Gloomy New York in the spirit of the film “Taxi driver” and Control connection: Sam Lake reveals the details of Alan Wake 2

At the opening ceremony of Gamescom 2023, Remedy Entertainment presented the gloomy Alan Wake 2 trailer with living actors and personnel of the gameplay. The fresh video says almost nothing about the plot and the world of the long -awaited sequel, so some details decided to share personally by the gamemeeter of the project Sam Lake. In a conversation with journalists, he spoke about Alan Wake 2 ties with Control and other project details.

Fresh Trailer Alan Wake 2 opens a rather gloomy glance at the flooded streets of New York. According to Sam Lake, here the players showed a look at the nightmarish dimension, where the main character of the game is locked. Since they are the famous writer Alan Wake, he is haunted by personal stories from the past, as well as the plots written by him. For example, you can see a sign in the video "Night Springs", which refers to show anthology from the first part for which the main character wrote the script.

To create an atmosphere of the dark city, the developers from Remedy were inspired by various classic films. The gloomy version of New York was most affected by Martin Scorsese’s film "Taxi driver" 1976.

This is a very significant, criminal feeling of dangerous and terrible New York – all surfaces are dotted with graffiti, there is a lot of garbage on the streets, always night, it is always raining

– says Sam Lake.

As for the Alan Wake 2 connection with Control, the game designer confirmed their common universe. The new game will have several binding elements, both visual and plot. For example, in Alan Wake 2 you can meet Mr. The door and this character will be the same character from Control. Sam Lake also notes that, despite the connection with Control, in essence this is still a continuation of Alan Wake, and you do not have to play Control to understand anything. Nevertheless, fans of the world of games will give important information for building new theories.

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