The first closed beta testing of the shooter for survival in the open world The Front will begin on September 3

Samar Studio announced that The Front, a shooting shooter in an open world that will be released on a PC later this year, will enter a closed beta testing from September 3 to 8. Players can register for participation in beta testing right now on the PlayThefront or in Steam.

Front action takes place in a post-apocalyptic sandbox populated by zombie-mutant and hostile fractions. In another reality, the tyrannical empire won the world and pursued a global “civilian” policy. Using observation devices, ruthless will to kill and advanced technologies, the empire seeks to change humanity forever. Already devoid of freedom, faith, and in many cases of life, people are on the verge of loss of what they call the house. Surviving participants in the resistance of mankind turn to time travel technologies to return to the past and correct the course of history.

At the front of the front, players will fight with imperial forces, exiles and rebels in an epic battle, which will determine the fate of mankind. In their struggle for rewriting the future world, players will explore ruins and enemy territories, create weapons and equipment, build buildings and settlements, drive vehicles, fight with elements and fight menacing enemies. The players have an open world with an area of ​​36 km², consisting of many different biomes, each of which has its own resources and an ecosystem.

The danger lies in The Front everywhere, and players will have to work together to survive. The creation of a base with adequate protection is important, but reliable friends can mean the difference between death and survival in the study of the world in search of resources and hundreds of craft recipes – especially in the fight against waves of enemies. Players have access to many different construction modules and more than 100 different components for creating electrical systems, irrigation systems, automated protection, traps and much more.

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