can even extinguish for it, like for Johnny. And recruit a couple with a seal. So Elba will be an ally.

The English language subtitles switches in the settings!

Thank you Mil-human, otherwise it was too lazy to look for you on YouTube.

Yes, from the first minute the drama is visible and I want to participate in this story. In Starfield: we have translated Skyrim and Folaout, then the frames as a cosmic hard worker are going to the next shift. The first is a drive, the second is a production novel. If the CD Projekt does not burst, as last time, then the Starfield can be safely removed until better times.

Why everyone doesn’t care about Starfield then? While watching the broadcast of the Reds, every 2nd about Starfield ached. It is so fashionable to cheat? Not a single gazebo game was famous for the plot, even there is no point in leveling it in this regard. So why do everyone who play cyberpunk about Starfield not shut up? Howard is somewhere Cyberpank dumped or what?

Everything is simple – all the games are Toda – Reskin Mordorovind, only the setting is changing. It is a pity that the microbes began to notice it so late. Compare Cyberpank and the Witcher, these are completely different games in everything, and compare Fallut and Starfield?) Yes, throw a couple of mods on Fallut and this will be the same Starfield) The same miserable animations, oh krch all curly clumsy and does not change 100,500 thousand years, go into the cave – loading, fly to another empty planet – loading. Understand? There are many examples where the developers make completely new games from their past projects, and only the setting changes in the shitty gazebo. Damn him – Duma 2016, and the thoughts of Eternal, the difference between games in terms of exit is insignificant, but these are two different games, where in the new part, the dynamics of the shooter brought to incredible speeds and added some elements of the sluster. That’s why other developments have a new playing, really new, and not a resin of the old. Bugs, optimization is another matter, I will not paint it here, at the present time of lazy and arrogant developers / publishers this has already become the norm, but as you understood this is not about this.

I also somehow understand when Starfield is compared with Balders Gates 3. Both RPGs lasting longer.It simply could not be different. But Dls Kibera? what’s next? Tale Tale – 4 Episode of the Wolf one of us 2?

Well, how would the games of the Bees before were considered as the standard of the open world. They are important not how novelty is how much depth and a high of research. You wander there out of type that you need to do a steep quest or clean all the advanposts, and you met some kind of cave and decided to see what is in it. I was the chief plot only to take place in Fallaut 3, in Tes the main story as well as the directing of this plot at 10 or 20th place.

Hmm, I never considered the game of the arbors the standard of the open world, especially when there is Gothic 1-3, Kingdom Come. But the fact that there are practically no analogues – yes, this is a fact. We also forget what they turned Fallut 4 and further series, wretched shooters with construction and a super linear plot, where you only choose a fraction closer to the end. Here people have accumulated. And I was sick of this already during the time of Skyrim and 4 Folycha.

Neil Drakmann, the author of The Last of US, confirmed that he writes the script and manages the production of a new game for PS5

Neil Drakmann confirmed that he is the author and the gamer -director of the non -anced game for PS5. As a result of reshuffle in the leadership of the Naughty Dog, the creator of The Last of US was recently transferred to the post of SO-head of the studio, but it seems that he will retain a creative role in the company, since he will switch his attention to the next project of the developer.

There is an assumption that it will be The Last of US: Part 3, but also say that the California company is preparing new intellectual property. It is obvious that since the release of The Last of Us: Part II has passed for more than three years, and although during this time the team managed to make a remake of the original game and television show, it seems that the long-awaited independent multiplayer spin-off has returned to the drawing board.

How much time will it take Naughty Dog to create a new project is still unknown, but given the increase in PS5 development cycles, we believe that, most likely, a lot of time will take a new game.

Well, the next LGBT will make an agenda trash from a masterpiece. What a pity. Tlou2 graphony and gameplay very much came in, what not to say about a bunch of agendas and not the best plot.

Everything in TLOU 2 was great and the plot too

See: the first part came out in 2013, with a hint, to the fact that Ellie are saying "With the agenda". And DLC came out a year later, in 2014, where they already openly showed that Ellie Lesbukha.

(Then there was no such a rainbow and flags were everywhere)

What the plot did not come to you, I don’t know, most likely you just could not understand it.

I never played his previous masterpiece)

Not one, the Last of AC2 was sold at the level of Tsusima, at times worse than not only God or spider or chorizon, but also the first part.

And I bought it. For a long time, but did not run, does not pull just playing it. I am not worried about lezbukhs and Garila Abby and the death of Golphist. Well, it’s just reluctant. She is even downloaded by MB right now, if so, for two years she only hangs)

10kk these are good numbers, plus it is last year’s data, against the background of the series, it burst into the charts several times already. So I think from a financial point of view of the game is fine.

in 98% sure it will be)

I am waiting for The Last of US Part 2 on a PC and I hope that at least it would be possible to replace it with mods with young Abby, and for Ellie the game is awesome. I hope in the third part again we will play for Ellie and the script will return to the origins.

These PCs are dull, they have already sophisticated the shit of the Tloo, but there are no better games than from the dogs, paint your keys further..fuck on this LGBT, you play games, or go?bakers

How does your point tear only from criticism of your favorite game)))

I don’t care whether you believe it or not, but a long time ago, when I looked at the TLOU1 trailer, the details of the plot of the next parts flashed through my head. Firstly, I was right about the topic of revenge in the second part. Secondly, somehow guessed the name of Abby. It was even tempting to ask those who had already played in Tloe 1, is there a character with that name there. So, what is the leitmotif in the third part in my opinion?

And it consists in redeeming, the self -sacrifice of Ellie for the good of mankind. A third of the game, or even half of Ellie will already consciously make his way through ruins, hordes of looters and infected, try to survive in order to die on the operating table at one point. From some point, she will even help her a short-haired Abby on the way. (this is exactly the image of me). I am 100% sure of this.

Something else flashed about pregnancy and Ellie’s child, so there would either be Timskip with the child Ellie, or it concerned Dina and what was shown in the epilogue of the 2nd part. If the second option, then I will assume that Dina died and her Ellie did not have time to save, which motivates even more for self -sacrifice. Now it already seems that there will still be a search for medicine, but unsuccessful, as a result, only Ellie will solve the problem.

Gloomy New York in the spirit of the film “Taxi driver” and Control connection: Sam Lake reveals the details of Alan Wake 2

At the opening ceremony of Gamescom 2023, Remedy Entertainment presented the gloomy Alan Wake 2 trailer with living actors and personnel of the gameplay. The fresh video says almost nothing about the plot and the world of the long -awaited sequel, so some details decided to share personally by the gamemeeter of the project Sam Lake. In a conversation with journalists, he spoke about Alan Wake 2 ties with Control and other project details.

Fresh Trailer Alan Wake 2 opens a rather gloomy glance at the flooded streets of New York. According to Sam Lake, here the players showed a look at the nightmarish dimension, where the main character of the game is locked. Since they are the famous writer Alan Wake, he is haunted by personal stories from the past, as well as the plots written by him. For example, you can see a sign in the video "Night Springs", which refers to show anthology from the first part for which the main character wrote the script.

To create an atmosphere of the dark city, the developers from Remedy were inspired by various classic films. The gloomy version of New York was most affected by Martin Scorsese’s film "Taxi driver" 1976.

This is a very significant, criminal feeling of dangerous and terrible New York – all surfaces are dotted with graffiti, there is a lot of garbage on the streets, always night, it is always raining

– says Sam Lake.

As for the Alan Wake 2 connection with Control, the game designer confirmed their common universe. The new game will have several binding elements, both visual and plot. For example, in Alan Wake 2 you can meet Mr. The door and this character will be the same character from Control. Sam Lake also notes that, despite the connection with Control, in essence this is still a continuation of Alan Wake, and you do not have to play Control to understand anything. Nevertheless, fans of the world of games will give important information for building new theories.

Laesel has become less accessible to close relations with the release of the last update for Baldur’s Gate 3

The community of players involved in simulators in Baldur’s Gate 3 concentrated on the performance of many complex tasks corresponding to the enormous scale of the game. Along with traditional goals, such as the passage of the game as quickly as possible, a small community of players took up a less traditional feat – to get an affair with members of the party as quickly as possible. And, as it turned out, close relations with one of the party members – a sarcastic Laesel are the fastest.

However, the recently released fourth patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 led to a catastrophic change that violated the work of the BG3 speedrainers. After Patch’s release, Laesel significantly increased its standards, and now it is not so easy to start.

Before the patch release, the speedrans competed cheerfully about how quickly players would be able to get closer to Laesel. The world record was 1 minute and 58 seconds installed by the user of Maeeeeee, who managed to go through the introductory part of the game, get to the camp and make all the dialogs with a Laesel in less than two minutes.

In the journal Patch under number 4, a new detail dedicated to Laesel, which reads: "In order for Laesel to decide to enter into a romantic relationship with you, you must prove that you are worthy of this with your actions".

Although there are also disappointed among the speedlers, most of them perceive it with joy, and some even praise Larian Studios for the changes made, since they believe that they are more consistent with the proud character Laesel as a warrior. In the future, players will have to demonstrate their strength and determination more in order to gain its location, which means spend more time with it and be a more reliable and noble groom.

Nevertheless, a community of sporen fans, focused on romance, will continue to work and, most likely, will find another character for himself. Maybe they will become a bear.

Keanu Reeves embodies his inner Johnny Silpond, reuniting with his rock band of the 90s

Keanu Reeves became the embodiment of his inner Johnny Silpond, when he reunited with his rock band Dogstar to speak at the Bottlerock Music Festival for the first time in two decades.

Reeves, who played in the Cyberpunk 2077 rock star, Johnny Silpund, went on stage with bass guitar on May 27. He spoke in front of the crowd of the spectators of the festival with the Dogstar drummer Robert Meilhaus and the guitarist/vocalist Bret Domroz.

According to the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle, Dogstar attracted a large number of spectators with their performance, which included songs from their backing catalog and the upcoming album, causing many approving exclamations and even confessions in love of love "John Wick" during the whole day.

Reeves admitted that he was a little worried before the performance before the living audience, but Mailhaus gave Reez several useful tips: "He was just superpowerable. He said: "listen to music. Just present in the song, and everything will go by itself".

The Dogstar group was formed in 1991 and was a moderate success by releasing two studio albums and EP, after which it broke up in 2002. However, Reeves had the opportunity to again become a rock star, giving his vote and appearance to the rocker-buntar Johnny Silpond in Cyberpunk 2077.

In the upcoming extension of Cyberpunk 2077 called Phantom Liberty, Reeves will return as Silver End with a new composition of the characters, including Idris Elbu as Solomon Rida. However, CD Projekt Red has not yet confirmed the price or a specific renewal release date.

The game of Reeves in the role of Silper End is only one of many hats that he wore throughout his acting career, which lasted several decades. He constantly proves his strength in this matter, regardless of whether he plays a cyberger, a teenager traveling in time, or the most deadly killer in the world.