In the near future, Japanese Drift Master will receive a demo version

This autumn of this year seems especially attractive to all fans of racing games. The long -awaited Forza Motorsport will soon go on sale, which will surely interest many gamers from around the world. However, the interests do not end there: the Polish developer and publisher Gaming Factory said that the official demo version of Japanese Drift Master will appear in the near future!

According to information provided by the developers themselves, the opportunity to play the demo version of Japanese Drift Master will appear since October 9, 2023! More precisely, the demo version of the game will be available during the upcoming Steam Next Fest event.

The developers promise to present at this event the maximum possible version of their project in order to convince the unbelievers and at the same time not to disappoint the expectations of those who have long been hoping for this release.

We want to cover with our game as a big audience as possible, so Steam Next Fest is an ideal time to represent the demo version of Japanese Drift Master. From the very beginning we are observing the rapid growth of players’ interest in our game. I can say that a large international community has been formed around JDM, which reacts very positively to the game material that we make affordable. We cannot miss such an opportunity, so we will show an excerpt that reflects the essence of our game and, I hope, will even more raise expectations from the full version.

– Mateush Adamkevich, General Director of Gaming Factory

This seems to be just the perfect opportunity for any fan of drift to see with your own eyes, which can offer the Japanese Drift Master at the start. At the moment, it is unclear how large a fragment of the game will be presented, but it remains to hope that it will be large enough for players to make their own opinion about gameplay on its basis. Interestingly, Gaming Factory seems to be fully aware of the potential of its products, and confirmation of this is the interest from foreign publishers who want to cooperate with the Polish company. However, as Mateusz Adamkevich emphasized above, this will be possible only on condition "real support and promotion of the game at the international level".

It is worth recalling that this is the largest Gaming Factory project today, and interestingly, from the very beginning it is very popular. According to official figures, the game has added more than 150 thousand people to their desires, which can be considered a really excellent result.

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