14 minutes of the start of Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR

IGN published a new video showing 14 minutes of the gameplay from the beginning of Assassins Creed Nexus. The beginning of this adventure on Meta Quest 3 begins with the fact that the Ezio auditor is looking for his missing sword, with the hidden effect of the blade. Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR is available for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro.

The game will put the players on the virtual bodies of the three iconic heroes of Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Auditor da Firenza, Connora Kenaei and Cassandra, transferring them to still unexplored moments in the history of each character. The action takes place in the era of the Italian Renaissance, the American Revolution and ancient Greece. She will give fans the opportunity to see familiar places and faces from a completely new point of view.

Passed the first 4 missions (1 training, 2 for Ezio and one for the cassandra). Well, what can I say – these are the VR -W. Very, very cool, there are simply no words, at least in some points. Yes, there are problems with the same parkor – "Jumping" with your hands and "Cabbage" For ledges, it works through for example-the graphics as a whole for a three-half, well, and the active fighting fu-fu, even to all sorts of Asgard’s Wrath as to the moon, but to Blade and Sorcery and even more so. In the appendage on Q3, there are also wild staters, although it seems to be on Q2 (judging by Reddit) this is not close, but, it seems, they already promise a patch. Well, as a cherry on the cake – they forcefully make you play for the gorilla, oh, t.e. Cassandra, although, ironically, at the beginning they gave them to choose the floor of the main character-hacker, but for some reason they could not or did not want.

Cards are really not so big, but quite for a portable game. There are a lot of people roam, they can be pushed during the run just as in the original-there is any kind of immersion in the world all the same compared to the empty worlds of most other VR-games. Well, the stall is just gorgeous – it is here that the game shines. To climb somewhere higher and from there to cigen on the enemy with a hidden blade.

In general, if someone thinks to play, not play-play definitely, even if you are not a fan "Ozasinov". And I went to play further and I’m already starting to wait for the second part.

Yes, even Skyrim BP is better than this craft

Bro, where did you get it? Downloaded from torrents or bought on the site of anniversary? I just don’t have a foreign card, I don’t know what to do, but I really want to play.

I have a foreign card and I am from Belarus, so I just bought it in META store. But I am more than sure that there is already a pirate, so I advise you to check in the appropriate places.

On the rutrexer pirate from yesterday hanging.

5:05 pokes a finger in the ass of a guard, this is the only funny moment in the video

I always dreamed of playing the same assassin) but I would like to have a complete immersion like in SAO

I hope smart people will soon learn to launch this business at the peak.

No of course, not a single okulus is exclusive in this Chinese crafts.

It is unlikely. Meta eczes are tightly attached to the helmet.

I remember the year in 2005 Chelik at some forum with foam at my mouth proved that PS2 games will never be launched on a PC))))

Just really tightly?

– For the okulus of exclusives on a PC, we put Oculus software (for installation in the English Federation, VPN T requires.To. It is on the META website, but in this software, Oculus helmets drivers cannot be launched by Oculus exclusives, after installing the VPN, we can not turn it off, it is not required for work)

Revive was done so that the Oculus exclusives can be launched on the Steamvr helmets. But it was made an enthusiast and was posted for free for everyone. T.To. Pico 4 SA operates through Steamvr, then Revive automatically allows all Oculus games on the Pico in the cable or wireless.

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