Screenshots from Rockstar Games Aggent appeared on the Web

Every piece of information about the AGENT game from Rockstar Games allows us to look at the curtain of what could be. In short, recall that this project was announced at the E3 2007 exhibition during the Sony conference as an exclusive for PlayStation 3. However, the name of the game became known only two years later, when the founder of Rockstar Sam Hauser said:

We always liked to create action, and with Agent we create what, in our opinion, will become the perfect action. Agent is a game that we have long wanted to make. The team in Edinburgh did an amazing job, combining the intense action, the atmosphere and the plot in the magnificent old surroundings to create something completely unique. We cannot wait for people to get acquainted with this game.

The game of the game is the end of the 1970s, the midst of the Cold War, and the game was supposed to put players in the very center of the world of counterintelligence, espionage and political murders.

However, the development remained without any announcements. Rockstar confirmed that Agent is still under development, in May 2011; Later in the same year, fans were finally able to see the couple of the first screenshots, but only in a roundabout way. Officially, the developer did not publish them; Former Rockstar North artist posted them in his online portfolio.

Over time and the release of PlayStation 4, no information was received anymore. Rockstar regularly extended the validity of the AGENT brand, but the media and fans have already lost the hope that they would ever see the game, and this hope was confirmed when in November 2018 the brand was canceled.

Last month, the situation was unexpectedly inflated when the Verm Vermay, the former technical director of Rockstar North, shared some information about the Agent received during work in the studio. According to Vermei, Agent would be more linear compared to the open world of the studio, thanks to various locations such as the French Mediterranean city, Swiss ski resort, Cairo and "Large shootout with lasers in space" in the end. At some point, the players should have encountered the chase of the chase while skiing. Unfortunately, the developer team was divided between Grand Theft Auto V and Agent, and as a result, the priority was given to a larger franchise until the last project was abandoned.

Several screenshots have leaked to the network today. The quality of the pictures is not very high. In the images you can see a certain underwater level. At the moment, it remains only to give free rein to the imagination, since it is extremely unlikely that Rockstar will decide to revive Agent instead of continuing to work on its large -scale franchises (GTA, Red Dead Redemption).

Recall that Rockstar introduced GTA VI earlier this month, announcing that the launch was scheduled for 2025.

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