Starfield player fully investigated all 1695 planets

Even before the premiere, Starfield Bethesda reported 1000 planets available in her last game. Ultimately, there are much more locations, and players will have to spend more than 150 hours to have time to promote all locations.

Bethesda Game Studios has provided a huge amount of content for Starfield, thanks to which the players will spend many hours. However, one of the players decided to check if the game really offers 1000 planets and its opening is really interesting.

Doomzero confirmed during the game that Starfield offers as many as 1695 planets. The player spent 180 hours on scanning each location, which only proves how many attractions awaits players in the development of Bethesda.

During this time, he visited a total of 120 star systems and during the study met 807 types of flora and 794 types of fauna. Not all of the 1695 planets will have interesting content, but research enthusiasts can spend many hours in Starfield, running according to subsequent planets.

Bethesda has already announced the development of a plot extension for Starfield, but at the moment we do not know when new functions will be offered to players. The company is also working on the first major game update.

And the game was opened or not yet?

Personally, I played Starfield for about 50 hours and did not go further than the mission, after which we are finally given freedom in moving. And in short, the game is not as bad as they talk about it. Someone will clearly like it. There are disadvantages, a puffy moments, but in general, you can play personally with me, not counting some cases, does not even cause irritation. Some points are disappointed, some are delighted.

I completely enjoyed myself in these 50 hours, but basically played it like a sandbox, built the avantists, built ships, pumped and developed. Created a whole network of avantosts with a single center for storing resources there and further development of the character. If not for bugs and some stuffiness, he would continue to play, and so while he put it aside, t.To. Tired of her. But I repeat, I got the pleasure of the game, and this is a good indicator for the game

Similarly, almost more than 40 hours, and even to Akila, he did not reach the plot at the beginning of the plot, ran up, ran up, gathered, tuned in and began to burn out, enthusiasm began to say goodbye, the output of the Communist Party saved)))))))

Only if he updated the computer :))

Then I have a question. What game would you take with you to the uninhabited island: Skyrim, Fallaut 4 or Starfield?

open in a couple of years. new plots will bring, settled planets

This one is still normal, but the one that these planets will then sleep on bananas.

While passing the plot, I realized that there are most planets stupid deserts and there is no sense in exploring them

And found complete on them. Nothing.

Good morning! The English player did it 3 weeks ago. And what is characteristic, I did not find an interesting time for Norma – the planets are empty, the fauna is repeated. Unique quests from the force of 5 pieces for all 1695 planets. The author writes that the study of the planets in Starfile is the most dull and useless occupation in his life.

The fact that it was done by English people for them is not considered = \

In general, I have the impression that the study of the 1695 planets in Starfield is the most dull achievement, regardless of the nationality and location of the researcher))

I am sure that there are such "astronauts" there will be even more, only they simply do not tell everyone about their diagnosis.

What have you forgotten, there are no Englishs, it is invention, only the British exist and no one else, but no, still chocolate hares and basics)))

Her friend. I’m silent about NMS. Jetpack simulator with shovel. And here is the elite. Somehow I went on an expedition through the near edge of the disk to the far on the outer arc. Of course, I brought the rank of the elite and money with scans frantically. But it lasted 4 months almost every day 😁

Moreover, all animals and locations will simply be duplicated there. And the main thing is he received anything for it.

That I really scanned everything, 3 biomes on each, all the living creatures of the plant and resources, as a rule, you will find the latest animals quickly, the same birds that fly by a couple and we must wait for the new ones to fall apart, it turns out for the planet for 5 minutes, it came out, This is not real, you still need to take into account the flight and landing, in short, he did not scan completely, rather simply visited and scanned the resources from the ship, there will not be enough for 5 minutes even to run to the anomalies.

Well, another speedrain on cheats. 1695 planets in 180 hours – this is 6 minutes on the planet. Including downloads, ups and landings. Plus, on the inhabited planets, as a rule, you need to sit in two or three biomes, since the flora and fauna are different in them, and there will be no 100% study in one.

In general, it sounds doubtful.

Lusha tell me, he found the last five temples there? Now, if b "Starfield player fully investigated all 1695 planets and found New forcesu" — It was news.

In the meantime, this is from the series – hear buy Starfield

And he was given an achievement – "Not a sucker"

There someone found a search on the map?

I can imagine in Elite without search.
Under the spoiler a couple of screenshots

And this is only a tiny piece of this

The elite is of course a top, I will only imagine how much I had to fly (13k systems)

Someone Xodiak has been flying in Bigl for a year now, leisurely)))
They already flew to him several times on the square, put the cord, then the spacesuits were brought.

and where it was on, 13k jumps, and on what?

What 13 thousand systems 🙂 In the elite, the Milky Way of 1 to 1 and this is over 400 billion stars

No Mans Sky – hold my beer

The order was to fly there back, for good grandmas, closer to the center of the galaxy, I flew for two weeks) I don’t remember what exactly, I have not entered the game for a long time, it was 30+ jumps

Well, Duc Todd said this sandbox for 2000 years in advance, and there is almost nothing in the game, in 20 years it can be, well, well, you hear

Looks like a guy a big fan of the film "Groundhog Day" – Each visit to a single planet is similar to the previous one, with small variations (bioms). There would be a passerler as an Asian, I would understand his perseverance and hardworking, but act like a robot of the Achivka. Too specific pleasure. So I am setting up for a full passage of the fourth after at least 8-12 months, as it was with KP2077. I appreciate my nerves too much to pick up in the cheese semi -finished product.

And how, the game was opened?

It would be better if they didn’t let out this piece of shit called Starfield at all

When the cat is nothing to licking eggs

It would be better to find work))

But I’m only on the 1453 planet, and all because of interruptions with deliveries you yourself know what

I am only interested in one question about this game: is it possible to make a thrust with the norms of the ass?

Good game (photo mole)

And I was ready to start the search on my own, otherwise I will suddenly find.

The game as a whole is not bad (standard game from "gazebos"), you can play at your leisure, but the damn boots just got it, they are fast but they would..on a dohren (even seemed to fly to the station where the spaces are not large and there are loads there).

It would be better if they didn’t let out this piece of shit called Starfield at all

Something tells me that somewhere I already saw it. In my opinion, Follaut 76 when the developer reported that the players will entertain themselves. And we will not add to the game NPS. Years later they added one way or another NPS

You can’t put the ship anywhere. And this is a beard.

I meant I have to look for all this.. I understand everything, but you think.. With such a map and the information universe (no) – on all these empty planets, bend for 100-150+ hours.. In order to get nothing in the end. Dubious pleasure. Better Mass Effect 5 I’ll wait. Such fierce sandboxes are simply impossible to pass. How to play it when you have a family, work, cottage, business are secondary, and if children.. Such projects are created purely for those who have no problems and worries. Purely settled at home, all kinds of rentier or infantile mother -in -law sons, who can fall down for days for days. I would very much like to play it, but based on the abundance of content, planets for research and all this grind.. I just won’t start it and I will never finish.

Amazed at your vocabulary

This is how much free time.

News that we deserve🤫

When there is nothing to do the cat – he licks eggs.

Such achievements must be shy and not tell anyone) the meaning of the game in order to play it in leisurely and not a pleasure, and not sleep with cheats and voice the jambs, which in any game a carriage.

a high toy, with mods so in general candy. not without complaints, but quite. They promised to support for years, I think Skurim will surpass in long -lived)) Fantasy was already doused. give us science fiction about space)) and yes, the graphone is more abrupt than in Wed 2077. who does not agree – with a run my head against the wall, express disagreement))

I went through this piece of shit, I lost one nidel of my life,

It would be better if they didn’t let out this piece of shit called Starfield at all

cool when 1695 there is something when they are not a monk for any one and they will not end for a long time.
But the scale of Daggerfall is still far so that you could get lost on the planet and stay there to live in a spacesuit if you go far from the ship and you can’t find it.
And the most high will probably be if a piece of the Universe with planets generate planets based on the approximate calculations of some cool. Here we have a planet as a tatuin tama, air is produced in the upper atmosphere due to powerful ionization and the type of life, but you can not immediately drive away, and the current was choking out at 15 kilometers on the ground or, on the contrary, too much oxygen can be farted and everything will be exploded and the sunsets are purple to. or the stuck planets are also interesting to run the tama configuration of the magnetic field is such that the discharged particles in the equatorial zone of the dusk fly and run what kind of jarka-gang is in the shadow and there is a heiger counter and no life and no life and on the shadow side is always wintered to the bright part with powerful convection cells along the entire equatorial ring and wind in one side primarily blow. you can navigate when you are running around the coral.

Norms game. Just the players got drunk. I can generally understand those who bought the game and he doesn’t like something. But those who downloaded from torrent – no. I do not like ? Remove and that’s it . What to be indignant at ? Or everyone is just such a mega fans of the open cosmos ?

No need to voice the motto of some developers with the main principle "sculpted packet, marketers will explain why this is chocolate". Space mod on Skyrim, if something is good, then this is graphics. The rest is either a stop in development or degradation.

Or maybe it is worth playing the game, and not look where there is degradation and where is the progress, the same BG3 did not commit any revolution, everything was about the same as in Divinity, and that someone complains about the lack of progress?

And this is not the case when this degradation must be sought, it immediately catches your eye. And if you, after multimillion -dollar investments for a considerable price, seem to be a normal mod on Skyrim (and it is made precisely at the fashion level, except for the mentioned graphics) – this is sad. Especially when you see that other studios, for much less money, many mechanics for a space adventure made much better. And here, in the sensation of the stupid team of the developers of Skyrim, who did not study anything else and now on the basis of past projects are trying to make a new wrapper for the old mechanic. Moreover, Starfield quickly bored with monotony – and the same Folych 4, established simply for comparison and reminding (and in the design and layout of Starfield’s advanposts, the work of those who made the premises of Folych 4) managed to drag out on the move.

This game is not some kind of mod for something, in the first Starfield, although it uses the formula of the Bethesda games, this does not make it in a bad way, secondly, you can say about any game of any game studio, the same Baldur’s Gate 3 which for some reason is extolled, does not differ from the Divinity Original Sin 2, and everyone does not care, because the outfits do what they do well, but everyone is trying to prove that they degrade somewhere there, since Everyone is done according to the same patterns and on one engine (although people are trying to present for the engine, they don’t understand anything at all) and thirdly if some studios did better than Bethesda, then we are all very happy for them, but this Not like an argument that Starfield is bad if a separate chip in a separate game is made better, without even taking into account the Starfield’s mapping, where each aspect is parallelized, although minimally,but in conjunction with everything else gives a giant game.

It’s scary to imagine how you play. Say that they are no different – strong.

Very convenient myth about any attitude to a particular studio. Instead of understanding that when the studio is already the third game in a row uses the achievements of the first released 12 years ago, a number of them look worse than in earlier versions – this is not "Time -tested mechanics", Namely, degradation. Mechanics should develop, and not stand still, and even more so not take a step backward.

12 years in a row. And yes, about the engine – precisely because of its "features", which do not provide for a convenient flight option, and even more so landing on the planets, we have annoying loads at every step and a crutch with a pseudo-open cosmos (you are aware of how it was realized at all?).

Thirdly, if some studios made it better than Bethesda there, then we are all very happy for them, but this is not like an argument that Starfield is bad

If one studio for a lot of money makes it worse than other studios for much less money – this is a bad job. Because the matter is clearly not in financing, which is again clearly excess.

If a separate chip in a separate game is made better, without even taking into account the Starfield, where each aspect is radiant, although minimally, but in conjunction with everything else gives a giant game.

If you collect a lot of mediocrity in one pile, they will not become a masterpiece from this. Once again, for those who in the company helmet of Todd Howard, huge resources, financial and labor were spent on the game. And the way out is worse than that of small studios. It’s scary to imagine what a gap would give the same resources to these studios. And the funny thing is that they are trying to justify. They simply stuffed the mechanic into the game without bringing them to mind – and what kind of "achievement"? Given that you cannot really catch on anyone, precisely because they are mediocre, or even no? One of the advantages of Skyrim/Follout 4 is a relative large, elaborated and eventful map, where you could go in any direction and find something. This advantage in Starfield was cut with loading and moronic "NASA-panka", who justified the void. Which, by the way, is not felt in the same Silojetsky sky – it is not so boring to run according to the planets.

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