Realism, destruction and anti -Chech will become the key features of Delta Force: Hawk Ops

The authors of the Rebirth of the Delta Force series shared new shoots of the shooter, which promises to give players the largest shootings on PCs, consoles and mobile platforms. Representatives of the Developers team from Timi Studios studio held a small session of answers to user questions, thereby opening the veil of secrets over the Delta Force game process: Hawk OPS. The new game will be devoted to realistic gameplay and large -scale destruction, which will make the shooter as exciting as possible on all devices.

As Delta Force developers note: Hawk OPS, the team pays special attention to realism in the shooter. The game will have operatives with unique skills, but it will not be conditional "the abilities of the heroes" From other games. Characters’ skills will be closely related to their tactical equipment and capabilities in the conditions of the real battlefield. The team is working closely with Hollywood studios and militant directors to create an authentic image of the military in the game, which is emphasized by advanced technologies.

As for the destruction system in the shooter, it will be large -scale, but not comprehensive. There will be many destroyed elements on the map, but we are striving to maintain the basic integrity and structure of these zones, so the destruction will be moderate and detailed. According to the authors of the new Delta Force, the shooter will offer a large -scale, dangerous and unpredictable world, divided into seven large cards. Each area will contain various single operations and network modes where from 20 to 64 players can participate. At the same time, the mode is not planned for the game "Royal Battle".

Timi Studios pays special attention to the fight against dishonest players. Delta Force: Hawk OPS built several anti-test systems that will have to fight hackers. In addition, the studio has formed a separate team of developers, which will improve antiterias.

Other details Delta Force:

  • A solid solitary campaign.
  • Night missions.
  • Private lobbies and editing missions will be available in the future.
  • The game will be free, but paid DLC may be released in the future.
  • The crossplay will be between all platforms, including mobile phones and PC

DELTA Force: HAWK OPS is planned to be released in 2024, and until this point, conduct several open beta tests.

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