Baldur’s Gate 3 was suddenly subjected to Revoy-bombing, and it seems that Starfield fans are to blame for this

One of the most popular games of this year from Larian Studios was still unable to avoid the modern trend of the gaming industry. From the moment of a full release, almost two months, quite honest user grades came to the game, both good and not very. However, the situation has recently changed, Baldur’s Gate 3 began to receive unreasonable devastating grades on the largest aggregators.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Revoy-Bombing was most noticeable on the Metacritic portal. In a short time, dozens of negative user assessments were published for the game, which have already begun to reduce the overall game rating. As it turned out, low ratings for the game are placed by bots from recently created accounts and with a minimum description. Fortunately, the site administration quickly drew attention to this and deleted the scored grades.

Who and why took up the intentional Revoy-bombing of the project, which came out several months ago, is not entirely clear. There is an assumption that the offended Starfield fans are engaged in this. This is indicated by the same accounts-bots. In some cases, they reduced the Baldur’s Gate 3 ratings and at the same time put the highest points for Starfield.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for playing PC and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Why? Here, on PG, they supported such promotions if you don’t like something. Maybe they don’t like the fact that in BG 3 there is no official English voice acting.

AI? "European" There is no voice acting either. This is not a policy of Russophobia, but a question of considerable money, which they have a lot (and maybe the style of Rockstars is only an original sound). The game in the CIS is available without any stones.
Khkhkhm, unlike Kalfield with which the situation is completely reverse. There is money, there are other voice acting, there is a Russophobia policy.

And the bots on the metacritic from Howard came, and not with PG, lol. Metakritik is generally closed for the English Federation.

Metacritic bullshit is still. they didn’t buy the game, for that they left a review. Steam The system is much better.

1. I said that could. 2. I do not support such actions, but this does not mean that others also do not support. 3. Hatymam does not care about your arguments, as well as in general arguments. 4. If you support such actions against others, then be prepared that it will also use this against you (your favorite games).

I remember how, on PG, there was some kind of mass hysteria due to the fact that the new part of the metro becomes an exclusive EGS for some time, and people here actively supported such shares in the Steam against the entire series.

There are not even official subtitles in Kalfield and what?

Betzda instead of making good games, starting competitors to drown.
Meanwhile, Baldurs Gate 3 is so good that I even bought this game, although this happens very not often. Larian well done, try and good prices for them.

Why gazebo is necessary if they, like Larian, like most other developers, so that the grades are as high as possible for all games, and do a lot for this? Obviously, ordinary cheaters and trolls (which are many on PG) are to blame, which promote "The culture of cancellation" Through such shares.

You, only that you have set to yourself, all the haters and trolls from the PG website 🙂 What to say. You can, you can!

He just knows a lot about perversions. Masochist however)

Yes Starfield fans are still 💩

Why did you decide that these are not fans of other games who are unhappy with high grades of BG 3?

Well, yes. Fans of the broken Forza Motorport of the assessment underestimated

Well, maybe. Why not? This is your broken one, and they have an ideal, "10 of 10".

And in which place the bg3 rating is overestimated?

Yes, it cannot be like that that the gesture bribes someone.

And you remember a screenshot with left marks 10/10 from critics who did not even make a review of the game?
And you remember the bribery and "Authorized" Opinion from the shirts that the BG3 is a second -time game, and Kalfield is the game of the future decade.
And you remember how impressive Not I captivated the PG, which placed Fallout 4 – 9.8 (t.e. Better Witcher3, RDR2, BG3)?
And you remember how Todd actively and aggressively conducted advertisements in the style of KP77, even drank his children?

Then continue yourself

You say so, as if saints Larians who do not buy anyone and never lie. Recalls recent fanaticism to the creators of the Witcher 3.

people, at least you get ZP for all your comments? Even sorry for you.

He is just a diesel pervert in the way)

The Larias are not saints, but their budget was invested precisely in the development of the game, and not the first time. At the same time, do not tell me what exactly they lied to? They said something about the game of the year?

They talked about quality.

To unite and send letters to Todd Howard with constructive criticism – no, unite models and make a mod that corrects the game – no, just. enjoy. game – no either.
Pour someone else’s successful game in another suck – yes!

"Run to put low ratings on Metacritic in response? – YES".

So I don’t understand why Kalfield fans ran so.

Who is draining our plans for you? We cook his brinhtorms

Who is the stall to take his opinion at all to take and what the good Kargas said about Bagofield? Gospady. Do not even look at those you throw up)

Crinjatin and shame

Wait, but where is Starfield?

Immediately behind Elden Ring and Destricts 2. If for nerds top 20 for single games this is a failure, then finally all games can be canceled. Moreover, the daily online Starfield 60k+ still.

P.With. Facials again raid cockroaches with sticks. Yes, I don’t play Starfield (as well as Bag -Gate3) – but you also need to have brains – to call a super successful single game in which hundreds of thousands of thousand every day play (Gampass/ Ixbox/ Steam) by failure.

Super successful boot simulator and bring quests, not to mention the fact that no one is going to patch this shit

Starfield has recently left, and already fell out of the top, where there is super success here?

All TOP 10 is 90% online game if you have not noticed, like TOP 20, however. There are single games only 5! Including Starfield five.

Here you have a top. From which if you remove the multiplayer of the game, then Starfield is in 6th place.

Meanwhile, Starfield in 17th place: Okay

Of course, I also criticized the BG3, but at least there are more pluses in it than minuses. Starfield, the same, not only took it off, almost completely, the opportunity to criticize the BG3, but also showed that the bottom from "AAA-Kala" hasn’t been broken yet.

BG3, albeit not without minuses, and I personally never recognize it as a masterpiece, but this is still a very good game, and Starfield rightly deserves the assessment much lower than it is now, because this is not a game of 2023, but a disgrace, as, in fact, and its main creator, who has already openly showed his behavior, who he really is, and who players are for him.

I don’t even want to say anything about Starfield fans, I don’t understand them – they just aggressively defend the frank supervisor of the modern gaming industry, when creating which, the developers did not want to try at least a little and pretend that they were not poher. And to engage in special understatement of assessments – this is baseness.

People, go make a materiel – https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?v = wywx5zsobpe

People, but let’s not throw links to all sorts of nouses on YouTube anymore? You have your own head?

But still I watched this video – and what I saw? Sitting Chelik and for 37 minutes talks about detail and physics in the game – well, fucking, very interesting, because detailing and fison are what I am waiting for from the game.

I thought that it could be only the first part, and opened his second Starfield video, released 7 days ago. I thought, well, maybe here he will say at least something other than detail and optimization.. And you know what? Yes, he said a few words about linearity and open peace and, again comparing Starfield with games of 10-17 years ago, asked the question:

Why did everything suit everyone before, but now it is not satisfied? After all, Starfield repeats Bethesda games, which were previously.

Firstly,-therefore it suited that it was 10-17 years ago. And secondly, – Starfield cannot even repeat the old games, and everything that he can boast is detailing, but there is a nuance, – Stalkash can somehow prove that he showed in the footage, he used throughout the game? After all, only this can be added to a plus, and then with a stretch, because this is the graphics, the least important part of any game – but if it was all purely for filming, and for the game the graphics itself, it also comes out details from the game in You won’t get Starfield – it should still be a game, not a photographer simulator.

Also, what kind of garbage, what Nvidia GeForce 7900 GTX, on which he decided "check" Skyrim, he suddenly became "Topi at its time", when NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX is more manufacturing and the same 2006? Is the stall the stall?

And again, even for the second video, he said nothing about a disgusting and uninteresting plot, a boring and monotonous gameplay (from quests to enemies (which are a couple of views)), dull AI (there were no so stupid and there for a long time), etc.. What the hell is both videos he rubs about detailing, physics and optimization?

I go into the game in order to collect and scatter a toilet paper in heaps? No. I go into the game to look at the NPS jackets in the camera and take photos? No. I go into the game in order to be purely teleported from quest to quest, exploring nothing myself? No. ALO, 2023 is going on where gameplay? Why is the game 2023 offers "Kaiph", Like in the game 2006? What is this garbage?

Starfield is a miserable supervisor of the modern gaming industry, and the only thing that may be able to somehow brighten up the time in this parach is global mods, but while they come out (if you come out at all), the Todda Khdodda is even more so will give a shit. Personally, I, even to cool what a chic mod, will not make me go into this feces anymore.

And Stalkash, I hope that at least I got some money, otherwise why else he eats my slop and, relishing, requires additive?

P.S. You know what else amused me? Когда сталкаш привёл в пример The Outer Worlds с, по его словам, "The same speaking heads", Even in a small passage, the difference was visible – in The Outer Worlds NPS, speaking to each other, look at each other!, not a player like in Starfield, you figure out!

If the answers of Stalkash are needed to the questions of why the game is good in his mechanics, you can turn to his reaction to the Stopgame review, from the categories of the stream of Stream. Where the lies, impartiality and the next non -professionalism Stopgame are briefly and clearly told.
Well, if you answer questions to me then:
1) Despite the year of release of these games, they are much more technologically advanced and worked out in their gaming mechanics than their contemporaries.

And it can be expected that Starfield did not repeat the level of Skyrim’s open world, but however, Skyrim himself cannot repeat the freedom of Starfield passage. Nothing, that Fallout 4, Oblivion, Dagerfol, Morovind, build their advantages in different game spheres? In Skyrim, the world has been incredibly worked out, but it is inferior in the plot for example, Oblivion or Magic System in Morovind, although in one first it is generated by an algorithm, and in the other it is empty and incomprehensible, in interactions.
2) The graphics in Starfield was not made for potatoes, it was made so that in the future people could look at it not like garbage, unlike most other games. Now we can’t play it normally, as it was with the last parts at the start (8800 GTX in Skyrim issued 24 FPS on low (720p), and in Oblvion, 45 at low at 768p). The gazebo and, as it were, experts on engines, genetics and anal programming, did not say such an approach, but the games that came out with the projects of the gazebo do not recall that there was a good detail. For example, the Witcher 3, Bloodborn, Dark Souls 2, inferior to the only study of the interviewer Fallout 4 . The graphics are not an important part of the game, but most gamers require kinz and hulat Starfield for poor graphics in their opinions. Disputes about graffics, alas, are relevant in our brave world.
3) plot and quests. Well, even to assume, if you were in theories, played Starfield, you most likely repeated the logic of game journalists, throwing everything, because it is difficult for you and even notes should not exist in games.

No, well, why did the gazebo make different results of answers in the dialogs, based on the context? I, like Ivan a fool, will not read a single text in the game, because they told me that he is garbage, I will not go through the game on stealth, because they told me that he was not there, I will go for optional classes in the game, aimed at farming the experience and the development of their settlement, because they told me that they are there, which means badly.
Not well, why in general games are still added by gameplay? Now you need to make games like Hogvard Legashi, so that everyone licked you heels and pressed a button once and gets everything and gets everything.
4) AI in games. "It’s not a shameful to make AI who are smarter than most players". I can’t imagine a project that has come out now and there would be adequate NPS. Not, we will get to the Starfield, because that is allowed by white and fluffy is not allowed wrong, not allowed into a mug "The right guys".

5) the fact that you come for games for Kinza should not worry about how Todd Howard should make games. Surprisingly, most games are a non -playful slag. If you need a good game, then go to Black Souls. Oh, no, the graphics are too good there, but we are not coming to the games for this. Well, you think there is a resident 4 remake came out a disgusting game where there are no improvements, only degradation, because no one wanted to make the game, not to mention reading the essence of the original. It is easier for them to mock people with their jokes with their ears.

Here’s a list of games 2023

Hi -Fi Rush – funny, small rhythm game

Pizza Tower is a funny, small game copying Sonic

Dead Space – Remaster that worse than the original conveys horror

Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake – Funny Platformer

Hogwarts Legacy – a single -button game for fanboys

Atomic Heart – a beautiful game made without gamemeracies

Like a Dragon: Ishin! – This is Yakuza, just a suitable game

Horizon Call of the Mountain – impenetrable average

Sons of the Forest – something is not clear at all

Kerbal Space Program 2 – Game about collect a rocket, for laughter

Contraband Police – Funny Indie game from one person, no more

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR – continuation of the series, quite interesting for lovers

Resident Evil 4 – not funny

The Last of Us Part I – one big bug

Minecraft Legends – Disprofitant milking of money

Dead Island 2 is just a bad game, but there is nothing wrong with it

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – does not work, optimization does not go to the deal, this is a continuation of the middle

Redfall – all he is heitated, to say nothing good in his direction

Darkest Dungeon 2 – an ambiguously bad game, given the original

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is very good, but it works badly

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum – Claim for the Fun of the Year. Weak game

System Shock – I don’t know how a remake, but most likely it is

Street Fighter 6 – good and funny fighting

Diablo IV – fans of Blizard are indignant, they love incredibly and at the same time hate something.

Amnesia: The Bunker – game from the beginning of 2010x with your aura

Aliens: Dark Descent – weak game about strangers, like oysh

Crash Team Rumble – A weak game about the boss

Final Fantasy XVI – weak part of the final

Atomic Heart: Annihilation Instinct – a funny DLS about a goose that throws memes constantly

Baldur’s Gate 3 – If you did not play original games, did not play games from biovar, did not play games from obsidian and do not understand the DND, then you will like it.

Overwatch 2 is perfect, do nothing, and fans will find how to endure.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon – Everyone plays purely because of Miyazaki

Mortal Kombat 1 – Well, this is a very good product for such a market

Lies of P is the unprofitable clone of Dark Souls, which is no different from others.

Payday 3 – A good game, people tried

Cyberpunk 2077 DLC: Phantom Liberty – to this day did not do anything for the game, as it was starting, it remains. New chips do not intersect with promised, and they work cleanly so that there is.

Counter -STRIKE 2 – transfer to a new engine

Assassin’s Creed Mirage – Nothing good

Here are games of the modern standard. Here are the same toasts with a plot and hemplem about who is constantly croaking and do not recall something, so that they have what they demand to add to the Starfield. Exactly, you need to remove the absence of bugs from Starfield so that you are more interesting.

P.S. – Real personal opinion is the freedom to state an opinion that is not a copy of another. I will not repeat the takes of people who are written according to the manual. Despite the fact that I planned to be stained with the game when MaycraSoft bought a gazebo, but seeing a good project, I decided that I would not spread myself with mud.

I have a head on my shoulders and I understand what to believe dumb people who lie is a faith in self -deception. Animal instincts rule them

Here with such a comment, it was necessary to start, and not to throw links is not clear to whom.

From the entire list of games that you listed, you awakened at least some interest in me only 5, – "Hi-Fi Rush", "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom", "Re4 Remake" (I liked the original, but without fanaticism), "MK1", Well "BG3" Of course, the main claim to which I had too early the release and useless early access (to provide only 1 act is just wild stupidity). "Atomic Heart" This is for yourself, but here "Hogwarts Legacy" unequivocally overvalued feces, but this is so, by the way. Most of the list, except for a pair of games (in addition to those that I have already called), is really slop.

I will write about some. "Horizon Call of the Mountain" – feces, "The Last of Us Part I" – Port kal, but the game was not bad at one time, "Minecraft Legends" – What is this, "Dead Island 2" – feces, "The Lord of the Rings: Gollum" – What could be worse?, "Diablo IV" – slops, "Overwatch 2" – Poher, "Lies of p" – feces, "Payday 3" – feces, "Cyberpunk 2077 DLC: Phantom Liberty" – a lot of noise, but in fact is a fucking, "Counter-Strike 2" – somewhere step forward, somewhere back, "Assassin’s Creed Mirage" – Not even funny. I’ll add more "Dying Light 2", Despite 2022 – the same parash.

Here are games of the modern standard. Here are the same toasts with a plot and hemplem about who is constantly croaking and do not recall something, so that they have what they demand to add to the Starfield.

Starfield is included in the list of this shit, but they paid such attention to him due to the fact that this is the game of the gazebo, and they really expected more from it (if you take it into account how Starfield was rested when it has not yet come out), but the modern gazebo no longer knows , what’s happened "develop" And "try". Moreover, Todd himself "Pupped oil into the fire" with your careless statements. If it was another company, and without Todd, then Hayit would be less (or maybe the game would have turned out better).

Playing Starfield, I began to yawn at the 2nd hour of the game, when I had seen enough for detail, I could not stand it and deleted it after another 15 hours, but still watched on YouTube to evaluate it myself.

1) That’s why again a technological comparison with old games? They were interesting at one time (some now), but there is no need to try to repeat them. Starfield is trying to repeat the old gazebo games, and not surpass, because of which it is not surprising that neither one nor the other came out. And the fact of the matter is that technological And worked out Game mechanic in Starfield is not visible, all this was already. Name at least something that is in Starfield, but not in other games – it is game mechanics.

And about the world – in Skyrim it was at least interesting to explore it, but in Starfield – no. The sense of an open world and freedom, if there is nothing interesting in them?

2) And again you are talking about graphics, like Stalkash. Yes, if the game is at least pixel – if it is interesting, they will play it. And since I like the comparison with the old, – the game personally came in personally "Arcanum of SteamWorks and Magick Obscura", Even despite the fact that I learned about it not so long ago, so there is no nostalgia, but it still went, and the answer is simple – it is interesting to play and do not care about pixel graphics. Returning to the first point – if now someone wants to repeat Arcanum, thinking that since he is coming even now, then a new game of such a style will come in – this is hardly, because now the games are not done for quality, but for the sake of money. Unless small indie companies can still be in quality, but not large corporations.

Now we can’t play it normally, as it was with the last parts at the start (8800 GTX in Skyrim issued 24 FPS on low (720p), and in Oblvion, 45 at low at 768p).

Honestly, I personally do not care about the graphics, and optimization, and on those who are notable for this. I am Starfield Heich for a different reason. Before that, I wrote about the video card due to the fact that Stalkash called it "Topi at its time", What she is not.

3) If the plot and side effects are interesting, then no one will throw anything. I did not repeat the logic of game journalists, and, to be honest, I scored for all journalists for a long time. I was always interested in reading in the gazebo games, at least to Starfield. But in Starfield, when I already started yawning, I began to spit on the dialogs, they are even uninteresting in the plot.

Okay, it would be still bright characters, but no, all the characters are dull, and, as if it were few, they still climb with their dialogs, telling that they were not asked about.

I will heat the optional classes in the game, aimed at farming of experience and the development of my settlement, because they told me that they are there, which means badly.

The development of the settlement from the gazebo. Well, they don’t know how to do it.

4) “It is not a shameful to make AI who are smarter than most players”

Before making such statements, developers first need to make at least one game with similar AI. And so this is a stupid excuse of their laziness, and an insult to most players who are not so stupid. To be honest, I have already lifted the AI-Bolvanes in games, technologies already allow you to create a fairly smart AI, but the developers simply do not want to do anything, because II need to work for a long time and hard, for which modern developers are not capable.

Personally, I, for example, are tired of playing with other players 10 years ago, and since that time I have been playing either with AI (if any) or one (in all games, including oriented on the online). The exception, exception, if it is suddenly lucky and friends will also come in any game, but, most often, we have different game tastes.

And now, a year after year, I am waiting for a game with such advanced AI that other players will not only not need, but the desire to play with them will disappear completely, because in some games it still "slopes", or without players at all. But, to my regret, the developers, for the most part, do not even try to do this, releasing either another online-oriented feces, or a solitary game with AI-Bolvanes in the form of enemies (and if there is allied AI, then he is still dumb).

Therefore, now, for me, two closest hopes for advanced AI, – "Dragon’s Dogma 2" (in the first part there was one of the best AI) and, especially, "Project Zomboid", in which, back in 2014, AI already imitated the player well. Personally, I expect from these two games exactly gameplay And advanced AI, not plot and graphs.

And I really sadden me that these are the only games developed, from the developers of which are directly They said that they are exactly They want To make advanced AI, worthy of replacing the player, – of course, is not very believed in DD2 (only an early assessment from the gameplay shown, it can be better better), but PZ is another matter, because, as I said before, more In 2014, only a few videos, AI NPS managed to surprise me quite hard.

5) It is better not to say anything about Toddik at all, only money worries him. It makes no difference how the developer will present an interesting plot – Kinz or Gameplay, in Starfield the plot is frank shit, even the finals could not be made interesting.

If you need a good game, then go to Black Souls. Oh, no, the graphics are too good there, but we are not coming to the games for this.

I don’t even want to explain.

Resident 4 remake came out a disgusting game where there are no improvements, only degradation, because no one wanted to make the game, not to mention reading the essence of the original.

The remake of the third rubber is what really turned out to be disgusting. And they tried over the fourth.

If in the game No interesting plot, but There is An interesting gameplay is a game. If in the game There is An interesting plot, but No An interesting gameplay is Kinzo game. If in the game There is An interesting plot and There is An interesting gameplay is Something ancient. If in the game No interesting plot, and No An interesting gameplay is feces.

Starfield has a boring plot and a boring gameplay, respectively, is a feces.

And the further the time takes, the more difficult it is to provide the developers with interesting plot and gameplay, – especially the gameplay. Good stories can even be found now, but gameplay, the game industry has long been on the spot. Almost all developers either copy each other, only changing a little so that it looks at all, or try to repeat their previous success, thinking that since the players have come before, it will come in and now. Every time a new game comes out, there New from the strength of a couple of percent, and then, most often, this Improved old (and not the fact that improved).

If there was at least one thing in Starfield, then I personally would not have a game, but simply criticized the shortcomings. And so she only Hayta deserves, because she has already lifted the same.

P.S. To be honest, I don’t know why I write all this. I am really tired of the fact that some people eat any garbage, even when they are spitting in the face. Every time I tell myself "They don’t need to prove something, they like it – let them eat", But each time I continue to attempt to explain to them that there is no need to eat shit, otherwise they will continue to pile it up. The real problem is not in Starfield itself, but in the fact that it is only Another shit, and it is not the only. Take the recent "Assassin’s Creed Mirage" – Another garbage dump, but there are many people who praise this garbage.

But let’s so. If you suddenly want to continue the discussion, then, as I wrote in the 1st point, name at least some worthy game plus Starfield, which was not in other games, something breakthrough, since Starfield so "technological". Forget the details and plot (nothing will save it), namely game mechanics, And if something is never really there, which I will have nothing to answer, then I am really inattentive and I will revise my opinion, and I will not go straight a game right.

Introduction: you can not answer, I do it just so that your work does not go away in vain.But if something is the location of the theses: 0 – the topic of Hayit 1 – the pluses of Starfield 2 – The topic of graphics in Arcainum 3 – Interesting character Starfield 4 – Problem II 5 – Gamery Industry

0) In general, the praise of Starfield, I still did not notice, absolutely all people, those who are in my media field, expressed the opinion that problems are going on from Starfield, pulling the moment of developing new scrolls and phallouts. I can not imagine a single blogger who could tell something good about her announcement.

Hait himself, who attracts the gazebo, is (this is not a conspiracy, simply consequences of factors) a product of many years of propaganda and setting up children against Beseshean companies. Cults of old phalauts exist in the mass part only among the Internet users who listened to flattering commentary of popular people for whom the same Fallaut 2 was a childhood game. In a part, people do not particularly understand the variety of details of the first phalauts. To this day, people continue to say the thesis that Fallout 1 is not the Donets developing the second part. Although the games are about another atmosphere, plot and dialogue fullness, where even the gameplay style is noticeably different between each other. As a result, this resulted in praising New Vegas, who was much more accessible in understanding for modern players. And from this base it was possible to proceed to ensure that people in bayonets accept Fallout 4 and now the foundation of rejection of the gazebo is formed tightly in people. After a while, noticeable reprints of Skyrim and KHN came out to use the release of the Witcher 3 to start heathing for the tank of the gazebo games. And Fallaut 76 was already breathing in the back, which became possible to heat, while not taking even the need to look for bugs in it for efforts, people were arranged by the same cut. As a result, all the abode of the fans of the Fallaut was given a red flag, to attack and blame a particular person. A large number of communities united under brokerage news about the next news in Fallaut 76. This turned before this quite simply toxic tribes of people into huge caused fields full of inadequates. Now there are no different communities, now people are monolol in their ideologies. This slopped down to the animal of hatred to prove and choke Starfield. Todd Howard was only a red flag, his replacement would not have done anything, but the culture of cancellation wants to see in it purely evil. As if not Robert Oltman owns the gazebo, but Todd Howard.
Plus, there was also an interpretation that the game is an exuly Xbox, there is no English language and it does not go normally on HDD. People in UK are very unambiguously loved by these things. Especially given the output bg3.

1) Old games are not outdated. There are only two states of art – it was outdated from the very beginning or would never have been outdated. Starfield surpassed the old gazebo games, that – a) the context of the conversation affects the result, and before that the maximum was needed only to check the stats and the throw of the vertical cube. b) there are different developed styles of quests. And if you take the rest of the games, then – in) the scale and and the Iminters of D) This is a game, created according to the standards of a gazebo, overflowed with manual labor, but is still a unique and distinctive project against the background of past projects.
The world in Skyrim is a titanic work that no one repeated and has not approached. Starfield decided not to deal with their own records, but to create another project where the world carries other functions. It was also with Fallaut 4, who went to the meta-gimple and there was a king in this, far overtaking Skyrim.

2) Arcanum, Fallout, torment, are partly about graffics. If you divide the essence of games into two categories, that is, design in the form of a visual (including the plot, and others not basic things for the game) and its game rules. Just these games advanced at the expense of their staged personnel, an indentation, immersion in the world, and the gameplay went to the background so as not to interfere with the rest of the elements. These games are actually embedded just huge forces in graffika. So, it is not relevant to argue that the grafic is not important, mentioning these games.

3) will skip, will be. Even the best project can be destroyed, just give them a reason. It is just necessary to coincide with the factors.

Here is not a dull character (https: // Starfield.Fandom.COM/Wiki/Barrett). Barat all MaycraSoft pulled out his charisma from bankruptcy.

Characters are no worse than past Besesian characters. Is it fair to put forward a claim that they introduce a player into a ring and talk about themselves, according to this logic, you can cherish the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Besesa does not know how to do these classes, but it was in their games even before Todd Howard and now, in their essence, they only preserve and develop the roots from which they have expressed.

4) AI in games, like all other mechanics, are made in such a way that it is balanced. There were interesting cosmic battles in Starfield, but the group could not figure out the focus, so it does not work and should be fixed – as a result.
I recall I saw one person who claimed that mini -cards are a rudiment, forgetting that thanks to them the developers there is no need to spray their forces to the game design so that the player does not get confused in the world. In the games of the gazebos, a lot of effort on this element is spent. In addition to the approach of Skyrim, there is Daggerfol, where a person must devote himself to the study of the world or, as in Starfield, guided by identification elements. This is a necessary thing, but the intellectual AI.
Smart AI is necessary only in games where the game designer thought out its presence. Otherwise, the improvement of the game can last infinity. And game studios have now forgotten how to release projects regularly. This problem must be chopped at the base, and for this it is necessary to need a strong change in the game community, that is, the crisis, which I hope is about to turn into a game studio.
There are a huge number of forgotten technologies of ancestors, but this is a rudiment for players. People themselves were not critical of their disappearance. This is a large -scale problem where, simply solving one problem – the very nightmare itself will not be corrected.

5) Todd Howard – villain. Bobby Kotik – villain. Why do we believe in this? And they told us, we have no heads.
Well, this is childishness, these people seem to take their place because they created something. This is not Robert Altman, who is a real criminal and in whose hands it was all the time Bethesda. No, we will blame people who understand their craft and achieve all their successes, spinning around the chances, break through to the level of legendary studios.

Resident 3 is just an unsuccessful joke, they sawed the finished product, but for the joke with the ears in the monastery of evil 4, you can ask

In Starfield, the plot is only one larger quest from many others. He always carried a less important function than is usually accepted. And the gameplay has different ways of passing.

Assassin’s Creed – has always been feces, like Jubisoft.

There was no task to change the opinion, only to let the stream of thoughts that once I want to use.

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