The developer Braid Anniversary Edition spoke about the features and showed a comparison with the original

Today, Day of the Devs was aired-an event dedicated to the most interesting indie projects in development. Braid Anniversary Edition also appeared during the show.

In the Braid Anniversary Edition trailer, the developer Jonathan Blow presented the main features of the gameplay, and then showed a comparison of the old version and the future.

As for the gameplay, we will have to control the time to be able to overcome various sections. Some elements will move with us, while others will not be affected. This new edition offers many new functions, such as improved graphics, developers’ comments (only 15 hours), a rethought sound component and new puzzles.

Braid Anniversary Edition will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and mobile devices. Exit date – April 30, 2024.

Good game. This year once again asked her. I will probably play the new edition too.

I noticed only sharpness and smoothing.

The news was late for more than a month, in addition, in another, no less authoritative source, the PC version of the reprint is also mentioned.

By the way, yes, another source also mentions Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Completely newsletters on PG relaxed. Not only is the news, it is not at all news for the whole world, but on PG it has just appeared, they will not copy the full information.

Damn, 2008, and this game for me laid the foundation for the genre of high levels of a high level, although then puzzles or arcades were simply called then.

How side is the pungent?

In general, people are bred into grandmas, these turkeys. It would be better if they made a new game, not the old one remade. But they buy suckers, then business is the real motivation for these developments. Well, what was shown really, five seconds of the video? Where is at least one new gross? This is puffo pure, took the game 10 years ago and a bit to take a picture. In short, the divorce is in full, I will not lead!

They have been making a new huge game for many years and show it stably on straps. Remaster is an additional project. The whole schedule in the game was redrawn (the original game is very outdated, 2008, the year of exit is like nothing), improved the old levels, expanded the soundtrack, added a whole world with new puzzles (and this is at least 5-6 levels, if we proceed from those worlds already in the game ). They also made a very cool mode with the comments of the developers (as in the Valv games, only better), they recorded a bunch of interviews with a variety of experts and so on (15+ hours of records eventually came out, they will squeeze at ~ 5 hours). It will be very useful for beginner developments. For the owners of the original in Steam, there will also be a large discount. The BLOU is generally known as a tough perfectionist who, to the last delayed the release, if only the quality of the product was at a height (he made the previous game with the team for 7 years and climbed into large debts at the end). And in general, during his career, he released only 2 games. Everyone who knows at least a little blu obviously that he is clearly not doing this all for money.

You could of course ask a question before pouring such nonsense in the comments and looking very stupid, but why, though, though? 🙂

Well, of course, you will wave your friends-developers, what else to expect from a fan! Yes Yes, "They have been making a new game for 7 years", And it’s simple "Additional project", of course of course.

And what about discounts for owners of the original, new levels and other crap? Yes, all these are only words, there is no evidence! And if they were, it is just a way to pump out even more money! I will not buy your propaganda, fanbochik)

In short, Remaster is a remaster anyway, whether it be the third or fifteenth. So the goal is – again, money from suckers shake with simple methods. So I will continue to be careful about the like "novelties", even from "Hard perfectionist" )))

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