Neil Drakmann, the author of The Last of US, confirmed that he writes the script and manages the production of a new game for PS5

Neil Drakmann confirmed that he is the author and the gamer -director of the non -anced game for PS5. As a result of reshuffle in the leadership of the Naughty Dog, the creator of The Last of US was recently transferred to the post of SO-head of the studio, but it seems that he will retain a creative role in the company, since he will switch his attention to the next project of the developer.

There is an assumption that it will be The Last of US: Part 3, but also say that the California company is preparing new intellectual property. It is obvious that since the release of The Last of Us: Part II has passed for more than three years, and although during this time the team managed to make a remake of the original game and television show, it seems that the long-awaited independent multiplayer spin-off has returned to the drawing board.

How much time will it take Naughty Dog to create a new project is still unknown, but given the increase in PS5 development cycles, we believe that, most likely, a lot of time will take a new game.

Well, the next LGBT will make an agenda trash from a masterpiece. What a pity. Tlou2 graphony and gameplay very much came in, what not to say about a bunch of agendas and not the best plot.

Everything in TLOU 2 was great and the plot too

See: the first part came out in 2013, with a hint, to the fact that Ellie are saying "With the agenda". And DLC came out a year later, in 2014, where they already openly showed that Ellie Lesbukha.

(Then there was no such a rainbow and flags were everywhere)

What the plot did not come to you, I don’t know, most likely you just could not understand it.

I never played his previous masterpiece)

Not one, the Last of AC2 was sold at the level of Tsusima, at times worse than not only God or spider or chorizon, but also the first part.

And I bought it. For a long time, but did not run, does not pull just playing it. I am not worried about lezbukhs and Garila Abby and the death of Golphist. Well, it’s just reluctant. She is even downloaded by MB right now, if so, for two years she only hangs)

10kk these are good numbers, plus it is last year’s data, against the background of the series, it burst into the charts several times already. So I think from a financial point of view of the game is fine.

in 98% sure it will be)

I am waiting for The Last of US Part 2 on a PC and I hope that at least it would be possible to replace it with mods with young Abby, and for Ellie the game is awesome. I hope in the third part again we will play for Ellie and the script will return to the origins.

These PCs are dull, they have already sophisticated the shit of the Tloo, but there are no better games than from the dogs, paint your keys further..fuck on this LGBT, you play games, or go?bakers

How does your point tear only from criticism of your favorite game)))

I don’t care whether you believe it or not, but a long time ago, when I looked at the TLOU1 trailer, the details of the plot of the next parts flashed through my head. Firstly, I was right about the topic of revenge in the second part. Secondly, somehow guessed the name of Abby. It was even tempting to ask those who had already played in Tloe 1, is there a character with that name there. So, what is the leitmotif in the third part in my opinion?

And it consists in redeeming, the self -sacrifice of Ellie for the good of mankind. A third of the game, or even half of Ellie will already consciously make his way through ruins, hordes of looters and infected, try to survive in order to die on the operating table at one point. From some point, she will even help her a short-haired Abby on the way. (this is exactly the image of me). I am 100% sure of this.

Something else flashed about pregnancy and Ellie’s child, so there would either be Timskip with the child Ellie, or it concerned Dina and what was shown in the epilogue of the 2nd part. If the second option, then I will assume that Dina died and her Ellie did not have time to save, which motivates even more for self -sacrifice. Now it already seems that there will still be a search for medicine, but unsuccessful, as a result, only Ellie will solve the problem.

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