Idris Elba in the cinematic plot trailer Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

CD Projekt Red presented a spectacular plot trailer for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. This cinematic trailer is dedicated to the background of the new character in the world of cyberpunk – spy "Phantom" performed by Idris Elba.

CD Projekt Red is now at the final stage of promotion Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. For the past few weeks, the Poles talked about new elements and showed all new personnel cadres, but now the time has come for a trailer, who should introduce players with the plot of complementation of the addition. By the way, the events shown take place six years before the start of Phantom Liberty.

The release of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty will take place in just 12 days, and the extension will present a completely new area in the game, and at the same time an expanded plot.

The studio has already confirmed that the plot line of the spy thriller is the last plot addition to the game, since in the future the developers want to focus on the development of a new part.

The trailer looks very cool

Only on YouTube can you look with the Subtiters translated by the spotlights themselves. Still, they did not score to UK, unlike most other studios and a stream without a car transmission for a ru, as before.
Upgrading 2.0 September 21 cheers

Yes, the norms, they themselves said that there is no way to transfer money to UK to sponsor English voice acting, but in general I was most awaited by Ukrainian subtitles. Who knows, then the mb will be brought to the voice of the voice, this is already a matter of time

Yes, yes, they didn’t score, there is no voice acting. If desired, they could have done

Make the opportunity to travel by train?)

You yourself saw that the landing is only hard)

For what? so that a couple of people of this functions use and then continue to jump on the map with a quick crossing? To do it, you need to do a lot of effort and time. Priorities no matter how you put. I think in the next part will be. All the same, this is their first new game. In the Witcher 1, too, was not everything at once.

You are not correctly represented by the metro in the kyber. He wanted him not like Fast-Trevell, but as part of the world of the game. such scenes as with Elbo in the game could be made 10. went down in the subway, ran into the gang. or you sit on the train and discuss the plan with Takemura. You are looking for some kind of homeless person by order. situations can be invented by a bunch where the metro looked organically and lively with the directing of the game

But it was possible to add the opportunity to rob someone in trains, maybe small shootings and would go there often)

Cool trailer
Only I hope it does not turn out to be a banality of the Elba survivor and now avenges and he is Glavlzlodov DLC

Well, the villages have already shown the chapters. White Bald, you can even extinguish for it, like for Johnny. And recruit a couple with a seal. So Elba will be an ally.

The English language subtitles switches in the settings!

Thank you Mil-human, otherwise it was too lazy to look for you on YouTube.

Yes, from the first minute the drama is visible and I want to participate in this story. In Starfield: we have translated Skyrim and Folaout, then the frames as a cosmic hard worker are going to the next shift. The first is a drive, the second is a production novel. If the CD Projekt does not burst, as last time, then the Starfield can be safely removed until better times.

Why everyone doesn’t care about Starfield then? While watching the broadcast of the Reds, every 2nd about Starfield ached. It is so fashionable to cheat? Not a single gazebo game was famous for the plot, even there is no point in leveling it in this regard. So why do everyone who play cyberpunk about Starfield not shut up? Howard is somewhere Cyberpank dumped or what?

Everything is simple – all the games are Toda – Reskin Mordorovind, only the setting is changing. It is a pity that the microbes began to notice it so late. Compare Cyberpank and the Witcher, these are completely different games in everything, and compare Fallut and Starfield?) Yes, throw a couple of mods on Fallut and this will be the same Starfield) The same miserable animations, oh krch all curly clumsy and does not change 100,500 thousand years, go into the cave – loading, fly to another empty planet – loading. Understand? There are many examples where the developers make completely new games from their past projects, and only the setting changes in the shitty gazebo. Damn him – Duma 2016, and the thoughts of Eternal, the difference between games in terms of exit is insignificant, but these are two different games, where in the new part, the dynamics of the shooter brought to incredible speeds and added some elements of the sluster. That’s why other developments have a new playing, really new, and not a resin of the old. Bugs, optimization is another matter, I will not paint it here, at the present time of lazy and arrogant developers / publishers this has already become the norm, but as you understood this is not about this.

I also somehow understand when Starfield is compared with Balders Gates 3. Both RPGs lasting longer.It simply could not be different. But Dls Kibera? what’s next? Tale Tale – 4 Episode of the Wolf one of us 2?

Well, how would the games of the Bees before were considered as the standard of the open world. They are important not how novelty is how much depth and a high of research. You wander there out of type that you need to do a steep quest or clean all the advanposts, and you met some kind of cave and decided to see what is in it. I was the chief plot only to take place in Fallaut 3, in Tes the main story as well as the directing of this plot at 10 or 20th place.

Hmm, I never considered the game of the arbors the standard of the open world, especially when there is Gothic 1-3, Kingdom Come. But the fact that there are practically no analogues – yes, this is a fact. We also forget what they turned Fallut 4 and further series, wretched shooters with construction and a super linear plot, where you only choose a fraction closer to the end. Here people have accumulated. And I was sick of this already during the time of Skyrim and 4 Folycha.

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