Laesel has become less accessible to close relations with the release of the last update for Baldur’s Gate 3

The community of players involved in simulators in Baldur’s Gate 3 concentrated on the performance of many complex tasks corresponding to the enormous scale of the game. Along with traditional goals, such as the passage of the game as quickly as possible, a small community of players took up a less traditional feat – to get an affair with members of the party as quickly as possible. And, as it turned out, close relations with one of the party members – a sarcastic Laesel are the fastest.

However, the recently released fourth patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 led to a catastrophic change that violated the work of the BG3 speedrainers. After Patch’s release, Laesel significantly increased its standards, and now it is not so easy to start.

Before the patch release, the speedrans competed cheerfully about how quickly players would be able to get closer to Laesel. The world record was 1 minute and 58 seconds installed by the user of Maeeeeee, who managed to go through the introductory part of the game, get to the camp and make all the dialogs with a Laesel in less than two minutes.

In the journal Patch under number 4, a new detail dedicated to Laesel, which reads: "In order for Laesel to decide to enter into a romantic relationship with you, you must prove that you are worthy of this with your actions".

Although there are also disappointed among the speedlers, most of them perceive it with joy, and some even praise Larian Studios for the changes made, since they believe that they are more consistent with the proud character Laesel as a warrior. In the future, players will have to demonstrate their strength and determination more in order to gain its location, which means spend more time with it and be a more reliable and noble groom.

Nevertheless, a community of sporen fans, focused on romance, will continue to work and, most likely, will find another character for himself. Maybe they will become a bear.

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