Vampire Survivors saved its creator from working on mobile gambling games

In the latest documentary of the Novip YouTube channel, the team interviewed from Poncle members, including the creator of Vampire Survivors, Luka Galante, about the history of the development of a breakthrough indie player of 2022, which began as a creative outlet for Galanta after his main work on a mobile gambling game.

Galante for obvious reasons values ​​his private life and provided for a documentary only an audio interview. Otherwise, in the video, it is represented by a small doll of the Dracula in the style of the Mappets. After childhood, which took place under the sign of the Kommodore 64 wonders, and then the original PlayStation, Galanta emigrated to England to make a career in the field of games.

He began with work in the field of catering, then tried himself in other types of gaming industry, but it seems that most of his career before Vampire Survivors was released in the company that created slot games for mobile phones. In conditions of stable, but creatively not saturated work, Galanta found a way out in a more expressive development of games in his free time.

For some time he devoted to Galanta a grueling schedule, working at night on a role -playing game on the base of the Unity, and then reduced the momentum and began work on Vampire Survivors as a more interesting project on Java, which does not require large costs. Former colleague, now cooperating with Galanta in Poncle, Sam McAharry, tells how their colleagues could not tear themselves away from the Vampire Survivors prototype during a demonstration of a hobby project from his former employer.

As for the murderous price of Vampire Survivors and its rapid success, Galanta said that "The price of it was not smart, but fair", Noting that although he himself prefers cheaper games in Steam, he wanted the price to reflect the original design of Vampire Survivors and the use of sprites from the asset store. Initially, Vampire Survivors came out in just $ 3, and then, as new content and functions are added, the price increased to five dollars.

On this the story of Galanta, Poncle and Vampire Survivors does not end. The last paid DLC for the game, Tides of the Foscari, was released in April, and Ponecle’s last free update at the PC Gaming Show exhibition, after which it became available on June 12. In the message accompanying the exit Tides of the Foscari, Galanta said: "We will actually end with VS only when I – or you – it’s tired".

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