The list of resources of one of the planets in Starfield was puzzled by Reddit users

Prior to the release of the science fiction role of the Starfield Role from the Bethesda studio, less than two months remains, and violent discussions have been continuing at all possible sites and social. networks. Even despite the exhaustive hourly presentation, more and more intriguing facts about the game are looking for rollers.

One of the users Reddit tried to consider a little more details what resources are listed in the list of accessible to one of the planets and he had to seek help from the game community. He was able to read only half of the list, that is, the most protozoa of the listed there H2O – water, Fe – iron, Ar – argon, Cl – chlorine.

Several forum chemists took up the decryption of other compounds at once. The discussions are still ongoing, but their intermediate results indicate that it is possible for us to really science fiction and the periodic table of Mendeleev is better to keep in advance somewhere on the phone before launching the game.

HNCN – bicarbonates? There is no element with the HN designation (so far), therefore, this is either a general designation of bicarbonates with an unnecessary amount of atoms, or some new compound.

Sih3ci – chlorsilan. Inorganic (so far) colorless gas, reacting with water with the formation of polysils, which are used in our time in the creation of paints, but perhaps in 300 years it has been found for some other application.

R-com – Koklawerin? Disputes on this designation are still ongoing, but Koklawerin is extracted from plants and is widely used in medicine when creating complex drugs to combat cancer.

Ne – neon. Although this is the simplest element, its designation still caused difficulties in the community. Neon is included in the gas mixture used to create microcircuits, which cannot be collected in an unenviated environment.

Many radiors complained that they could not read the names of the formations, not to mention the fact that they see them for the first time. Even if any of the decoding is erroneous, then such complex designations can be a sign that the developers are not trying to adapt to the mass audience, but will make users remember at least school chemistry.

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