The Game Director Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth promises “completely new settlements” that are absent in the original

While Tekken 8 and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth are coming up next month, all attention was focused on February 2024, when the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is released. Director Naoki Hamaguchi told a lot of interesting things about the world, starting with the fact that this is a seamless map on which you can go anywhere, and ending with a huge number of side effects. In the new pre -self for Game Informer, he confirmed that new cities will also appear in the game, which were not in the original game.

Having confirmed the ability to freely move between locations, Hamaguchi demonstrates Crow’s Nest in a demonstration video. This is the city of Wider Junon, where you will find sideways, mini-games and a considerable share of hatred of the oven.

In Rebirth, we added cities such as Crow’s Nest – completely new cities that were not in the original to delve into and create a whole worldview of Rebirth. We get to this area after the quest, and then this place is unlocked. Residents already know that Claud and the party are part of Avalanche.

Although players can skip side content, hamaguchi and a team of developers thought out how to motivate them.

Part of our gaming design, which we adopted for Rebirth, is that in the main storyline you will save Yufffi and Under Junon, and then go to Junon and further at Costa del Sol. But, for example, having heard the stories of anti-roshr living in Under Junon, you might think: "What about the Crow’s Nest area, which I heard about? Maybe I want to go there, explore and go on an independent adventure to save people?". We want the player to create various adventures and go on his own travels in accordance with his interests.

Perhaps the most attractive part of the side adventures is a deepening of relations between players, when secondary protagonists accompany Claud. In one of the side quests, the secondary protagonist is Red XIII, whose team goes to the lighthouse to fulfill Kayri’s request (which debuted in the Roman of Final Fantasy 7: The Kids Are Alryit: A Turks Side Story and appeared in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake).

The task is to exterminate monsters to help her beginner business mercenaries. This is not the last meeting with her, since during the plot of Kairy will appear in other regions.

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