Blizzard criticized for early access to World of Warcraft: The War Within for $ 90

Some WoW players harshly criticize Blizzard for the decision to include 3 days of early access to the new World of Warcraft: The War Within in the Epic Edition worth $ 90.

Among the many announcements on the BlizzCon 2023 there was also the announcement of World of Warcraft: The War Within, the first of the three extensions that make up the SOUL of the World, which was immediately enthusiastically perceived by MMORPG players.

However, the optimism associated with the new expansion was somewhat reduced after on the Battle website.NET opened the reception of preliminary orders and it turned out that among the numerous bonuses that make up the EPIC Edition there is a three -day early access to the game. For completeness of the picture, the basic version costs $ 49.99, and the Epic Edition – 89.99 euros and includes a number of exclusive bonuses and a 30 -day subscription.

The existence of such a bonus caused the anger of the World of Warcraft community, as evidenced by numerous topics and comments on this subject on Reddit, including those who accuse this maneuver of of "disgusting" business practice.

"Ugh", – writes user Reddit Castia10. "I played all the games on the night of the launch, but this, frankly, is disappointed. The best that is in WOW is the excitement around a new expansion in the first week. Who needs to go on hell later?".

"Is not "early" Access, it’s just a game release date", – Approves itisntme2. They simply charge an additional fee with those who want to play the game on the day of its release". Do not get fooled by PR".

In a particular case, the cause of discontent may be the presence of PVP and guild competitions. Perhaps some players will prefer to purchase an Epic Edition so as not to lag behind competitors and prepare in advance for raids and other end-ends. As a result, this can lead to separation inside guilds, groups of friends and players on those who are ready to spend more, those who are not ready, and those who do this reluctantly, just not to lag behind.

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