In Epic Games Store, you can take free of free Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy superhero action

As was predicted, the Epic Games Store New Year’s distribution was the final gift of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately, the offer is not available for users with English accounts.

You will have plenty of time to receive this gift. You must do this until the evening of January 11, 2024, after which a new free game will be available, which has already called a reliable insider.

To pick up Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and add it to your collection forever, go to the official page of the game in Epic Games Store, then click on the blue purchase button and complete the deal.

Well, a good game. And people are aching.

In Epic Games Store, you can not pick up the superhero action Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy from English accounts*

In Epic Games Store, you can pick up the superhero action Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Only after the shift of the region on the account

This is not so mega -player as to bother.

I have Thailand on my account and what? Why is it inaccessible to him? )

Why did you go to Thailand!?

game fire do not need to write nonsense here

The game reveals more heroes than three films combined. The game is super

Ksati and the film shit, and the game hooked

What other heroes? These clowns or something?

And how she reveals them? Endless empty chatter, from which the ears wither?

again "This product is not available in your region". Fu is like that.

Forget it, you don’t need this "product"). Only you will spoil your mood). It is better to play or sapper in Tetris).

How I love galactic asparagus)

I was waiting for this distribution that I was happy that I did not start playing the Guardians of the Galaxy pirate on the disk, which I set up 2 months ago.
And having received a license, I made interesting conclusions for myself:
The pirate does not cause guilt if there is a license, even from distribution.
Pirate occupies 68GB, license 150GB
The pirate is more profitable than the license if there is no service on the platform:
achievements, cooperative, network game or workshop.

As a pirate copy (if you mean the installed game) can take less space if this is the same game with the same resources?

Когда вырезаны озвучки на других языках, кроме рус-англ, возможно, видеоролики с озвучкой, текстуры если локализация применена даже к текстурам. I haven’t checked them in this game yet.

License in Epic weighs ~ 77 GB. There he writes allegedly 150 GB, I also did not understand at first, but the folder itself is 77 GB. occupies.

So exactly 77GB. Just installed

Well, of course, not available in the English Federation

I will share my review to this game. I went through it and wrote a review just a couple of days before my father’s death. And she left very strong emotions after herself, as if preparing me for what happened. Despite the whole comedian of the game, she raises very serious topics about taking the loss of loved ones, about what internal experiences a person (or a humanoid) experiences when he loses his loved ones. I definitely never forget this game.

“I will cherish the time that we had, and I will not regret the time we have lost”

Without unnecessary preface; The game is amazing. This is probably the best single plot game over the past 5 years, except for exclusives from a blue giant. And certainly is not inferior to the last films from Marvel. For me, this game remained in my heart next to the whole trilogy of James Gann. Moreover, if you look at 3 part of the guards of the galaxy after passing the game, then during the viewing many moments and places become clear and acquaintances.

The disclosure of characters and relationships between the characters are fully shown, you begin to perceive them differently. I would say that the characters are registered even better than in Marvel’s films, as close as possible to comics. It is impossible not to note the sparkling humor from the members of the guards, their tenderness at first both support and mutual understanding closer to the end, the growth of characters is felt as they pass and overcome various difficulties by them.

The plot, although it does not shine with some kind of originality, remains a consistent and competently finished line. This is a touching story about the salvation of the Galaxy and its family, about the fight against its own "I" and accepting their shortcomings. About the acceptance of friends and their past. About life and death. This story really touched me, a couple of times tears made their way out. I want to note that your actions also affect the attitude of the characters towards you and some plot turns. The consequences of the choice are clearly better and logical than in games from the blue giant.

Interactivity with the environment also pleased, especially the study of locations. The game can be safely disassembled by screenshots. Various notes and collection objects are scattered around the world to get to which you need to think and explore each location. Having picked up each of the collectible objects of the guards, you will discover new dialogs that will allow you to understand deeper the past of the characters. In general, I liked the game design.

The fighting also turned out to be very non -trivial, tied on the interaction between heroes, without which you simply cannot win alone. Each hero has his own abilities and one ultmate that will open closer to the end of the game. If the battle is delayed, then after some time you become accessible to activation of the ability called "Fly", which is a general collection of heroes for a short time, after listening to the dialogue of which you can both harbor them and besiege. If you manage to inspire your partners, then a shield is superimposed on them and reloading all skills and ultimatical abilities are rolled up. On the contrary, if you are not able to inspire your partners to fight, then the shield and rollback of ultimate are applied only to Quilles. And all this happens under the best musical hits of the 80-90s, which disperse blood and adrenaline, you begin to perceive the battle differently. It’s just incredibly cool and is the highlight of this game.

Of the minuses, I can note only a small variety of humanoid races, which are constantly repeated and do not differ from each other. I have not met bugs at the end of 23 years, the game works fine. Apparently, the developers were able to correct all the release problems of the game.

In general, I extremely recommend the game to pass all lovers of the Mardel universe and, in particular, the guards of the galaxy. This is a very mental project, which was created from fans for fans.

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