Counter-STRIKE 2 has already begun to ban cheaters thanks to the improved VAC system

Chiters in Counter-Strike 2 await rapid reprisal, since the new version of the VAC antichiter system from Valve, processed and ruthlessly effective, extends to the upcoming sequel of the network shooter. Like other multi -user shooters, such as Valorant, VAC in CS2 quickly discovers cheaters and instantly cancels all matches in which they may be present. Thanks to this, the cheating in Counter-Strike 2 will become much more difficult, and, judging by the first frames, works fine.

Like in any competitive shooter, Counter -Strike 2 has always been present in Counter -Strike, and VAC was the same system as in Dota 2 – it was developed to combat walhs, which allow players to see the opponents through the walls, and the Aimbots that allow you to do instant hedshots.

With the approach of the release date of Counter-Strike 2, Valve has already confirmed a new, more effective form of VAC, which will instantly cancel any match in which a cheater will be discovered. But thanks to the latest update of CS2 closed testing, we can finally see a new technology in action.

Firstly, thanks to Utubeuber Ozznycs2, we can see how the new VAC stops the game after Chiter has been discovered and banned. A suspect player receives a ban, and the match is quickly canceled at the end of the current round.

However, when viewed from a different angle, we can see how efficiently the new VAC system works. The video published by Aquarius shows that only one report is required to notify VAC, which then quickly evaluates the statistics and indicators of the accused player to quickly take out the ban.

If in the past you were disappointed that CSGO cheaters are getting away, or by the fact that you have to stay in matches where you know that someone is cheating, it seems that in Counter-Strike 2 there is a solution to all your problems. In combination with the new Valve policy regarding Afksher – players or bots who just sit in the match, waiting for awards at the end of the match – it seems that the world of Counter -Strike is becoming much more convenient for users.

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