For Lust Theory 2, a large -scale update was released 2.0

Numerous fans and just lovers of adult games, and especially fans of the game Lust Theory rejoice! Many hours of work, a bunch of spent nerves, groans and emotions have come to an end. Inceton Games made all their players and fans the long -awaited New Year’s gift, releasing everyone the expected, full -fledged voice acting of all the characters of the game Lust Theory 2.

But this is just part of a large -scale update. In addition to voice acting, the developers of the game released a small plot DLC, which is called "Young, wild and free". According to the authors, this is one of the most funny ones that they have ever created. In addition, this patch brings many different updates and additions that you can familiarize yourself below:

  • Full voice acting all the characters that you all have been waiting for so long
  • New free addition: "Young, wild and free" (Activate it by talking with Carol)
  • More than 250 new animations are mostly plot
  • More than 1000 new images
  • Dictor’s voice behind the scenes
  • New modern main menu
  • New SFX
  • New background music
  • New sounds of the environment
  • Other minor errors corrections

You can download a global update on Patreon (for subscribers), or free on Steam (if you have a game itself). By the way, now a New Year’s 50% discount is valid for the game and it can be purchased 2 times cheaper than the original cost. The game is available only in English, the English language unfortunately did not appear.

Everything wanted to do. T.e. Play..

I should download it somehow..

Oddly enough, the short stories are delayed like TV shows)

I will play all the holidays .

You are careful, otherwise you will.

It’s just chopped garbage. Not because it is really bad, but because the developers swung a lot and soar the brains. At first they made this game, then they dispersed and decided to transfer it completely to a new engine, then they understood how much it was worth it and decided to saw such games in the world, those who understand what they are talking about, know that the actual excellent games is this "Be wild" " Pale cloves" "University of problems" And by the level of the picture, just candy " Midnight paradise" You can list for a long time, but this theory of lust is not a good game.

The plot is too dreary, you will read longer than hold a member in your hand. Animation is not at the level that developers declare. They are not bad, but not good. More show -offs were caught up. And the scenes of sex, on their own, are not such a wide variety of those 250 animations that they added, these are such animations as when communicating with someone. Well, like a picture is not quite worth it, but somewhere an abminated, somewhere the transition was made on the scenes of sex there if at least a third part falls, it will already be a miracle.

And yes, here we can say " Why in a porn game plot?" Then, my little, inexperienced friend that when you get over, and get tired of missing everything except the scenes of sex, you want to read (may you want) what the heroes are talking about there and here you are disappointed

If someone is not familiar with a similar genre of video games or wants to somehow diversify it, then I recommend that you play in " Pale cloves" They are in Basurmansk " Pale Carnation " In this game, the plot is written with dignity, eat the main character as bastards or romance (from this different scenes of sex) is the variability of interaction with the girls each has its own character and the stated story.

In a nutshell (almost) GG lives with his mother and study at a medical college. At some point, He learns that his mother The one raising it is quite famous in narrow circles Porn actress. The hero A proposal is received from his rich friend of a classmate, work in one of the clubs owned by his family (guess what is the name of the club). Hero reluctantly but agrees go to meet with a friend’s uncle, after a telephone conversation. He comes to the club, where he is given the task interviewing one of the girls, Hinting that he can do what he wants. He talks to her And he finds out that she is a mother who has a difficult financial situation and this friend was offered to her with this work (in fact the recruiter). Hero Seeing the parallel between her and her mother, can just agree to accept it after a spiritual conversation (and Open certain sex scenes) Either get your sharpened and (Open other sex scenes) After everything that was, the hero agrees to work and falls into the world of sex, debauchery, dominance, and either remains with the same kind guy or fries everyone and all in full. But here you can’t take it from a screech (well, almost) you need to get the characters’ relationships, otherwise you will just lose access to the scenes and this is a really cool game!

P.S (if someone wants to play in a well -made game, then just download "Midnight paradise" There are animations and a picture even better than in carnations, because they make a cool plot in a blender, although there is no waging at all at all)

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