Microsoft will offer Game Pass more diverse games such as Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment

Xbox Game Pass turned out to be very useful for Microsoft. He is close to reaching 30 million subscribers in just six years and allowed players to enjoy such games as Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment, without an additional fee.

The subscription service was useful not only for Xbox and fans, but also for studios, since experimental games have become available for developers. Huge budgets and millions of spectators appeared with Game Pass, which became gold residential for ambitious teams.

Phil Spencer does not want to change this approach and recently hinted that after recent success there would be more games like Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment.

During a recent interview with Windows Central, Phil Spencer spoke in detail about the financial model Game Pass and discussed the Microsoft plan for the release of internal studios in 2024.

Speaking about the possibilities that this subscription service opens, the head of Xbox explained that Game Pass allows studios to follow their passion and explore various genres. Then he said:

If you look at things such as Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, and games like Grounded, then they all brought us real success

He noted that Game Pass is a platform on which there are all types of games, from the largest releases to games from niche indie developers, even if the game of the latter may not be the one in which the players are initially going to play.

Since this approach worked so well, Phil Spencer hopes to continue to study such small and medium projects. In particular, Hi-Fi Rush is a bright Game Pass star in 2023, so fans should be prepared for games that draw inspiration from such releases.

Not so long ago, Bethesda SoftWorks shared similar thoughts, confirming that the success of Hi-Fi Rush will allow their team to try new and different genres, since many new players liked this rhythm-bitemap.

And according to Josh Soyer, small games, according to the type of Pentiment, are useful for commands from AAA studios and ‘directly contributed to the creation of The Outer Worlds 2

Therefore, such games will be crucial for the platform in the future. Phil Spencer already knows about this balance and hopes to continue to take a greater risk.

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