There was a video recording of the Demonstration video Neverwinter Nights shown behind closed doors at the exhibition E3 2000

There was a video of the Neverwinter Nights demonstration video shown to journalists at the E3 2000 exhibition, at an event held behind closed doors. It was posted by the NoClip channel, which recently saved dozens of videos made in several decades. In this case, we are talking about a long video lasting about 30 minutes, in which BioWare demonstrates the work done on the game and its features, starting with the graphic engine and how it works with the shades of characters.

These personnel are interesting not so much by the game itself, which has already been released more than twenty years ago, but how the games were shown by the press and industry insiders at old E3 exhibitions.

In fact, video presentations of games that are still in development, where developers talk about what they are doing, and about gaming systems that will make it possible to realize the plan, is not uncommon today, but basically they go online in streaming mode, And now there is no need to go to the exhibition for thousands of kilometers to look at them.

If you want, this is also one of the reasons why such events as E3 became completely useless in the age of quick formations.

Do not forget that at that time Bioware was on the rise after the success of the Baldur’s Gate series, and its new games were highly hopes. Electronic Arts has not yetheaded the company, sending its founders to the next world, and the studio was seen as a lighthouse for the evolution of the RPG genre.

In addition, it is fair to note that after so many years, Neverwinter Nights still has a very active community that creates fresh content and supports the game.

Finally, it is worth noting that the release of the video is part of the efforts of the YouTube channel Noclip to maintain the history of the video game by transferring what has recently been found inside some boxes from the written off archives of the E3 exhibition.

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