According to the actor of voiceing Starfield, console Fanboy – miserable people

Elias Tuskussis, an actor known for voiced by Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Deus Ex, and currently playing the role of Sam Cow in the last game of Bethesta – Starfield, decided to express his opinion on a topic that is still very relevant in the game market : about the war of consoles.

The famous console war is distinguished by special revanchism, which is inherent in many gamers who protect the platform A or B, using such arguments as the technical capabilities that one platform offers and the other is not, or even the issue of the exclusivity of a particular game.

Starfield, the official release of which took place on September 6, is a focus of this war, because, being available only on Xbox/PC, it observed various technical errors and NCP, which were ridiculous on the Internet. It is such elements that contribute to the intensity of passions among those who are ready "fight" Due to games or companies.

As a result, the actor himself turned out to be under crossfire. At the end of last month, a few days before the early release of Starfield, the actor wrote on his account X (formerly Twitter) as follows: Console Wars Fanboy is just the best. Wait, not the best, another word. uh. hilariously miserable".

Eliasu also seemed curious that one of the users continues to respond to all his tweets "writes 30 fps". Then the actor and actor of the voice acting asked himself. Why does this guy constantly write me 30 fps? Then he decided to see the profile of this person and found that he was writing "30 fps" on everything related to Starfield. "I thought that he probably spent an hour on it!" – tells the actor. Obviously, the message that Elias received was a kind of mockery that the game works with a frequency of 30 FPS on Xbox Series S and X.

In addition to the role of Sam Cow, Tuskisis also assisted Ali Ward Azevedo in her role of the bark, the daughter of the character of the game. In addition, the actor is somewhat upset due to the fact that many people who participated in the creation of Starfield did not receive due attention at all.

According to the actor, everyone tried to do a good job, and if someone does not like it, then this is quite normal, just do not attack all those involved in its creation.

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