Keanu Reeves embodies his inner Johnny Silpond, reuniting with his rock band of the 90s

Keanu Reeves became the embodiment of his inner Johnny Silpond, when he reunited with his rock band Dogstar to speak at the Bottlerock Music Festival for the first time in two decades.

Reeves, who played in the Cyberpunk 2077 rock star, Johnny Silpund, went on stage with bass guitar on May 27. He spoke in front of the crowd of the spectators of the festival with the Dogstar drummer Robert Meilhaus and the guitarist/vocalist Bret Domroz.

According to the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle, Dogstar attracted a large number of spectators with their performance, which included songs from their backing catalog and the upcoming album, causing many approving exclamations and even confessions in love of love "John Wick" during the whole day.

Reeves admitted that he was a little worried before the performance before the living audience, but Mailhaus gave Reez several useful tips: "He was just superpowerable. He said: "listen to music. Just present in the song, and everything will go by itself".

The Dogstar group was formed in 1991 and was a moderate success by releasing two studio albums and EP, after which it broke up in 2002. However, Reeves had the opportunity to again become a rock star, giving his vote and appearance to the rocker-buntar Johnny Silpond in Cyberpunk 2077.

In the upcoming extension of Cyberpunk 2077 called Phantom Liberty, Reeves will return as Silver End with a new composition of the characters, including Idris Elbu as Solomon Rida. However, CD Projekt Red has not yet confirmed the price or a specific renewal release date.

The game of Reeves in the role of Silper End is only one of many hats that he wore throughout his acting career, which lasted several decades. He constantly proves his strength in this matter, regardless of whether he plays a cyberger, a teenager traveling in time, or the most deadly killer in the world.

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