Guilty Gear Strive Fighting received a text translation into Russian

Today, the Guilty Gear series turned 25 years old – on May 14, 1998, the very first game and the Like A Dragon Kiwami translators team decided to celebrate this event by presenting a text translation into English for the last part of the Guilty Gear Strive series.

Guilty Gear -strive- – this is the last part of the recognition of critics and players of the franchise of the Futings Guilty Gear. Created by Daisuke Isivatari and developed Arc System Works, Guilty Gear -strive- supports the series reputation thanks to high -octane soundtracks, revolutionary hybrid graphics and tense gameplay.

You can download right on our website through torrent.

Pereveha on 12 out of 10.

The biken breast has less. These are all mods.

It is undressed in all mods or do it as a preview https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?V = 6LIBLV6E4GC&Ab_Channel = Dateye

Play the game, be surprised

The music is awesome there, now I will play)

Still Blue Blue to RUP translate

It can be good, but I hear for the first time about the game. How to play in general?

Undoubtedly. Great fighting!

Two nuclei- two gigs

Interestingly, this evil lady, from the picture, clogs the opponents with his balls to death, or something?

If it does not clog, then it will strangle exactly))

It is worth playing at least because of the fashion for Metal Gear Riding

So-s. I will immediately say to those who were delighted. I felt the translation within 20 minutes. A bit rummaged in glossary, played a couple of battles from AI and began to watch the story. And with all my respect for the impulse and efforts of the guys, I almost had a linguistic heart attack. Even to the little that I saw, I have a dohrenalion of questions. Some things were not worth translating, inconsistencies that change the shade of what was said, then even its meaning. And there were also places where, for example, they began to translate in one place by transcript, but in the other did not become. Strange thing in general

Read our post on the zog. There are answers to most questions.
https: // = foundcomment&Comment = 1147358

Excuse me, and to what questions? About why, even within the framework of, for example, the translation of names, different approaches are already visible? That the translation does not correspond to the original in some places? There is nothing like that in the post on the link.

Let me answer you to the things that are of interest, if you specify what specifically about.

Well, let’s, for example, take a couple of characters. Happy Chaos and Ramlethal Valentine. The Happy Keos and Ramlettal Valentine were translated respectively.
The first is translated by principle "what I hear and write". The second (in particular, the first word) on the principle "what came to mind" (T.To. pronounced precisely [Ramlefal].
1 – Why a different approach?
2 – where did it come from "Ramletal"?
3 – Why translate the word chaos, if, by the way, it reflects the essence of the character and it would be better to leave precisely chaos, and not invent a bicycle
And a separate question: was it fit on the luru? During the viewing, Glossary came across "Agni ex". That’s just in the Guilty Gear XRD, where this technique appears in the plot, Gabriel speaks directly (I will give transcription in English letters): "I Call it. Angi X"\"Ay stake. Agni Ten" (T.e. AGNI 10).
And this is only a small part of what I had enough for me

Because the game takes into account the origin. The English names are written taking into account the phonetics of English, German German, Esperanto and Portuguese and the rest according to the same principle.

Happy Chaos – ˈhæpi ˈkeɪɒs – Happy Keyos – ハッピーケイオス

The frames have all the blows written on Esperanto, that’s the result.

T.e. If the Japanese did not write chaos through Kanji, but wrote a katakana, then they wanted to rehears this word, we simply repeat the original.

Since the whole plot will be presented at least in a video format, the translation into all parts is consistent and will be uniform.

I’ll try easier. If translated from Japanese into English, it was transferred to us, it was translated with us. If it was broadcast (recorded in different languages), we have been made in Japanese (written by a translite – katakana).

P.S. With Agni, the expented, really a jamb, thanks. There will be Agni Ten.

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