The addition to Factorio officially received the name Factorio: Space Age – the release is scheduled for 2024

The authors of Factorio, Wube Software, published new information about the upcoming expansion of Factorio.

Expansion, which received the official name Factorio: Space Age, will allow you to build complex factories in space, to extract resources on planets and manage "fleet of interplanetary space platforms".

For the first time we learned about this expansion in 2021, when it was officially represented by Wube Software. After that, at the beginning of 2022, the studio clarified that the expansion is still in development, and its launch will be timed to the exit of update 1.2. However, in a new message on the blog dedicated to Space Age, Wube mentions "version 2.0", So, it seems that this is the update we will receive along with the expansion.

The last time Wube talked about the expansion, the studio described the 7-storey plan and said that it is currently at the fourth stage, or "Connection of systems to prototype". However, today’s message on the Wube blog states that the work on the expansion is completed at the fifth stage and the sixth begins. This means that the developer goes from "The first stage of refinement" To the stage of beta testing.

Wube also presented more detailed information about what exactly we can expect from Factorio: Space Age.

  • You have to send several missiles into space, build bases on various planets, each of which has its own topic and set of tasks. According to the university, the procedure for capturing planets is "An important strategic choice".
  • Along with the extension, in Factorio 2.0 will make a number of balance changes and improvements that will affect all players, and not just those who purchased Space Age.
  • Among these changes are improved trains management, improved drawings, "improved behavior of flying robots" and much more. We will learn more about these changes from future articles on Factorio blog.
  • Wube also recognize the similarity between Space Age and the Space Exploration mod, which was worked on by the technical director Michal Kovařík.
  • According to Kovarzhik, the differences consist in duration (150 hours at least for Space Exploration and 60 hours at least for Space Age), as well as in the level of complexity, target audience and a more unique gameplay.

At the moment, we do not know the release date of Factorio: Space Age, but Wube claims to plan to release an extension that will be paid, "About a year later".

In the meantime, you can purchase Factorio right now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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