Intel demonstrates the capabilities of the integrated graphics of the Meteor Lake processor with Xess technology in Dying Light 2

Intel Meteor Lake – The first processor released under the new brand of Core Ultra. This change in the corporate name indicates the transition of Intel from monolithic processors to the future based on tiles, where Intel uses its latest lithography and intercarnation technologies to ensure the highest performance.

Meteor Lake will not be released for desktop PCs, but Intel demonstrated the impressive level of performance of its new mobile processors in the video, which emphasizes the performance of their new Core Ultra processors series 100. In this demonstration, the graphic performance of laptops on Meteor Lake and the advantages of Xess AI scaling technology.

Intel technology Xess Allows Intel to increase Dying Light 2 performance in most cases by 60-70%. This performance increase is achieved through the use of XESS for scaling Dying Light 2 from 720p to 1080p. Please note that energy consumption when using XESS does not increase. This is great news for Intel, given their orientation on laptops with Meteor Lake.

Intel claims that Meteor Lake has increased in watt 2 times compared to their last generation IgPU processors. This was achieved through the use of the new graphic tile XE, which has a large number of additional hardware capabilities. This includes an increase in 2 times geometric conveyors, a larger number of samples, more vector engines and more pixel backens. The new Meteor Lake graphic component is also equipped with rays tracing blocks, the first integrated Intel graphic solutions.

It is nice to see that Intel offers integrated graphic solutions that can reproduce modern computer games. Yes, this graphic solution remains weak compared to discrete graphic processors. Despite this, this is a huge step forward for Intel and puts the company in a competitive position with AMD when it comes to low -energy graphics.

Quantum Error is in an “unacceptable” state on Xbox Series S due to weaker hardware

In the current generation of consoles, Xbox Series S puts many in front of an interesting dilemma. From the point of view of the consumer, it has an undeniable value, being a cheaper initial level for those who want to switch to a new generation of gaming equipment. At the same time, due to the weaker hardware compared to Xbox Series X and PS5, the developers talk about the restrictions that it creates, and whether this can limit and restrain the development of games in the future.

The Teamkill Media studio, the developer of the upcoming space shooter Quantum Error, seems to be this camp. In a recent interview with Gamingbolt, to the question of whether Xbox Series S can keep their promises as a console with a resolution of 1440p/60 FPS as generation develops and create more graphically rich games, the owner and co -founder of the Mika studio, Jones replied that it was specially necessary for this Create games on less powerful hardware of Xbox Series S, while sacrificing a technical and visual breakthrough, which became possible thanks to the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

No, I think that in order to obtain such characteristics using technologies that are used on less powerful equipment, you need to create a game specifically for work on s. If we manage to optimize the Quantum Error Series S port and achieve acceptable graphic characteristics compared to our current tests, then it will be 30 fps. Software progress will always be ahead of hardware. Personally, we approach the development of games as artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers, musicians and partly computer botanists. For me, the graphics are insanely important, and my artistic style is always inclined towards gloomy, and the use of light in dark rooms is the largest component that excites me. I want to expand the possibilities of technology as much as possible. Therefore, we and our studio are not going to create games for lower technical characteristics. The minimum characteristics of our PC version will not be lower than the PS5 characteristics, and 4090 will work as hard as possible.

Specifically speaking about the version of Quantum Error for Xbox Series S, Jones noted that the current state of the game on the younger Microsoft console "unacceptable", and Teamkill Media "will not let it out in the current state".

When asked if this means that the studio is not sure that the game can work on Xbox Series S, he added: "We are not yet 100%sure, the game works for the Series S, but it works very poorly, the frame rate is very low, and the resolution is very blurry. We will continue to work to understand if we can improve something, but the current state of the game on Series S is unacceptable".

Earlier this year, Teamkill Media said that since the game of Quantum Error was developed taking into account the PS5 SSD drive, the simultaneous multi-platform release is impossible due to "slow" SSD-drive Xbox Series X/S.

Of course, Xbox Series S remains the subject of the interest of many developers from the very beginning of the existence of the current generation of consoles. Microsoft insists that the console will not restrain the developers, and recently the head of Xbox Fil Spencer said that the company did not intend to refuse to support it. However, a number of studios – from the developer of Dying Light Techland to the developer of Trine Frozenbyte – indicated the shortcomings of the hardware.

Obviously, it was Baldur’s Gate 3 that caused the revival of disputes about Xbox Series S: the developer Larian Studios could not release the Xbox version of the role-playing game along with the analogue for PS5 due to the fact that he could not run the cooperative screen with a separate screen on a weak hardware Series S. However, the studio recently announced that Baldur’s Gate 3 will be released for Xbox Series X/S this year (probably somewhere between September and November). Although the version for Series S will not have the possibility of a joint play in a separate screen, Larian and Microsoft will continue to work on a possible addition to subsequent versions.

Quantum Error game will be released on PS5 November 3. Nothing has been reported on the dates of the output of the ports for PC and Xbox Series X/S yet.

Guilty Gear Strive Fighting received a text translation into Russian

Today, the Guilty Gear series turned 25 years old – on May 14, 1998, the very first game and the Like A Dragon Kiwami translators team decided to celebrate this event by presenting a text translation into English for the last part of the Guilty Gear Strive series.

Guilty Gear -strive- – this is the last part of the recognition of critics and players of the franchise of the Futings Guilty Gear. Created by Daisuke Isivatari and developed Arc System Works, Guilty Gear -strive- supports the series reputation thanks to high -octane soundtracks, revolutionary hybrid graphics and tense gameplay.

You can download right on our website through torrent.

Pereveha on 12 out of 10.

The biken breast has less. These are all mods.

It is undressed in all mods or do it as a preview https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?V = 6LIBLV6E4GC&Ab_Channel = Dateye

Play the game, be surprised

The music is awesome there, now I will play)

Still Blue Blue to RUP translate

It can be good, but I hear for the first time about the game. How to play in general?

Undoubtedly. Great fighting!

Two nuclei- two gigs

Interestingly, this evil lady, from the picture, clogs the opponents with his balls to death, or something?

If it does not clog, then it will strangle exactly))

It is worth playing at least because of the fashion for Metal Gear Riding

So-s. I will immediately say to those who were delighted. I felt the translation within 20 minutes. A bit rummaged in glossary, played a couple of battles from AI and began to watch the story. And with all my respect for the impulse and efforts of the guys, I almost had a linguistic heart attack. Even to the little that I saw, I have a dohrenalion of questions. Some things were not worth translating, inconsistencies that change the shade of what was said, then even its meaning. And there were also places where, for example, they began to translate in one place by transcript, but in the other did not become. Strange thing in general

Read our post on the zog. There are answers to most questions.
https: // = foundcomment&Comment = 1147358

Excuse me, and to what questions? About why, even within the framework of, for example, the translation of names, different approaches are already visible? That the translation does not correspond to the original in some places? There is nothing like that in the post on the link.

Let me answer you to the things that are of interest, if you specify what specifically about.

Well, let’s, for example, take a couple of characters. Happy Chaos and Ramlethal Valentine. The Happy Keos and Ramlettal Valentine were translated respectively.
The first is translated by principle "what I hear and write". The second (in particular, the first word) on the principle "what came to mind" (T.To. pronounced precisely [Ramlefal].
1 – Why a different approach?
2 – where did it come from "Ramletal"?
3 – Why translate the word chaos, if, by the way, it reflects the essence of the character and it would be better to leave precisely chaos, and not invent a bicycle
And a separate question: was it fit on the luru? During the viewing, Glossary came across "Agni ex". That’s just in the Guilty Gear XRD, where this technique appears in the plot, Gabriel speaks directly (I will give transcription in English letters): "I Call it. Angi X"\"Ay stake. Agni Ten" (T.e. AGNI 10).
And this is only a small part of what I had enough for me

Because the game takes into account the origin. The English names are written taking into account the phonetics of English, German German, Esperanto and Portuguese and the rest according to the same principle.

Happy Chaos – ˈhæpi ˈkeɪɒs – Happy Keyos – ハッピーケイオス

The frames have all the blows written on Esperanto, that’s the result.

T.e. If the Japanese did not write chaos through Kanji, but wrote a katakana, then they wanted to rehears this word, we simply repeat the original.

Since the whole plot will be presented at least in a video format, the translation into all parts is consistent and will be uniform.

I’ll try easier. If translated from Japanese into English, it was transferred to us, it was translated with us. If it was broadcast (recorded in different languages), we have been made in Japanese (written by a translite – katakana).

P.S. With Agni, the expented, really a jamb, thanks. There will be Agni Ten.

Diablo 4 developers changed the density of the monsters in the dungeons and returned remote aspects to the game

Blizzard developers continue to improve the balance of the popular Diablo 4, releasing regular updates. Today, the role action with demons has received another small -scale update, which brings rather important changes in the game. According to the announcement of the studio, the new hotfix will change the number of monsters of those found in the dungeons, and also return the legendary aspects of Barbara to the game.

The new hotfix for Diablo 4 affected only the server part of the project, you will not have to download it and all the corrections will be available to players at the entrance to the game. The most significant change affected the dungeons, where the developers have changed the density of monsters. As the developers note, this was done in order to make all the dungeons in the game equal to gaining experience and objects. Along with this, famous bugs with some aspects and other problems were eliminated.

List of changes in 9 hotfix for version 1.0.2:


  • Further adjustments to the density of elite monsters in the dungeons.

Error correction

  • Fixed a mistake due to which the bonus to the damage from the legendary property of the aspect-the guards was incorrectly applied to abilities.
  • The problems associated with the “aspect of the rupture of the berserk” and “the skill of the two-handed sword of Barbara” were resolved, because of which players could apply unintentional damage.
  • Fixed a bug due to which world-class 3 quest was given to players who have not yet fulfilled the requirements necessary to switch to this world level.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the event in the sub-zone “Old Aquatic” was incorrectly scaling the level.
  • Further improvements of stability.

Diablo 4 is available for playing PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Phil Spencer told some details about the game Kojima Productions for Xbox

The head of the XBOX division of Microsoft Phil Spencer in an interview with Game Watch spoke about the cooperation between Xbox and Kojima Productions, which is headed by the famous creator of Hideo Kojima Games.

In an interview, Phil Spencer expressed his excitement about the project and mentioned that next week he plans to visit the Kojima Production Studio to personally meet with Hideo Kojima. At the same time, he shared his disappointment about the fact that nothing is heard about the new project of Kodzima. However, Spencer is convinced that work on the project is in full swing.

In addition, Spencer especially focused on how important it is to give Kojima the freedom of creativity, since he believes that the Japanese author strives for innovation and is ready to work in those areas that at first may not attract special attention.

Actually, I plan to visit the studio and meet with Mr. Kodzima next week. I look forward to discussing the work on the project with him. While I think that work on the project is going well. However, Kojima is the creator of innovative games, and in this project he tries something new. I believe that it is necessary to give him the time necessary for the implementation of his plan, even if it means work in areas that are not in the spotlight. I believe that we should not put pressure on him so that he will go on stage, but should provide him with enough time for this.

The Xbox and Kojima Productions partnership have become the subject of numerous speculations and expectations among games fans, many are looking forward to what game will appear as a result of this cooperation. Although Phil does not disclose the details of the project, from his words it follows that they intend to give Hideo Kojima the opportunity to realize his unique creative vision.

While we are waiting for more detailed information about the game created together with Kojima Productions, fans continue to guess about what unique experience of Kojima and his team are preparing for gamers. Given the fact that the visit of Spencer to the studio is no longer far off, getting new interesting details about this long -awaited project can only be a matter of time.

Bonuses for pre -order World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic

The crazy deadly winged the destroyer again burst out of his den, forever changing Azerot. Cataclysm Classic ™ ¹ will transfer you to the era of destruction and flame. But this time, the new content will come out much more often, the development of the character will accelerate, the collections will expand significantly – and this is not all the new products!

To play Cataclysm Classic, you will need only a subscription or game time Wow®. Adventures on Azerot can be made even more fascinating, acquiring expansion.

  • ¹ Cataclysm Classic ™ Additions will take place no later than August 31, 2024.
  • ²Pyta and transport “Avatar Flame” will be available in Wow® Classic (now Wrath of the Lich King Classic ™) immediately after purchasing.
  • ³Pitter and transport “Fire Mede -shaped runs” will be available in the modern version of World of Warcraft® after the relevant update “Sleep Guardians” (10.2) and the subsequent restart of the game worlds, planned for November 7, 2023.
  • ⁴ Computer for transmogritus and a toy will become available in Wow® Classic game worlds with an update release preceding CataClysm Classic ™. The update will take place no later than August 31, 2024.
  • A toy, a set for transmogrication and flame avatar (transport) are available only in the developing game worlds Wow® Classic (current addition: Wrath of the Lich King Classic ™). Fire lord (transport) constrained by runes is available only in the modern worlds of World of Warcraft®.
  • The level of increasing level to 80s is available only in developing Wow® Classic game worlds (current addition: Wrath of the Lich King Classic ™). Only those Wow® accounts for which it was purchased or received as a gift can use the level of increasing levels.
  • Expansion to the Epic Edition does not allow re -obtaining intra -game items previously received for accounting for a set of Heroic Edition.

For playing Cataclysm Classic, you will need only a subscription or game time by World of Warcraft. The game will become available immediately as soon as it comes out.

Burning heroic kit

The glowing heroic kit includes an anger (pet) for characters in Wow Classic² worlds and a modern version of World of Warcraft³, flying transport “Avatar Flame” ² for characters in Wow Classic and flying transport “Fir -shaped overlord” for characters in the modern version of World of Warcraft³. The characters in the worlds of Wow Classic will also receive a set for the transmogrication “Thevage of the Twilight Hammer” ⁴ and a toy from the starting kit “Gorodok-Az-Tabakerka” ⁴.

Expansion to a flaming epic set

Expansion to a glowing epic kit includes all the contents of the heroic set. In addition, you will receive an increase in the level of up to 80th and 30 days of playing time.

The addition to Factorio officially received the name Factorio: Space Age – the release is scheduled for 2024

The authors of Factorio, Wube Software, published new information about the upcoming expansion of Factorio.

Expansion, which received the official name Factorio: Space Age, will allow you to build complex factories in space, to extract resources on planets and manage "fleet of interplanetary space platforms".

For the first time we learned about this expansion in 2021, when it was officially represented by Wube Software. After that, at the beginning of 2022, the studio clarified that the expansion is still in development, and its launch will be timed to the exit of update 1.2. However, in a new message on the blog dedicated to Space Age, Wube mentions "version 2.0", So, it seems that this is the update we will receive along with the expansion.

The last time Wube talked about the expansion, the studio described the 7-storey plan and said that it is currently at the fourth stage, or "Connection of systems to prototype". However, today’s message on the Wube blog states that the work on the expansion is completed at the fifth stage and the sixth begins. This means that the developer goes from "The first stage of refinement" To the stage of beta testing.

Wube also presented more detailed information about what exactly we can expect from Factorio: Space Age.

  • You have to send several missiles into space, build bases on various planets, each of which has its own topic and set of tasks. According to the university, the procedure for capturing planets is "An important strategic choice".
  • Along with the extension, in Factorio 2.0 will make a number of balance changes and improvements that will affect all players, and not just those who purchased Space Age.
  • Among these changes are improved trains management, improved drawings, "improved behavior of flying robots" and much more. We will learn more about these changes from future articles on Factorio blog.
  • Wube also recognize the similarity between Space Age and the Space Exploration mod, which was worked on by the technical director Michal Kovařík.
  • According to Kovarzhik, the differences consist in duration (150 hours at least for Space Exploration and 60 hours at least for Space Age), as well as in the level of complexity, target audience and a more unique gameplay.

At the moment, we do not know the release date of Factorio: Space Age, but Wube claims to plan to release an extension that will be paid, "About a year later".

In the meantime, you can purchase Factorio right now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

DLSS 3 has already entered the D5 Render and will be available in AshFall when starting

After the video cards presented by the GeForce RTX 4060 NVIDIA, I also made several announcements of DLSS 3 today.

Firstly, the Dlss Frame Generation was added to the latest version (2.4.5) D5 Render, popular with 3D rendering, compatible with Sketchup, 3DS Max, Revit, ArchiCad, Rhino, C4D and Blender.

D5 Render has already supported DLSS 2, but with DLSS 3 the frequency of personnel almost doubles when using the GeForce RTX 40, which will be useful both during the development and the work of the work to customers.

Of course, NVIDIA DLSS 3 announcements are usually related to new games, and today is no exception. The upcoming post-apocalyptic Ashfall MMO player will also support the Dlss Frame Generation from the first day. In addition to this news, NVIDIA showed a 4K gameplay trailer for the game.

How some of you may remember, there are two upcoming games called AshFall. The second game is in the development of Liithos, founded by the former Sony veterans John Garvin and Michael Mumbauer, and the latter did not fail to note the similarity between two games.

In any case, it is the game from Netease that will receive DLSS 3 support. Their Ashfall is a cross -platform (PC/mobile) game, the action of which takes place in a desert inspired by the East, where players take on the role of wanderers, vagraming through various biomes, such as deserts and mountains, in search of a mythical core of creation, the subject of the legend, which As they say, is able to heal the world.

From the point of view of gameplay, Ashfall is a third -person shooter in which players explore dangerous dungeons in search of loot. Among other elements – craft, construction of houses and puzzles. Beta testing will take place in July, which will give players the opportunity to try the game before the full launch planned at the end of this year.

In addition to these two announcements DLSS 3, NVIDIA also confirmed that DLSS 2 is already available in Voidtrain, The Outlast Trit, Bus Simulator 21, Kartkraft and Moon Runner.

Other fresh news NVIDIA: GEARS 5 is available today through the Cloud Streaming Service GeForce Now as the first Microsoft game on the platform, and Deathloop, Grounded and Pentiment will appear in GFN next week.

The Game Director Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth promises “completely new settlements” that are absent in the original

While Tekken 8 and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth are coming up next month, all attention was focused on February 2024, when the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is released. Director Naoki Hamaguchi told a lot of interesting things about the world, starting with the fact that this is a seamless map on which you can go anywhere, and ending with a huge number of side effects. In the new pre -self for Game Informer, he confirmed that new cities will also appear in the game, which were not in the original game.

Having confirmed the ability to freely move between locations, Hamaguchi demonstrates Crow’s Nest in a demonstration video. This is the city of Wider Junon, where you will find sideways, mini-games and a considerable share of hatred of the oven.

In Rebirth, we added cities such as Crow’s Nest – completely new cities that were not in the original to delve into and create a whole worldview of Rebirth. We get to this area after the quest, and then this place is unlocked. Residents already know that Claud and the party are part of Avalanche.

Although players can skip side content, hamaguchi and a team of developers thought out how to motivate them.

Part of our gaming design, which we adopted for Rebirth, is that in the main storyline you will save Yufffi and Under Junon, and then go to Junon and further at Costa del Sol. But, for example, having heard the stories of anti-roshr living in Under Junon, you might think: "What about the Crow’s Nest area, which I heard about? Maybe I want to go there, explore and go on an independent adventure to save people?". We want the player to create various adventures and go on his own travels in accordance with his interests.

Perhaps the most attractive part of the side adventures is a deepening of relations between players, when secondary protagonists accompany Claud. In one of the side quests, the secondary protagonist is Red XIII, whose team goes to the lighthouse to fulfill Kayri’s request (which debuted in the Roman of Final Fantasy 7: The Kids Are Alryit: A Turks Side Story and appeared in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake).

The task is to exterminate monsters to help her beginner business mercenaries. This is not the last meeting with her, since during the plot of Kairy will appear in other regions.

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon shared the details of the first major patch for role -playing game

The AWAKEN Realms Digital studio has published information about what to expect in the foreseeable future for role -playing play in the early access to Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon.

First, the studio thanked for participating in the early access and the reviews that they read all, and make appropriate adjustments to the plans for the future.

Further, the developers shared information about the first major patch, which should be released over the next 3-4 months and will remove your preservations. This patch will be aimed at updating and improving the gameplay.

The main areas on which the authors are focused are:

Technical questions:

  • Further work on the performance of the game
  • Correction of all (or at least 95%) errors and unresolved problems (such as non -working quests and t.D.)


  • Improvement of AI/Enemy behavior.
  • Improving the general battle (more enemy behavior as opposed to the behavior of the player)
  • Significant balancing and changes in various numbers, skills and economics of the game
  • More possible game styles (characters with a cloak and dagger, etc.D.)

New opportunities:

  • Enemies patrolling the open world
  • Theft
  • The system of reputation of fractions (quests, so that you are not overloaded with available quests in places such as horns).

The quality of life:

  • Numerous new markers of the cards and conditions of these markers
  • Improved indication of active statuses (and what they do)

General polishing:

  • More special animations and VFX
  • More music and improved sound quality
  • Improvements associated with art and gameplay

Additions related to the plot:

  • Work and completion of the quest in the Lake of Blood
  • Improving the ending of the first chapter (the ability to talk with one of the most important NPCs and other corrections where it is necessary 🙂

Possible additions (if everything goes well):

  • Horseback riding
  • Planting agricultural crops and fishing
  • Housing for players

The creators also said that they update old basic models, for example, such as general enemies of undead. They will also change models for drowneders (and add new behavior models for them, which will be described later), and they will receive the corresponding weapon.

Finally, the developers said that they would continue to work on the completion of the entire plot, but the exact number of side content, the maps of the map and side tasks are still in the development process.

We do not want to promise anything – so far we are not sure that we are moving in the right direction – but we have several exciting plans for the future, and we are not tolerant of sharing them with you. However, we ask you to show patience, because we are not yet sure when and how we will share with you new content/zones. In one you can be 100% sure – with your support (thank you!), Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon. We will attach tons of additional work during early access and create a game that we always dreamed about.

At the end, the creators hinted, "relatively without spoilers", which should be clear to fans of the board game. Like you can meet "A couple of familiar characters who should be well acquainted with kuanan. And even during our adventures, the opportunity should be able to get to know the Forlorn swords!"