An announced new Survival Shooter Let them Come: ONSLAUGHT

Tuatara Games studio, most known for its support for companies such as Riot Games (Valorant), Epic Games (Fortnite) and Counterplay Games (Godfall), presents its next project. Let them Come: ONSLAUGHT, a dynamic survival auto -boiler with Roguelite elements, the action of which unfolds in the Universe of Let the MEME COME, in which you should exterminate an alien infection. The game will be released at the PC in early access to Steam in the first quarter of 2024.

Having suffered heavy losses on the planet, teeming with deadly aliens, a group of cosmic soldiers retreats on board their shuttle only in order to be shot down by a giant creature. One soldier survives in an accident. Bloodied and all in bruises, he must make his way through a terrible unknown and survive in a ruthless onslaught of deadly animals to activate nuclear weapons and blow up the planet. This is the last chance to restrain this threat.

Aliens are not the only enemies on this hostile planet. Dynamic weather, from heavy rains to asteroids falling from the sky, can finish a run ahead of time. Adapt to the elements, destroying the ruthless hordes of bloodthirsty enemies to avoid terrible death.

Get experience, destroying enemies, and unlock the impressive arsenal, including flamethrower, laser beam, electric grenade, orbital blow and much more. Get improvements that can be used to increase health, protect, activate the shield, reduce the restoration of weapons and much more. Spend the experience wisely to survive as long as possible before starting the next race.

Roguelite elements offer a useful game cycle, since not everything is lost at the end of the run. Loans collected on the battlefield are preserved even after death and can be spent on constant improvements in the Admiralty. Experiment with a different set of weapons and develop new strategies to survive in the hordes. Expand small pieces of knowledge that will expand the LTC universe, fighting for survival.

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