DEAD Island 2 sales exceeded two million copies

Dead Island 2 dispersed more than two million copies, announced Embracer Group in its last intermediate financial report.

The sequel Games started for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via Epic Games Store on April 21 and 1 million copies were sold in the first three days after the release.

According to the intermediate report, Dead Island 2 was the largest launch in the history of Deep Silver and the Plaion maternal company both in the number of units and in revenue.

"I am glad to report that to date, sales of the game have exceeded two million copies", – The co -founder and General Director of Embracer Group Lars Wingefors said in the report. "It’s nice to see that the decision to give [Dambuster Studios] the time for refinement of the game has paid off".

Meanwhile, the locations in the game are still scarce and small. I already began to look at Dying Light 2 differently, because there is still an open world well worked out, there is where to take a walk (as they say), and the pumping is more or less sane-of course, there will always be an opening of a spope as a skill. And Dead Island 2 just took some kind of card system, not to say that a useful innovation. The usual ordinary skill tree – an example – opened the skill, was able to beat more, opened another one – it became more health, opened the next one – he began to jump further, and so on – and it is pleasant to watch as your GG becomes quite experienced. Skills are fixed, and it is good. And the cards. T.e. cards and decks – not that. In short – I opened the skill, if you want – go with this card, you want not – it is roughly speaking and said the outfits of this system.
And after the release of even the first part of Dying Light, a very large highlight is immediately thrown, which Dead Island is deprived of even in the second part – this. In some places, it is simply necessary, even minimally climbing the ledges, it plays a huge role.
It turned out belatedly as such, I hope they will take up the development of Dead Island 3, in which they will return to some island and there will be an excellent seamless open world

Yes stupidly for one passage for a checkmark!It would be better if the new dedraise has released the Kapkomovites!

DEAD RISING was in the development, but the development was covered, on this site there was recently such a post. Well, Dead Island. After the finals in DI Riptide, I personally expected to continue with the same heroes, in the atmosphere of the quests gradually excessing the horror, which was only worth the end in prison – the vigorous action was! And here. Whatever the quest is rather a parody of Dead Island

This is sad, in the game there is nothing standing besides graphics

This is the total number of purchases, or the remainder, taking into account the return?

People, you are morons? You are fools? The game initially positioned itself as "The most bloody action". The game is fully consistent in terms of ambitions. Dismemberment? There is, and very cool. Battles? They seemed interesting to me. 4 elements+interactive objects. Sea of ​​fun as in the first part? Completely yes. The game is more imprisoned to entertain you, and not that you are other@chili on the plot and quests. In the game, it’s fun to crush the dead people especially with friends. The plot is stupid of course, but more or less well, all animations are made cool, even Yumur at the level. Xs what all got to the open world and the plot, if the game is not about it)

and plus the game created a room with a bad oppose creating games, but all the people who oppose Heooo as if it had been created a lot of miliander Kolmpaniyah, which is making a masterpiece every time

In the case of the game there are bad reviews from people, she already showed herself late in terms of ideas. In addition, it did not do it, the developers did it, so if you were developing quite reasonably, and whatever it would not – even Rockstar has the case, people are constantly perplexed by the delayed Max Payne 3, which not everyone liked it (although I liked it), constantly in perplexity from the lack of English voice acting in games, perplexed is the Red Dead RedMption 1 perplexity on a PC, perplexed why the 2000s trilogy has so lousy remasters, constantly in perplexity why the PC has no GTA Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories, and Against the background of this, say the developments of DEAD Island 2 "that’s OK. And so it will do" – No, it will not come. The game is also sharpened under the cooperative, and it is made simply miserable – thanks to small locations and optimization) Thanks to small locations and optimization, it is difficult to fight normally with zombies in the company of one comrade, not to mention more friends in the cooperative. I gave 5k rubles for this game, and I can quite heat it. Of course, it is not so squalor, but like many others I see in it the disappointment of players who have been waiting for many years, laziness of developers who did not want to make a normal open world for a single-play and coope

Why are you raging? What can be the fun of aimless unnecessary grind? If you saw the first 30 minutes of the game, then consider that you have seen all – this is normal for "entertaining game"?. The plot and quests were in 1 part? Were. Atmosphere of hopelessness? In this game, the protagonist mocks the zombies from the 15 minutes of the game and taking the very first club – after that already at the zombie "Atmosphere of hopelessness", from the spread of all like cables.

The very news of the sale shows that "The flow of the chermet conveyor" No union and protests can no longer be stopped – there was a stage of unequivocal acceptance that there is no sense to strive for quality, pure business

No plot, no characters, no dialogues, no atmosphere. A firearm and did not bring it. The game world is made on the principle of Ctrl-V, Ctrl-C. Quests are almost everything – "Bring, give, go fucking, don’t bother". A bunch of storylines break off at a glance. In the game, in general, everything is some kind of kuta, cut. It is clearly seen that the game was redone in a hurry after Avellon, but never completed

Where does Chris Abellon? He generally worked on Dying Light 2.

Here I agree with you of course
In general, it is strange to see such projects from Rockstar, all the same RDR2 and GTA became famous for their worked out, open world, and then circumcished
And it is necessary to state an unpleasant fact, yes, Miyazaki with a kojima project could not take a couple all the same, obviously without Chris Abellon the game lost its charm
Well, I hope Sony will deal with the studios that have been responsible for this project, will carry out work on mistakes and the third part will become the one that lovers of the Dead Island universe really want to see and zombies fans!

And also "A firearm and did not bring it" – The dude simply apparently mixed up Dead Island 2 with Dying Light 2) since Avellon worked on DL 2 and there was no firearm)

what kind of fuck Chris Avelon and then he worked on Dying Light 2, this is DEAD Island 2, how did you think about it before and what the fuck is the firearm did not score out"Tyigri just watched there 6 playful Persians of the gaming world, it is small and the knntrl with + in bl"I am struck by stupidity. I am now reading your comment and try not to die from Crinjamne above you even laughs

Yes, a little has been messed up. Dl2 and di2 – it is painful.

And Dying Light 2 for 3 weeks 5 Lyamas. eh.

DL2 made a company with a good ability to draw a Textland games where 4-5 games Dambaster made one game the front of the revolution and tell me what you expected from Neuo?

hmm. Weird! I will not even take from torrent. Why is it if there is a great Dying Light! At worst the second part.

Well, about Dying Light 2, I’ll say that right now it has become a better outer than the release. In it, at least the open world is quite suitable, it is cool to park along it. But I will play one fig in it in a year, maybe they will still finish and some suitable content will be lifted, even DLC plot

named Iza Disritish World in Grandfather Ayland 2 good optimization I don’t know who needs it for a fuck

Who needs it. In 2023. Most, for that matter. I once played for the first time in Dead Island, the very first part, and accidentally chose Raider White from DLC as his Persian, who turned out to be another plot company. There is no open world in it, forward, and only forward. I look at the name – Dead Island. And the feeling that I am not on the island, I just run from point A to point B. Removed to hell, did not even pass. He later installed again, began with the main campaign, and this time everything went completely – quite large Loki, where you can explore a lot of things, make you like local beauties, and in some places and just the terrain, even if it instructed a sense of horror, is still cool. The same applies to DI Riptide. And playing DI 2 I see a step back – the locations are small, and they have to return, optimization, damn it – this is laziness of developments, not optimization. Now in the topic Seamless open world.
Even as an example of the dumb, how to survive 2, in the first part of their brainchild, they made several small islands, it was justified and it was interesting, and in the second part they brought everything to absolute absurdity, translating the scene of the game into the city on the mainland (New Orleans) and introducing a bunch of locations that must be selected separately. Naturally, many did not like it

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